Does Vinegar Prevent Clothes From Fading?

At present, laundry experts report that vinegar helps to prevent the fading of clothes. However, some experts do not concur with this. As a result, there has been a debate on whether vinegar prevents clothes from fading.

Well, vinegar can keep clothes from fading; but it depends on the fabric. At times, vinegar can tamper with the natural color of the fabric.

So, it is always advisable to know whether your fabric can work with vinegar. The thing is, vinegar contains a component called acetic acid.

This acid does not react well with silk or rayon clothes. So, you can always use a small piece of fabric to see whether vinegar works with it.

If vinegar can lock in the dyes/colors in the fabric, well and good! If not, you might get forced to use another solution.

But one fact about vinegar is that it revitalizes dull clothes. Maybe this is the reason why most homeowners tend to think it prevents bleeding and fading.

Will vinegar lock the dyes on your garments?

As seen earlier, vinegar can restore your dull clothes and make them appear brighter. What happens is that vinegar prevents the accumulation of detergent particles on the clothes.

Thus, it reduces the dullness in clothes. Due to this, people think that vinegar prevents fading.

Chemicals in most laundry detergents can build up on clothes and make them look old and faded.

On the other hand, vinegar can eliminate this build up and cause clothes and bedding to regain their initial color.

So, washing and rinsing your bed sheets and clothes in vinegar solution is an excellent way to boost their durability.

Therefore, vinegar does not prevent fading but removes detergent particles’ buildup on clothes, thus restoring clothes to their natural color.

Moreover, you can use vinegar to get rid of any dirt accumulation in the washing machine.

Vinegar as a natural fabric softener

Not only does vinegar makes clothes appear brighter, but it also makes clothes have a softer feel.

Unquestionably, chemical fabric softeners can be harmful to your health. So, you would instead use a safe and natural solution, vinegar.

All you have to do is pour the correct amount of vinegar into the rinse water. Then, hang them out to dry. You need not worry about the smell. Vinegar does not leave any foul odor on clothes.

Does vinegar keep jeans from fading?

Indisputably, jeans are fashionable. Almost every individual owns a pair or two. We all know how jeans can be relatively pricey. Thus, it is essential to take care of all your jean pairs to promote their longevity.

One way to do this is by preventing them from fading. Most jeans are dark-colored. Thus, they tend to release dyes every time they get washed.

Luckily, there are several techniques you can incorporate to keep your jeans from fading.

Since most detergents contain toxic chemicals, laundry experts recommend using natural ways to prevent fading. Some recommend using vinegar to lock in the dyes on your jeans.

Soak your denim in vinegar

Vinegar is an effective way to retain the original color of your jeans. Using detergent to wash your jeans would leave particles of detergent.

In turn, the buildup of these particles would make your jeans appear dull or faded. To prevent this, use vinegar.

Vinegar will stop and get rid of the buildup; hence keep the natural color of your jeans.

Before washing your jeans, soak them in treated water mixed with vinegar. Do this for at least an hour.

Leaving your jeans in vinegar solution would prevent the buildup of detergent particles.

Suppose your jeans are not that dirty, avoid scrubbing them or washing them with detergent.

But if they are dirty, wash them in gentle mode to reduce friction. The more jeans experience friction, the more they lose color.

Note that vinegar solution will not interfere with the smell of your clothes. After washing them, hang them to dry.

Please do not leave them outside for long since this would damage the dyes. Turn the jeans inside out when hanging them.

Use steam to wash your jeans

Washing your jeans in warm and hot water would make them fade more quickly. Hot or warm water opens up the fiber in your jeans hence making them lose color.

So, always wash your jeans in cold water. At least cold water would close the fibers of the jeans and lock in the pigments and dyes. Another way to preserve the color of your jeans is by steaming them.

So, instead of using water to wash your jeans use steam. You can do this by hanging your jeans in the shower while you are taking a bath.

Once the jeans come in contact with the steam, their fibers become fuller and turn to make your jeans appear brighter and smell fresh.

Leave your pants outside to dry for a short period

The best way to dry your jeans is by hanging them outside. Using a dryer to dry your jeans increases the chances of fading. But when hanging them outside, turn them inside out.

Also, set a timer so that you don’t leave them in the sun for too long. Not to mention, hanging clothes or even your towel in the sun makes them smell fresher and cleaner.

Ensure that you hang them under a shade, especially if you live in areas that experience too much sun. Otherwise, the sun can make the jeans appear very dull.

Use your freezer compartment to clean your jeans

Suppose your jeans are not that dirty, consider freezing them. You can place them in one of your freezer compartments for some time. Doing this will eliminate any foul odors on the jeans and preserve their color.

Remember, you should do your best to ensure you don’t use plain water to wash your denim.

In fact, some experts say that you should not wash your jeans with water until after a few weeks.

But often, this does not work for most people. You have to use a vinegar solution to prevent the release of colors. Alternatively, consider using detergents specially designed for dark-colored clothes.

The bottom line

Vinegar retains the original color of clothes and help reduce shrinkage. It prevents the buildup of detergents on clothes, thus makes clothes appear new and brighter.

So, you can use vinegar to preserve the color of your mattress cover, bed sheets and jeans.