4 Things To Know Before You Buy A Home Chainsaw

So…you have found yourself officially in the market for your very first chainsaw. Let’s face it, you have never had the need for the ultimate power tool before, given that you are a born city slicker!

You have lived out the entirety of your life in the center of all the hustle and bustle, inhabiting a pokey apartment on the third floor of your building, constantly longing for a small sense of freedom, for a garden you can call your own.

You have never before had the luxury of even stepping one single foot into a garden that you can deem as yours but not anymore, the times of living surrounded by total chaos are finally over! 

Yes, you have upped sticks, moved onto pastures, and have finally found yourself to be the proud owner of your very own modern and well furnished home located in the wide-open spaces of the glorious countryside!

It is time to begin a new chapter of your life, living out the rest of your days in absolute bliss!

Your time working for “The Man” has finally come to an end and now is the time to reap the rewards you have worked so hard to gain by enjoying the tranquil surroundings of your very own garden!

Life couldn’t be better!

You Are in Great Need of a Chainsaw!

To be honest you didn’t bank on moving into a property in the vicinity of its very own jungle.

The garden you have yearned for, for many years has unfortunately fallen into a state of disarray and requires a little TLC to say the least!

However, you are not complaining, after all the outdoor space is everything you have ever wanted and you are itching to get stuck in, get your hands dirty and create the garden of your dreams. 

It’s time to go out and get your hands on the supreme tool needed to transform this garden from an overgrown mess into the perfect space for total relaxation and you know the only device to conquer this task is the ultimate power tool, the chainsaw!

There is only one problem, you hold zero wisdom on the subject of this powerful monster machine and could use a little help.

Well, here are 4 things you should know before rushing out and buying your very first chainsaw!

  1. Know Which Chainsaw You Require

The number of different chainsaws on the market today are endless and it can be quite perplexing and even daunting when looking if you do not know which one will suit your needs.

The informative guide at https://www.backyardmike.com/ states that in choosing the correct chainsaw, the first thing you need to do is work out which one you require.

Here is a little information to help you decide.

  • Corded Electric – Corded electric chainsaws tend to be the most cost-efficient option and hold the added benefits of being the quieter of the models and require less maintenance. The downsides to the corded electric chainsaw are, one obviously you must be plugged into a power socket at all times and two these models do tend to lack in power compared to other chainsaws on the market.
  • Cordless – Now like the corded chainsaw, cordless models remain to run off electricity however, you have the added bonus of portability and are able to carry out projects without being continuously connected to a power socket. Now the downsides to the cordless chainsaw are mainly the battery life and you could find that it may not last out sufficiently, leaving you anxiously awaiting to carry out the remainder of your work until the chainsaw has been recharged. Another factor is the price, as these models tend to be on the rather steep side.
  • Petrol – The petrol-fuelled chainsaw is by far usually the most powerful and fastest option, giving you the advantage of completing projects in record time! The pros of the petrol-fuelled chainsaw are that models are power cord-free, therefore you have the quality of portability. The main cons are they are incredibly noisy, require a great deal of maintenance, and are not the most eco-friendly of the options.
  1. It is Important to Invest in Safety Equipment

Now I cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in the correct safety equipment before beginning work on your project.

Chainsaws are an extremely dangerous power tool and you must always put safety measures firmly into place.

It is essential in purchasing PPE such as a safety helmet that is fully equipped with built-in visor shields.

A protective helmet will protect not only your head from any chainsaw kickback but will also protect your precious eyes from suffering any damage due to any wood chips that may be flying around.

It is also crucial to shield your ears from suffering any damage caused by the noise, purchasing ear defenders will eliminate this problem and it is the sensible idea to also invest in specialist chainsaw trousers (chaps), which are specifically designed to cause interruption to the chainsaw when heading into the direction of your legs, successfully snagging and slowing down the chain.

Make sure to also obtain a pair of chainsaw gloves for optimum hand protection and a good pair of safety boots fitted with steel toe caps/grips to shield your feet from suffering any harm and to prevent slipping.

  1. Make Sure to Always Check the Chain

It is crucial that whenever using your chainsaw to make sure that the chain is sharp and if not, sharpen it first before putting it into action.

Using a blunt chainsaw can be extremely dangerous and can lead to suffering nasty, severe accidents.

Working with a blunt chain is also highly ineffective, so checking the sharpness of your chain can save you a lot of time and patience! 

It is also essential to check the tension of your chain each time you use it, as chainsaws do tend to slacken over time and can even detach during use. So take the time to check your chainsaw tension every time!

  1. With a Handy Auto-Oil Function and a Vibration Minimizer

It is vital that the chain is constantly lubricated at all times to ensure there is no danger of it overheating or catching.

Now choosing to invest in a chainsaw that is equipped with the handy auto-oil feature will ensure your chainsaw is well lubricated at all times and can save you a lot of trouble and a significant amount of time. 

Petrol-fuelled chainsaw models are incredibly powerful and can cause extreme tension both in the arms and shoulders, posing a problem when working on a rather time-consuming project.

However, choosing a petrol chainsaw that is armed with vibration minimizers will successfully stabilize the chainsaw, making it much more manageable for longer periods of time.

So…when shopping around for your very first chainsaw, keep in mind to consider which model is best suited to your needs. Also be sure to invest in the safety of PPE, do vital checks before every use, and look into purchasing a model with bonus features!