How Does A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Today, vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular cleaning equipment among most homeowners.

Vacuum cleaners are specially designed to get rid of small dirt particles using suction. Unlike conventional cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners help you save time and effort when cleaning.

How to operate a vacuum cleaner

In this article, we discuss how a handheld vacuum cleaner works.

Electric motor

A handheld vacuum cleaner contains an electric motor that constantly rotates. The electric motor sucks in air and traps all dirt particles. It then transfers these particles into the vacuum bag or canister to keep the pressure low.

Air in the electric motor does not get trapped for long. Vacuums have an exhaust port that prevents excessive accumulation of air in the electric motor. This way, the electric motor functions correctly.

Negative pressure

A handheld vacuum cleaner uses negative pressure to get rid of debris. This equipment works like a straw. When you drink soda using a straw, you create negative pressure when you suck the straw.

Negative pressure is often lower than standard pressure. As a result, the drink rises up the straw. Vacuum cleaners work in the same way. Due to their negative pressure, they facilitate the flow of air into them.

Function of the vacuum filter

Another feature located in a handheld vacuum cleaner is the filter. Filters remove all harmful particles in the air.

Air suctioned into the vacuum typically contains impurities. At times, not all impurities get removed from the vacuum. And this can be dangerous to human health. Inhaling some of these impurities can lead to severe respiratory diseases that can damage the lungs.

The handheld vacuum cleaner contains a High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter and a standard filter to eliminate all dirt.


There are different types of vacuum cleaners. Each has a different configuration and functionality. However, an effective vacuum cleaner has a robust electric motor and a smaller intake port.

Small intake pots generate more suction power. This is because small intake ports are narrow, and air moves faster in narrow passages.

On the other hand, air moves slowly in large intake ports since the passage is wider. When buying a vacuum cleaner, ensure it has a small intake port.

Why should you buy a Handheld Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners offer a wide array of benefits to homeowners. Let’s discuss some of the reasons you should buy a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Save on cleaning time

Occasionally, we encounter spills on our household surfaces. It can be challenging to remove some spills, especially if you are using conventional cleaning techniques. Luckily, handheld vacuums are the best for getting rid of all dirt particles.

Most handheld vacuums have powerful suction to get rid of all household messes. They enable you to clean fast and efficiently.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for wooden floors

If you have wooden floors, having a vacuum cleaner is necessary. Dirt can quickly accumulate on wooden floors. It is hard to spot dirt on wooden floors.

Also, washing wooden floors with water and detergent daily can lead to damage. You would instead use a handheld vacuum to clean your wooden floor.

Handheld vacuum is perfect for limited spaces

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for smaller spaces. Most of them don’t take up too much space like conventional vacuum cleaners.

So, if you live in a small apartment, consider purchasing a handheld vacuum. You can store it in one of your kitchen cabinets or under the bed.

Handheld vacuum cleaner is user-friendly

Typically, handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight. Thus, you can quickly move around with them from one room to the other while cleaning.

Additionally, most handheld cleaners are cordless. So, you don’t have to keep plugging the vacuum anytime you wash a different room.

You can use a handheld vacuum anywhere

One of the main advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners is that you can use them anywhere. You can use them to clean your house, car or garage.

They are portable; thus, you can carry them outside. Furthermore, a handheld vacuum cleaner can clean hard-to-reach spots.

Small vacuum cleaner has simple emptying process

Unlike traditional vacuums, handheld cleaners are relatively simple to empty. You only need to turn the canister upside down and empty all the dirt and debris into the main trash bag.

With traditional vacuums, you will need to figure out how to open the dirt tank without making a mess. Ultimately, handheld vacuum cleaners make your work neater.

Hard-to-reach areas in your home

Conventional vacuums are too big to reach hidden corners and in-between furniture. Fortunately, handheld vacuums can reach almost every surface.

Even so, this depends on the size of your vacuum. The smaller the vacuum, the more efficient it will be in reaching these spots. Handheld vacuum cleaners can clean stairs, crevices among other tough spots.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are powerful

One of the best things about handheld vacuums is that they are powerful. They get rid of the toughest dirt particles.

At times, traditional cleaning methods may not remove all debris and dirt particles on the surface. Moving the vacuum cleaner across the surface once is enough. You don’t have to go back to cleaning the same spot.

However, note that there are different types of vacuum cleaners. Each has varying suction power. It would be best to purchase a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power.

Time you got yourself a small handheld vacuum

Currently, there is a broad spectrum of vacuum cleaners. All handheld vacuum cleaners work using suction and negative pressure.

Understanding how a vacuum cleaner works is vital since you’ll be able to notice when it has a problem.