Best Types Of Bean Bag Pillows To Have

The reason we wake up daily, and work so hard, is to be as comfortable in life as possible. Interestingly, we spend the better part of our lives sleeping!

Yes, sleeping.

We therefore need to ensure that we have the best sleeping options available for our use. It’s for that reason we want to take you through bean bag pillows.

If you are looking for something that will allow you to nap, or relax more comfortably, then keep reading on. We will share with you the information you need to make your space a great place to be. This can be both indoors and outdoors.

So, what exactly is a bean bag chair?

This is a cloth or a leather sack with some very comfortable fillings and act like a floor pillow. The fillings are polystyrene beads, which are extremely comfortable.

With a bean bag, you can easily move your bed to whichever room you so wish, or even use it on the road. In that case, you will not need a pillow.

The bean bag allows you to place your head comfortably on it, so that you are as comfortable as should be.

Apart from being so useful, bean bag chairs come in as a versatile, cost effective furniture solution for your home. They add a classic touch to both your indoor and outdoor space.

Bean bag chairs IKEA

IKEA is renown for both stylish and fairly priced furniture. The brand majors on offering products that are both appealing and practical. The fame of the Swedish styled furniture is widely spread. If you are looking for a bean bag chair, IKEA is a brand you can trust.

Who uses bean bag chairs?

The beauty of the bean bag chairs is that it serves all categories of people. You can get bean bag chairs for your little ones, or the teenagers or even the adults.

You can also use them in your living room, the kids’ room, or even the play area. They add a classy touch to your space.

Bean bag filling

It may come to you as a surprise that most bean bags are shipped without the beans. This is because of the shipping expense that would come with shipping the bags filled with the beans.

The best option usually, is to buy the beans locally, and fill up the bags yourself. The bean bag fillers are sold in volumes, measured in Cubic Feet. Other firms will sell the bean bag filler by weight.

If you must buy from such a firm, ensure you calculate and convert that weight into volumes, so that you have value for your money.

Kids bean bag chairs IKEA

It can quite be an uphill task when that time comes, and you need to buy chairs for your kids. It can be tasking to decide on the color, size, style and color of your kids’ chairs.

You also want to buy a chair that will not outgrow your child too soon. If that happens, it will end up as a bad investment. The beauty of the bean bag chairs is that the chairs come in various fun shapes and sizes.

Best bean bag shapes for kids

Below are some of the shapes that your kids will enjoy, and you can easily shop the kids bean bag chairs from IKEA.

  • Round shaped simple kids bean bag chair

This is a simple bean bags chair that perfectly suits the kids. It has a diameter of 31 inches. The reason the round shaped chair is most famous, is because it is versatile than most other shapes.

Kids can use the round shaped bean chairs for fun, some will turn them round and use them to act as a vehicle. Others will use it as a reading space.

It comes in handy as a play space for kids, or even where they can comfortably take a break after their playtime.

Some of the chairs will come with a metallic eyelet which you can use to hook the chair back to storage after use.

  • Coco or miniature chairs

When kids grow up a little, they prefer adult-like furniture. That is why the miniature or coco chair is key. The coco chair is designed like an incliner seat, only that it is scaled down to the level of your kid.

Beautiful coco chairs for your kid are made from soft cotton fabric, making the chairs perfectly comfortable for your kids.

That kind of chair helps your child to feel more like a grown up, and can sit with you in the living room and watch movies, what a great way to bond as a family! It is also a perfect chair for the outdoors.

  • Tear drop kids bean bag chair

This comes in the shape of a gentle tear drop. Its shape is essential in giving your kid the much-needed support for the neck, the shoulders and the head.

You will notice that the tear drop shaped chair is easier to clean, which is a good thing for your kid. The chair is also known as “the freaky cousin”.

Decorating your home with huge bean bag pillow

We want to keep our homes looking greater, cozier and classy all the time. A huge bean bag chair will come in handy for this.

With a chair that is standing six feet wide, it will still not take too much of your room space. We understand how important it is to save up that space.

When you get a giant bean bag pillow, you need one whose fillings are premium shredded Durafoam. That makes the chair super comfortable, as it is able to handle your body weight evenly.

It does not compress with time. Bean bag pillows can be a fantastic addition to your bed, love seat or whatever space that works for you.

When you get yourself a big bean bag pillow, it comes in handy as an extra lounger. Also note, bean bag pillows are good for your health.

Urban Outfitters for your bean bag purchase

Another brand that will come in handy when you need to buy your bean bag chair is the urban Outfitters brand. Here, you will find diversity, quality and great customer service.

The brand is known as a lifestyle retailer, that aims to inspire clients through the different combination of products they offer. You can choose the bean bag chair you need based on size, color and style.

A look at Poof chairs

Last but not least, you can make great use of the poof chairs. A poof chair is also sometimes known as a Foof chair. This is a chair that is filled with shredded foam, the foam being polyurethane in nature.

The chair is so different from the traditional one in several amazing ways. One, the poof chair does not have pressure points like the traditional one.

This is a great feature for those with aching joints. If you have joints that suffer pain, the poof chair will soothe those tired joints, helping you to bounce back.

Poof chair materials

So, what is it made of?


It is made of fabric that is both ear and stain resistant. The fabric is not only double stitched, but also double zippered. This greatly adds to its safety. The poof chairs are very comfortable.

This is because they cushion your body allowing the patented polyurethane foam to sooth you through and through. That is enough reason to invest in the chair.

It is also durable. To keep reusing the poof chair, all you need is to keep fluffing it again and again. It will serve for many years.

Should I invest in a bean bag chair?

A bean bag chair is worth it in many ways. In the current fast-paced world, stress has become a common phenomenon.

The good news however, is that you can easily manage that stress by giving yourself the right living environment.

One sure way to do that is to ensure you have the resources that enable you to both sit and sleep well. That is why you need the bean bag chair.

Healthy to use

The bean bag chair is ergonomically designed such that it gives you the allowance to sit in the correct posture.

If you are one that works for long hours on your computer, it is likely that you also sit for many hours. That could result to back, neck, joint and head pains. However, if you use the bean bag chair, you will not go through that.

The chair adjusts automatically to your body size and shape. The soothing that comes with using such a chair is out of this world.

It promotes the levels of relaxation that you need, to lift away any stress or tension, or even anxiety.

Low maintenance cost

The bean bag chair, unlike the traditional one, can last you a lifetime. It also does not require any assembling, and you can move it from place to place as you will.

It will cost you what a fraction of the office chair will cost. It is a great investment when you need your office workers to be productive.


Amongst all its mentioned benefits, the bean bag chair is eco-friendly. It is also multi-purpose in nature, and it is an investment that is completely worth every penny!