ID e Portable UV Sanitizing Handheld Vacuum

Currently, there is a broad spectrum of vacuum cleaners. Each of them varies in configuration and delivers unique functionality.

One of the most advanced vacuum cleaner versions is the id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is effective and provides excellent functionality.

Operating id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner

  • Flexible built-in handle:

The id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner has an adjustable handle that makes cleaning effortless. You can easily extend or shorten the handle to fit your requirements.

So, you can use this vacuum as a handheld or full-length vacuum. Moreover, the handle is specifically designed to fit both small and large hands. Therefore, you rest assured of maximum comfort when cleaning up your house or car.

The handle also puts less strain on your back when cleaning. It also enables you to access hard-to-reach surfaces. All in all, the flexible built-in handle boosts the vacuum’s efficiency.

  • UV light:

Unlike most vacuums, the id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner has a user-friendly UV light. You can switch on the UV light with the simple touch of a button. UV light is responsible for getting rid of all bacteria and microorganisms.

Most vacuum cleaners are not able to get rid of allergens and pathogens. But this UV vacuum cleaner sanitizes your house. Consequently, it helps you boost your overall health since you’ll be safe from allergies and respiratory diseases.

  • Additional filter:

The id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter to eliminate excess dirt particles. The filter and bag are washable and comes in different colors. Therefore, you can always choose your preferred color filter option.

  • Lightweight:

Another characteristic of the id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is less bulky. Thus, it provides easy cleaning. The vacuum weighs approximately four pounds. You don’t need too much effort to move it from one room to another. Additionally, it is simple to store this vacuum since it does not occupy too much space.

Is UV light efficient for cleaning surfaces?

Typically, UV light kills up to 99.9% of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. Experts report that using UV light as a sanitizer is more effective than using disinfectant wipes and liquid sanitizers.

Fortunately, UV light can sanitize all surfaces, from furniture to makeup brushes and your generate makeup space. Home care experts invented UV vacuum cleaners to help homeowners get rid of unseen dirt. You can always find UV vacuum cleaners from various online sites like Amazon and eBay.

How does UV light work to disinfect surfaces?

UV light is usually divided into three categories. UV-A has the highest number of nanometers, UV-B has about 280 to 315 nanometers, while UV-C contains the least nanometers. All types of UV light work differently.

But generally, UV-C light is the best light for damaging the RNA and DNA of bacteria and viruses. This type of UV light is dangerous for the skin and eyes. In fact, UV-C light is one of the leading causes of cancer.

UV light of more than 200 nanometers is not as efficient as UV light with a shorter wavelength. However, this does not mean that it is safe to point the light into someone’s eyes directly. Also, note that the longer you expose the surface to UV light, the more effective it’s going to be.

Features of a standard UV vacuum cleaner

UV Lamp:

Every UV vacuum cleaner has a UV lamp. This lamp is responsible for destroying all microorganisms and pathogens on surfaces. The UV lamp can also get rid of common house mites.

High Beating Pace:

It can be challenging to get rid of mites using a regular vacuum cleaner. But a UV vacuum can help you get rid of these insects. UV vacuums contain flapping pads that get rid of the mites faster and more effectively.

Why get a id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner

Ultimately, the id e portable UV sanitizing handheld vacuum cleaner offers excellent functionality.

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, it uses UV light to get rid of all pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. UV light kills bacteria and viruses by getting rid of the RNA and DNA of the cells.