Review Of The Best Bed Pillows – Buyer Guide

The best pillow is just as essential as a comfy bed for having a soothing night’s sleep.

Although we occasionally give lots of consideration to the pillows we use, purchasing the correct pillow and positioning it the right way might be one of the essential areas of getting a decent night’s sleep.

In addition to offering comfort, the best bed pillows can also provide the needed support for the spine and neck, preventing or alleviating most frequent types of neck and back pain.

In addition to annoying and even bringing about back and neck pain, wrong pillows can also cause allergic reactions.

Within 2 years of usage, one-third of a pillow’s weight is made up of dust mites and their droppings, oil, dirt, and dead skin.

Purchasing the right pillow

The key to purchasing a good bed pillow is understanding that pillow firmness will let your spine and neck to be aligned correctly.

It’s to ensure that there’s no space between the mattress and your neck. You need to find a position that lets you maintain a mid-line position.

Selecting the right pillow is an essential decision to make.

Many people experiment with purchasing and trying out a lot of pillows till they get the pillow, which they are comfortable with.

This method for selecting the bed pillows is very costly and can result in added tension and stress to your upper back and neck.

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Why it’s essential to get the best bed pillows?

A pillow that has the wrong height will affect both joints and muscles.

In some instances, wrong neck and head positioning can also affect breathing and be the reason for snoring.

Not only do you have to get enough sleep, but you should also get enough premium quality sleep.

Having the wrong sleeping posture will prevent you from getting a decent night sleep and cause you to constantly wake up and not feel rested.

Additionally, frequent complaints because of either the wrong sleeping position or pillow include headaches and neck stiffness.

What to consider in a good bed pillows?

These pillows have to be made to support your neck and head in a neutral posture aligned with the rest of the spine.

The required height of your pillow will differ based on your sleeping position, which based on the health of your spine, should either be your back or your side.

Your pillow needs to offer your neck and head lasting support, without constantly having to adjust the position you are sleeping to get comfortable.

There has to be no space between the pillow and your neck.

The right bed pillows will offer cooling effect, support your neck and head during the night letting you wake up having a great night sleep feeling revitalized.

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Top 7 tips for deciding on the top bed pillows:

  • Purchase a pillow that’s high-quality and will last longer.
  • Become mindful of your sleeping position- This way you understand what type of height you want your pillow.
  • You should keep track of how old your pillow is- These items need to be replaced every eighteen months to ensure you are receiving the right neck support.
  • Think of a pillow that’s hypo-allergenic- You will be amazed at how much can build up in your pillow over time. This consists of, mold, dust mites, skin cells, and fungus. Memory foam pillows are a good option since they are hypoallergenic and often suited to sufferers of allergies and asthma.
  • Think of a pillow that’s size adjustable- It is a terrific way to select what height of pillow is the comfiest for you.
  • Buy the right neck and head support pillow.

What to consider in a side sleeper pillow

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When you’re a side sleeper, you will require a pillow that offers you much more height in the neck and head parts of the body while you are sleeping.

Should you not get this, you will experience lots of neck pain and headaches.

When selecting a side sleeper pillow, you should search for one that supports through firmness while still staying fluffy and soft.

This is to allow your head sink in and maintain your spine’s natural curve.

Adjustable pillows are good investments 

Another thing to consider when you are searching through the different side sleeper pillow options is one which has an adjustable filling.

This implies that there’s usually a zipper on the side, which lets you control how much filling you have in it.

This lets you adjust the firmness and the height as you see fit, which means that you can fill it based on the height of your shoulder and head.

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Softness, thickness, and support quality

Apart from being lofty enough, you should make sure that the side sleeper pillow is filled with a material that gives you with great support, firm as well as softness.

If it is too hard, your neck and head will feel very uncomfortable, mainly due to the lumps.

If it’s too soft, it will accommodate your head’s motion far too nicely and will lead to a bad night’s sleep.

Your side sleeper pillow should also be stable enough to ensure you are comfortable throughout the night.

Choose one where the filling is not loose enough to promote this motion.

The perfect pillow would be the right firmness, the right height, and can fill the space between your shoulder and your head.


It should also provide ample support to your neck and head to avoid spinal issues, keeping your spine, neck, and head in a straight line.

How you can choose the best bed pillows

Features you should consider;

Consider these features when selecting your very own best pillow for side sleepers:

  1. Height of the pillow

Consider the loft or the height of the side sleeper pillow you are purchasing.

This is important to get a comfortable sleep.

The correct height will make sure that your neck and head are in line with your spine, and that there’s no awkward downward or upward curve of the neck.

  1. Filler used in the pillow

Consider the material used to fill the side sleeper pillow.

Some people are allergic to natural down, which means that you’ll require the synthetic type.

Memory foam is a great option, as is latex, though latex is expensive.

  1. Type of pillow

There are various types of pillows.

Choose one that you feel you’ll be comfortable with. This will also depend on where you need to use it.

There are lots of other things that you should consider when you are searching for the best pillow for side sleepers.

These are the most essential. Ensure you look at the height since its essential indeed.

Tips of selecting a side sleeper pillow

  1. Try to look for an adjustable pillow

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust most pillows out there. Get best deals.

Some pillows permit fill to be removed or added through a zipper opening.

This lets you adjust both thickness and firmness of the pillow to your individual preferences.

  1. Sleep on it

It is not possible to test pillows in a store or online.

The best manufacturers will let you try their pillows in your house with a money-back guarantee.

Test the pillow in your own bed to see if it meets your needs.

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

No products found.

Finding the best pillow for neck pain is not easy.

A lot of things will depend on getting it, which include your sleep habits and your specific cause of neck pain.

But focusing in on some important parts can help.

With regards to getting a great pillow for you, think of:

  • How you sleep
  • The material used to make the pillow
  • Characteristics of the pillow

Your aim, with all of these, is to minimize pain by keeping your neck in the right alignment.

Selecting the right bed pillows lets the neck to be properly supported while providing a comfortable sleep position to improve the quality of sleep.

This should help in decreasing neck pain and any strain that results in a stiff neck, to give you the best night’s sleep, and a far more pleasant day without pain.

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Getting the best pillow for neck pain

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To get the best pillow for you, while minimizing neck pain and neck pain, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Know when the pillow needs replacing

When the pillow gets old, it will stop providing required support.

To avoid the need to replace the pillow regularly, choose a durable type with a lasting warranty.

  1. Try before you purchase

A pillow is a personal thing.

To make sure you get the best pillow to suit your needs, invest some time testing out the options on the market.

  1. Check for comfort

While providing the gentle support you require, your pillow also has to be as soft or as firm as you find comfortable.

  1. Look for support

The best pillow for neck pain you decide on should support the upper part of your neck and your back, and your neck curve in the sleep position of your liking.

You should know that a pillow that’s too high or too low for you can cause strain on the neck muscles.

  1. Find out the right way to sleep on the best pillow for neck pain.

As soon as you get your pillow home, you need to find the best way to sleep on a pillow for neck pain.

This has to make sure you are getting the full benefit of your purchase.

  1. Check for quality of the pillow

With regards to best rated cervical pillows, also called an orthopedic pillow, price and quality usually go together.

Low-cost pillows often flatten out very fast, requiring to be replaced regularly, while costlier choices have to offer better support for long.

  1. Look at neck support pillow reviews

These reviews can offer a good starting point in your hunt for a new pillow.

Neck support pillow reviews let you know regarding durability, comfort and support choices.

When selecting the best pillow for neck pain, it is also essential to consider the kind of filling.

Some pillow fillings offer more support, staying comfortable for long.

Here are a few of pillow fillings you should consider:

  • Microfiber pillow

It is airy, light and needs low maintenance.

Pillows made of this material are a synthetic option providing the same feel to a down pillow but are costly.

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  • Latex pillow

Just like memory foam pillows, those made of latex will provide neck pain sufferers lots of support; however, they can get flattened and uncomfortable in the long run.

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  • Synthetic pillow

Polyester or synthetic fillings can be great for mixed sleepers; however, they often don’t last for long.

  • Feather or Goose down pillow

A goose down is soft, simple to shape, long-lasting and also a costly choice.

It is cheaper to have a feather filling; however, both choices might not be the right choice for somebody with down allergies.

Neck roll pillow

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These pillows adjust to the shape of the neck and head, offering superb support and comfort while minimizing neck pain.

The purpose of the neck roll pillow is to provide your neck support, so it stays in its right position while you sleep.

It’s made to fit the size and shape of your neck curve.

This means that it’s essential that you are properly fitted for your pillow, to make sure that you have the right size for your neck.

Fitting a neck roll pillow

Your neck’s natural curve goes inwards, which creates a space between the back of your head and the pillow when lying down.

In a healthy and perfectly created spine, your body can change shape when sleeping on a normal pillow.

But if you are suffering from pain or stiffness in your upper back or neck, then the ability of your neck to change when you rest is decreased.

This will result in you developing pain from the strain put on your neck while you sleep.

A high quality, correctly fitted neck roll pillow, will rise to meet the space between the flat section of the pillow and your neck.

This way, it will support your neck in a relaxed position while sleeping.

This will let your upper back and neck to recuperate from carrying the load of your head throughout the day and prevent pain eventually.

A great orthopedic pillow will, in fact, treat you while you are sleeping.

But the primary aspect of your neck roll pillow is that it’s specific and adapted to your neck curve.

How to choose the stomach sleeper pillow

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Below are tips to help you get the best stomach sleeper pillow based on your needs:

  1. Budget

Yes, your budget might determine the stomach sleeper pillow you might end up having.

But it is possible to get a good bed pillow by carrying out a more precise search on the internet. Focus on what the pillow is offering and your specific requirements.

  1. Check breathability of the pillow

Invest in a pillow that will soak up sweat and one that is promoting breathe-ability. The ability of a stomach sleeper pillow to soak up sweat is important since it increases the comfort level.

  1. Try out the pillow before purchasing

Where to buy pillows matters a lot, be it from a physical store or on the internet. Make sure you have the option of trying out the pillow before purchasing it. This way will be the surest approach to see if the pillow suits your needs.

  1. Pick a flat pillow

To minimize the pressure subjected to the joints and neck and the risk of back aches while you sleep on your stomach, you’re well off with a reasonably flat pillow.

  1. Opinion from other people

If you are purchasing your stomach sleeper pillow from a web-based store, think of looking at the consumer reviews first.

Doing this, you’ll get a glimpse of what to anticipate with the pillow. Obviously, top-notch pillows, with a lot of reviews will probably provide the best value for hard earned money.

  1. Determine which pillow suits you

The level of durability, comfort, and user-friendliness should be considered when selecting a stomach sleeper pillow. You definitely want a pillow, which will provide you with utmost support while guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Types of stomach sleeper pillows

A stomach sleeper pillow varies in the materials used to manufacture, the price as well as the level of comfort.
Here are some of the options available:


Pillows made of latex are very firm and are made to support pretty much every part of the body. Other benefits of latex pillows are that they resist mold growth and dust mite.

The foam in the pillows easily contours to different parts of the body and is perfect for support that belly sleepers require.

One of the drawbacks of these bed pillows is that for some people the pillows are much more costly and too stiff in comparison to standard foam pillows.

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Memory Foam pillow

It is a type of foam that not only molds around specific parts of the body but can also remember this shape afterward.

Hence it’s a good option to secure the parts of the body like the neck, back, sides and shoulders.

This remarkable find is really a great choice for any kind of sleeper but is very costly.

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Foam pillow

Pillows made of foam are considered the most popular option for stomach sleepers.

Foam is easy, soft as well as inexpensive, with regards to maintaining the material.

Foam also molds to a person’s body and will support the parts of the body like the neck, head, and spine as well as the pressure points situated on the upper and lower the extremities.

But foam usually loses its shape after some time and isn’t perfect if you are looking for those lasting comfort.

If you like reading a book or watching TV while sitting on the bed, then that means you’re familiar with the back pain that originates from sitting in bed.

Even when you use standard pillows, they ultimately squash back, lose firmness, and in due course, you begin experiencing the all-familiar lower or lumbar back aches.

One of the significant things in life is good posture, and without it, your back will be adversely affected.

When you slump to read in bed, you’re wearing your body out.

The proper way to prevent discomfort any time you lie down on a conventional pillow is to buy what is called a backrest pillow.

Finding the right orthopedic pillow

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Learning to select an orthopedic pillow can be the most crucial decisions that you make with regards to your sleep cycle.

Many people are hurting themselves without even realizing it due to how they sleep.

If you frequently have back pain or neck pain each time you wake up, you should look for a top quality orthopedic pillow.

Obviously, this is the sort of health improvement that anybody can and should use, and you can gain from an orthopedic pillow no matter your health background.

  1. Consider your sleeping position

You most likely will have one sleeping posture that you prefer.

You may also be attempting to buy a pillow, which compliments a different sleeping position since you are trying out a new one for improved back health.

Whichever way, you should choose an orthopedic pillow while you keep your sleeping position into consideration.

Stomach and back sleepers require thin pillows, and side sleepers require firm pillows.

Sleeping on your back is often the best position with regards to the health of your back, and thin orthopedic pillows are usually going to make a big difference for all those who are seeking to feel better in the morning.

  1. Think of health benefit

The right orthopedic pillow can reduce or prevent neck or back pain.

Some people may also want pillows that are made to help in stopping snoring.

Having several different health benefits in a single pillow will surely make a big difference, so it is not astonishing that many people will want benefits like that.

  1. Think of the material from which a pillow is made

This type of pillow is made from several different materials.

These materials have their own pros and cons.

Examples of popularly used materials for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows is water, microfiber, memory foam, and air.

The best material will depend mostly on your preferences.

  1. Consider what support you require

You may be fascinated with the advantages of an orthopedic pillow in general.

You may also have a specific neck and back condition that needs a specific kind of therapy, and this will mean that you have to choose your neck and head pillow accordingly.

You may also want to choose a different body pillow, which will provide you with a different kind of support throughout the rest of your body.

  1. Settle on a budget for a new pillow

Most of the best orthopedic pillows will cost substantially, and it can be difficult to get around the fact that some of the very best pillows will cost a bit more.

But, it’s still possible for you to get a good orthopedic pillow that isn’t costly.

It will all depend on how much you are ready to spend.

You may have to really look for the best orthopedic pillow, which is also going to be available with limited funds.

But if you can get something similar to that, it will be that much more rewarding for you.

You should prioritize specific spending habits immediately to narrow down your initial orthopedic pillow hunt to a specific extent.

When we curl up in bed, we assume a favored sleeping posture daily without a lot of thought.

But it’s important to know that your sleeping postures can often emerge as the primary cause of your pains in different parts of your body.

Misalignment while sleeping results in strain and stress on the shoulder, legs, spine, knees, and other parts of the body, which impacts your routine the following day.

For this reason, a leg knee pillow is recommended to elevate specific parts of the body and help create the right alignment.

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It is achieved by positioning the pillow underneath or between them, thereby separating your legs and relieving them from excessive stress.

Benefits of sleeping with a leg pillow

  • Sleeping with a leg pillow is perfect for pregnant women since it will help promote a better and soothing sleep by providing the right sleeping posture.
  • It helps decrease issues in those who are suffering from sciatica, muscle cramps, lower back pain and varicose veins.
  • Positioning a pillow between your knees will help support your lower body by positioning your spine, hips, legs, and knee in the proper anatomical alignment.
  • A leg pillow prevents your body from angling over while sleeping and your hips from rotating.
  • It minimizes stress in the knees by balancing out the pressure on your legs and keeping your legs wider apart.
  • They also improve circulation of blood to the legs, thus preventing painful legs, sore knees, and muscle tension.
  • A leg pillow raises your lower body to maintain a straight side sleeping posture.
  • It adds comfort so helping eliminate muscle tension and pressure in your hips and lower back by preventing your spine being pulled by your upper leg.

What is a tempurpedic pillow?

It uses memory foam to contour to the shape of your neck and head to offer the right support, so your spine is properly aligned.

By using innovative shapes to offer specific sleep posture support, all positions of sleeping are supported by their variable ranges of pillow options.

Are you considering a tempurpedic pillow?

Tempurpedic provides quite a few selections of pillows to deal with the many variables, which you might be searching for with regards to your sleep comfort.

Variations in levels of shape and firmness feature prominently in pillow design to suit your needs.

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Those who suffer allergies know how stressful substandard products next to their face throughout the night can be.

A tempurpedic pillow is all naturally hypoallergenic, and users say they have been confident using the pillow and haven’t experienced any allergic reactions from it.

Your sleep position

As stated above, your overall comfort is determined by sleep position.

Simply because a model features a high rating and a strong following does not mean its ideal for you.

Make sure you first consider the pillow thickness compared to your preferences to make sure you have the proper support for your spine.

Advantages of a tempurpedic pillow

A few of the more essential advantages of tempurpedic pillows are:


If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, you can safely use such pillows.

Long lasting

These pillows last for years thanks to their density. With the right care, a tempurpedic pillow can easily last for approximately ten years or maybe even more.

The high-density also permits the pillow to maintain its ability to conform to your body’s contours for a long time. Both low-cost memory foam pillows and tempurpedic pillows provide great support.

However, one major difference between the two is that the cheap memory foam pillow loses its ability to contour to the curves of your body quite fast.

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Good support

Since these pillows contour to your body, they can offer good support to your neck and head.
Because of this, the spine, neck, and the head alignment is maintained while sleeping.

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What is a pillow top?

A pillow top mattress is just a standard mattress with an additional padding layer on top. The padding can be produced from soft bedding materials like down, memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and so on.

Consider it as an enhancement of a standard mattress or topper to improve its contouring capability and comfort.

Advantages of a pillow top mattress

  1. Less pain

Most people purchase a pillow top mattress since it’s so effective in reducing back and neck pain. comes with an additional layer of extra padding, which supports the spine while gently adjusting to the shoulders, hips, and back.

This kind of mattress avoids making pressure points, which conventional mattresses often have. You will feel like you’re floating on your mattress in a pain-free surrounding.

This will significantly improve not just your sleep but also the quality of your life. These factors blend to make a pillow top mattress the best kinds of mattresses for minimizing pain.

  1. Long-lasting

The mattresses traditionally last for a longer time compared to other types since they always go back to their correct shape after usage. As a result, you do not have to flip the mattress every few years to reduce the wear and tear.

The mattresses are made to last for years. You can certainly purchase one and be assured that it will be an investment that will last for years.

  1. Support

Mattresses that offer excellent support are often firmer mattresses. While a pillow top mattress features more pad compared to most mattresses, it’s still able to offer a great amount of support.

For the reason that the pillow top mattress gets rid of the pressure points, which are made by conventional mattresses by adjusting the shoulders, hip, and back of the user. Such mattresses are considered the most supportive types on the market.

  1. Luxury at a quite inexpensive price

A pillow top is added to mattress to enhance its lavishness. The improved softness that they offer will make a big difference in the feel of a conventional continuous coil innerspring mattress that otherwise may have been unyielding and overly stiff.

Given that a pillow top is simply a single, quite thin, padding layer, it does not cost as much as adding a whole layer of costly foam on top of the innerspring simply to neutralize the stiffness of the coils.

Ultimately, you have a combination of springy resilience and airy luxury similar to the luxurious mattresses. The best pillow for combination sleepers will let you seamlessly move from one position to another while you sleep.

In case you toss and turn in your bed, there’s a likelihood you will put a strain on your sleep quality and will, therefore, find yourself waking very fatigued.

A pillow for combine sleepers can fix this issue. It comes with a medium firmness, not too dense, nor too soft that will conform to you no matter your position.

Advantages of using the best pillow for combination Sleepers

A sleeper who often shifts positions throughout the night will require a pillow, which is supportive no matter if he or she is a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or whatever type of sleeper.

It can promote a life that’s healthy (and better sleep) by creating the following benefits:

  1. Decreased pain

Since the best pillow for combination sleepers was designed to give your neck greater support, they are recommended if you often wake up each morning holding your neck in agony.

To ease that pain, you will require a pillow that’s not too soft, nor too firm, but one that will properly support your back. A combined pillow boasts these precise qualities.

  1. Changing positions is easy

Given that combination sleepers move around very much, they will require pillows that can manage their sudden change of mind and will rapidly change their shapes to ensure you do not strain your body or do lots of bouncing around.

  1. Spine support

Back issues take place with a pillow that doesn’t have adequate firmness.

Why? Because let us say that your regular cushion provides you with enough support when sleeping on your back.

But, as soon as you go on your side, your neck will be lower, resulting in you pressing too much on the shoulder, leading to back issues. The best pillow for combination sleepers can ensure that your spine remains straight thanks to its firmness.

  1. Minimize snoring

Snoring people wake up more fatigued in the morning since they are woken up during the night by their snores. The best pillow for combination sleepers will sufficiently cradle your chin and the neck to ensure the airways are clear.

Points to consider

A pillow should be able to drive away heat from your head. This is why bed pillows with natural materials are usually an excellent option. Know when it is time for you to replace your pillow.

If you see signs of sagging and lumps, then it is most likely time for you to replace it. Ideally, pillows that are more than 18 months need to be replaced, since they might be filled with dust mites, dead skin cells, and allergy triggers.

You can fold the pillow in half and check if it springs back to its initial form on release. If it does not, then the pillow isn’t worth using.

Many pillows can be machine washed; but, some will need dry-cleaning. You should wash the pillow at least 2 to 4 times in one year to make sure it lasts for long.

Even pillow protectors will help prolong its lifespan. To choose the best pillow size, consider your bed’s size, the number of pillows you require and how you will be using them.

In light of that, go with an over-sized pillow to make your small bed appear comfortable. If you love the experience of plenty of pillows to support you while reading, purchase small pillows that you will layer your bed with.

When shopping

Look beyond the price. Keep in mind that inexpensive pillows won’t last. You will discover that they will easily lose their firmness, and with that, the support they give you neck and head.

This can reduce the quality of your sleep in the long run. The opposite is true as well. The priciest pillow might not necessarily be the best option either.

Take into account how your head feels when resting on your pillow. You can spend at least ten minutes testing it out at the outlet. This is what the pros recommend.

Best of all; allow your style of sleeping dictate your selection. And while a superb pillow will help you get a decent night’s rest, it won’t make up for a poor mattress or bed selection.

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