Carters Fleece Sleep Sack Review

Babies are lovely. Especially when they are sleeping and give that involuntary smile. The sight just warms your heart.

On the flip side, babies can be annoying. Especially when they are too uncomfortable to sleep!

As much as we love to play with our babies and gaze into their eyes, mothers look forward to nap time.

It’s the only time they can rest, get a few things done and have some ‘alone’ time. For this reason, there is a high demand for baby items that can help little ones feel comfortable in their sleep.

Some companies have come up with new designs for blankets, others swaddle clothes and others still fleeces sleep sacks.

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As much as we appreciate the world around us trying to make nap time comfortable for babies, and mothers by extension, there are too many products to choose from in the market.

For this reason, we have picked out one, Carters Fleece Sleep Sack, in the sea of products to review.

We hope this review will help you narrow down on the products that will benefit your baby and consequently you.

Full review of the Carters Fleece Sleep Sack

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The Carters Fleece Sleep Sack can be described as a wearable baby blanket. It is made of 100% polyester and is designed to keep the baby warm.

The sleep sack is long sleeved. It covers the baby’s arms up to the wrist. It has a zipper that goes down the middle.

The lower part is designed to pocket the baby’s feet to keep them from getting cold. Isn’t that so cool?


It’s easy to use

The zip that goes all the way down makes it easy to use the sleep sack. When time comes to change your little one, simply pull the zip down, change the baby, put him or her back into the sack again and zip it up. Easy.

It keeps the baby warm

The Carters Fleece Sleep Sack is designed to cater for babies from 0 to 9 months. Babies under three month don’t turn in their sleep as much as babies aged 8 to 9 months.

When they start to turn in their sleep, you get worried that they will kick off the blanket and sleep in the cold. With Carters Fleece Sleep Sack this won’t be the case. 

Since the fleece is closed at the bottom and can be zipped up, your baby will be kept warm regardless of how much they turn in their sleep.

Carters Fleece Sleep Sack is beautiful

Babies can’t give us their opinion of things they find beautiful or not. Mothers on the other hand, can.

When you’ve clothed your baby in something beautiful, you feel good – like you’ve given your baby the best you can. The Carters Fleece Sleep Sack has an appealing design.

The girls’ version is pink with white polka dots and has a heart applique embroidered at the chest.

Even before you check out the specifics of the product, its appearance alone makes you feel like you made the right choice. Nothing makes a mother or a guardian happier!


It leaves the baby’s hands exposed to cold

As much as the Carters Fleece Sleep Sack pockets the baby’s feet, it leaves the baby’s hands exposed to cold. The sleep sack is designed to be long sleeved.

Therefore, to cover the baby’s hands, one has to use with mittens or sock. Though this may sound as a solution, it is not effective.

When babies start turning in their sleep, the mittens or socks come off because of the activity.

As a result, come morning, your baby will wake up sweaty with cold hands. No mother wants anything close to this.

Carters Fleece Sleep is made of 100% polyester

Polyester is not breathable. This is to mean, it does not allow air to flow in and out of the material. As a result, it causes the baby to warm up and sweat.

Since the material cannot aerate, the baby’s sweat accumulates at the back and around the neck. In addition to the lack of breathability, polyester does not feel comfortable on the skin.

After sometime, sleeping on it begins to feel like sleeping on plastic. Though the designers might have chosen polyester because of its warmth, all these other qualities work against the baby getting a good night’s sleep.

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Our take regarding the Carters Fleece

Though the concept of Carters Fleece Sleep Sack is superb, it has major flaws. When shopping for products that will help their babies have a good night sleep, mothers focus on the baby’s comfort.

Since the material used to make this product does not provide the much needed comfort, we would not recommend it for anyone.

In addition to the uncomfortable material, the fact that the sleep sack leaves the baby’s hands in the cold beats its purpose. Its main selling point is that it keeps the baby warm and cozy.

If the baby’s hands are left out in the cold, the baby may wake up with sniffles or a cold related condition.

Our recommendation

The idea the Carters Fleece Sleep Sack has introduced to the market is amazing.

To make it usable and comfortable for the baby, we recommend the sleep sack be made using a breathable material like cotton.

This will help keep the baby from warming up and the baby’s sweat from accumulating at any point.

We also recommend that the design includes some fold-over mittens. This will ensure that the baby is kept warm throughout the night.


Our take is based on our review of the features the Carters Fleece Sleep Sack has to offer. Therefore, your decision to buy it or not should be based on your needs.

For instance, if you live in a cold region or are planning to use the sleep sack in winter, then you will not have an issue with your baby warming up and sweating.

Also, if you have good mittens that won’t come off, then you might benefit from using this product. However, the material’s breathability will still be an issue.

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