Revival Vs Mat Living: Best Place to Buy Luxury Rugs

Rug manufacturers have to compete to get their products noticed by consumers, primarily online, where there are so many retailers to choose from.

Companies need to set themselves apart from their competitors to attract customers who are specifically looking for specific features and will not consider an alternative no matter how good it is.

Mat Living and Revival both have beautiful rugs available for sale online. Interestingly, they have a unique space in the online rug market and fulfill distinct demands.

However, a significant difference is that Revival sources most of their “only one made” vintage rugs with manufacturing for handwoven rugs in India now. On the other hand, Mat Living has an upper hand with a manufacturing unit established long back. Hence, it offers an easy and better customization service.

Revival Vs. Mat Living

Both Mat living and Revival Rugs Company have achieved this by marketing themselves as problem solvers, able to meet the requirements of a wide range of demands in rugs. Their products are authentic, handmade, and crafted by traditional, skilled weavers.

While with some purchases, they succeed in delivering the feeling that their customers are receiving a piece of heritage from their culture, other purchases offer the aspired modernity and demanded luxury.

Mat living has a slightly more significant say in terms of the range of products available for purchase and rug customization services.

Differences in weaving

Revival Rugs are bound, woven, knotted, or tufted.

On the other hand, Mat living rugs cover a wide range of rugs and adapt to most weaving techniques that can deliver aspired rugs, replicating the design, motifs, and other intricate requirements.


Revival Rugs and Mat Living both sell cost-effective rugs, with their rugs being 100% genuine with no unethical practices taking place in the making of them. Revival offers quality handmade rugs that are durable, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. While Revival rugs specialize in making washable rugs, MATLIVING is known for variety and rugs for every price and need.

Both fulfill distinct market needs

Rug producers have also developed very sophisticated marketing strategies, with Revival Rugs Company targeting customers looking for value for money when purchasing a rug. Hence, the company produces all its rugs in bulk and then segments them into different categories such as Revival Rugs, Revival Premium Rugs, and the Heritage Collection.

With Mat Living Rugs, customers are looking for something that will reflect their unique style and personality. They want a rug that is different from anyone else’s and stands out in the room where it is placed. Mat Living rugs are available in an abundance of different styles, with customization being their USP.

Revivals’ Vintage Vs MATLIVING’s Contemporary

Unlike traditional stores with shockingly high prices, Revival’s one-of-a-kind vintage rugs are affordable with transparency about how and where they are made or sourced. So, you will have a clear idea about what you have purchased, where it was made, its characteristics, and many more.

Revival’s vintage rugs are sourced from Turkey and Morocco which accommodate incredible craftsmanship. This ensures that Revival’s vintage rugs are of good quality, authentic, and meet the expectation of one-of-a-king vintage rugs.

MATLIVING sells handmade, contemporary rugs for modern-day homes. The rugs are made and curated by artisans in India, inheriting skills passed on by generations. The process of new rugs generally begins with making designs and deciding on the characteristics of aspired handmade rugs. Later, it phases into manufacturing or weaving.

The bespoke service of contemporary, modern, and luxury carpets lets MATLIVING ensure they meet the tastes and expectations of their customers. A faster communication chain between the customer, designers, and artisans ensures that the customer’s preferences and demands are met better and faster.

Robust online presence

It is important to remember that there has been a considerable increase in interest in handmade rugs over the past few years. Many people will visit an exhibition with their friends and family to find a unique rug that stands out from the crowd. With Mat Living, they can select from their catalog of designs, avail of customization services, and order online with no need for them to visit a showroom.

With Revival Rugs Company, there is less choice, but they also offer customers personalization services, enabling them to order rugs with particular features or color schemes that reflect their tastes and preferences.

Both companies have advantages over the other, but they are popular because of their outstanding quality products. Whether you prefer a traditional look with Revival Rugs Company or something unique with Mat Living, you can be confident that the products are of the highest standards.

With Mat Living, customers can order bespoke rugs online, giving them the freedom to choose the color schemes and designs they want without visiting a showroom. They can even add personal touches to their rug, such as a family crest, an emblem, or initials which will make the rug unique and special.

Do Revival Rugs prices match MATLIVING?

Since Revival Rugs was started with a mission to revolutionize the segment of affordable quality rugs, it is highly unlikely that their prices match MATLIVING’s luxury segment. Besides, they vary in the usage of yarn, quality, and manufacturing which are the prime determinant of product prices.

While it can be amazing for luxury homeowners to buy mats and rugs from MATLIVING that reflect fortune, many customers could feel they are missing out. Hence, MATLIVING inculcates the concept of affordable luxury. Along with some high-end products, you will find rugs for every budget and desired characteristics.

Who offers lower prices? Revival or MATLIVING?

Owning to the fact that product on Revival does not compare to those on MATLIVING, it will not be appropriate to compare them on the price point. In terms of discounts offered, during customary sales and also otherwise around the year, MATLIVING offers slightly better deals than Revival rugs.

Among popular discounts and sales on MATLIVING are during Halloween, Christmas, New year, and Clearance sales with up to 80% discount on the price. 

How does Revival compare to MATLIVING in terms of shipping and delivery? 

Graphic: Shipping delivery 

MATLIVING offers free shipping on all orders within the continental USA and ships elsewhere at subsidized charges. Smooth, free shipping, delivery, and an easy return & refund policy are something to consider while you buy a rug and expect faster and better service.

If you receive a damaged product or do not like the product, you can request a return within 14 days of receiving the order. Given, that the rug is in a good condition as received, you can return it by paying the freight charges.

While, on orders above $50, Revival rugs ship for free within the continental USA. They facilitate an easy return policy. For a product received in a damaged condition, you must place a return request within 7 days of receiving the order.

For any other reason, if you don’t like the rug, you can return it within 30 days of receiving the order, given the product is unused, unwashed, and in good condition. 

Revival’s washable Vs MATLIVING’s Luxury – A product comparison

Buying the hand-knotted Pepper shag rug, one of the bestsellers in Revival’s washable collection will relieve you of living with a stained rug. You can use them in your dining room, kitchen, and places that receive high foot traffic and wash it off when it gets dingy.

On the other hand, MATLIVING’s Verona Grey, a hand-knotted durable craft of premium wool fiber will go beyond worrying about stains. It will bring subtle luxury and sophistication to your home. Moreover, the resilient wool fiber is resistant to stain and saves you from frequent stain encounters on the rug.

Shopping on Revival Rugs Vs. MATLIVING

Both Revival Rugs and MATLIVING offer an easy, accessible, and transparent shopping experience online. Also, Rival Rugs’ initiative for quality products at affordable prices has transformed the rug industry.

To add to that, MATLIVING’s affordable luxury brings in the much-needed charm and elegance that stands incomparable to similar counterfeits. Besides, you will love shopping during customary sales and exclusive discounts during festive seasons and otherwise throughout the year on MATLIVING.