Gas Or Electric Heating Solutions – Which Is Better?

This question may have crossed your mind once or twice.

Heating is now a necessity for every home but which heating should you use?

Should you use Gas heating or should you stick with electric heating?

Best way to heat water for your home

Today, let us evaluate and find out which one of the two options is more preferable.

Gas heating

A gas heating system works on the principle of burning fuel. It uses a single boiler which boils the water and the water is distributed to the whole house through pipes.

Whether it’s your shower or your kitchen the hot water that comes when you turn your tap on is coming from the radiator through the pipes.

Electric Heating

Electric heating doesn’t run on the principle of burning fuel. It’s another alternative for heating. It uses electricity to heat up the water.

It comes along with all the advantages of gas heating but none of the disadvantages. It doesn’t come as a shock that many people are now shifting toward electric heating.

For them gas heating is old-school and the alternative of electric heating is way better. Here are some of the reasons why:

Installation of Electric Heating Systems

Installation of electric heating systems is way better than gas ones and they are also cheaper than gas heating systems as well.

They are easy to install because they don’t have as much complexity as gas heating systems. You should read their guide for a clearer understanding of the installation process.

Rather than having pipes, ducts, and vents, electric heating just requires an electric circuit. A simple connection is all you need and you’re good to go. They also don’t change the building layout and designs so it’s a win-win situation.


It’s true that gas is cheaper than electricity. However, there are a lot of other things to be considered before jumping to a conclusion.

The true cost has a lot of factors involved. These factors include the installation, maintenance, and other running expenses. If you factor everything in, you realize that the electric systems are much more feasible.

As we’ve established earlier that they’re easy to install and have approximately zero maintenance costs. All of that, coupled with the fact that they last 50% longer and are highly efficient makes them the right choice.

If you consider all the expenses and keep in view the efficiency, you’ll know why the maximum number of people are switching to electric heating.

Economical and Ecological

There’s no doubt in the fact that gas is cheaper but it doesn’t come without certain drawbacks. Who’s to say that you’re not doing more harm than good?

New laws have been established which talk about the efficiency of appliances. According to this, people are now greatly influenced towards switching to electric heating.

Gas may be the cleanest fossil fuel but it’s still the cause of maximum greenhouse gas emissions in a number of countries.

Electric systems, however, are 100% clean in this regard and they safeguard the environment by not releasing harmful gases as well as by its output level and efficiency. This ensure you maintain clean air in your home.


Safety is a very important factor that deserves to be talked about. If we compare the two systems, we come to realize that the electric one beats the gas one with quite the margin.

As it doesn’t burn the fuel, it’s less harmful both in terms of household and the environment. No harmful gases are released and you’re doing your part in saving your planet.

Gas systems are also pretty noisy at times. This is actually a warning by the system, telling you that there’s a buildup and cleaning is required.

There is no such thing with electric heating. There are no water-filled pipes running along with your house so there can’t be a buildup of any sort.


These are just some of the major reasons why people are moving towards the alternative of electric heating efficiency coupled with safety are two of the major factors why momentum towards choosing an electric system is increasing. It is clearly the most preferred choice.

Gas heating systems are now old-school and we must shift towards a system that is more efficient and safe.

Not just that, control is also a demand of the society and electric systems beat the gas ones by a mile in this regard too.

You can’t control your gas system with wifi but now you can with electric heating. The momentum has been increasing because the more units are sold, the cheaper it gets. Electric heating is clearly the right choice for any household.