Will An Electric Fireplace Raise My Electric Bill?

This is a question asked by many people out of concern about the financial impact of owning and operating an electric fireplace in their homes.

Statistics show that more and more homeowners are buying electric fireplaces. There is a beauty to having a fireplace in your home and the benefits of using an electric fireplace cannot be overstated.

However, people want the most efficient electric fireplaces, and many want to keep their electric bill as low as possible even during winter.

An electric fireplace is affordable and efficient as compared to Wood burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces convert electricity to heat very effectively and are 99% efficient.

They tend to lose only 1% of the heat they generate. In this article, we will answer the above question and allay any fears to using an electric fireplace.

Does an electric fireplace increase my electricity consumption?

Generally, electric fireplaces consume around 1500 Watts of electricity per day. Some electric fireplaces are more powerful and generate or produce 7500 to 10000 BTU.

These are typically used to heat large to very large rooms, but it costs more to use them in terms of energy.

On the other hand, a standard electric fireplace is best suited for medium sized or standard rooms as it generates around 1500 BTU. BTU stands for British Thermal Units which is a form of measurement used for electric fireplaces.

How a fireplace may affect your electric bill

  • Make and model

However, the raise in your electric bill when using an electric fireplace will depend on among other things the make and model of your electric fireplace.

This is because some consume more or less energy, depending on their make and model.

  • Frequency of fireplace usage

Another factor that will impact on the raise in your electric bill is the consumption of your household.

Most people run their electric fireplace for 24 consecutive hours per day especially around the winter season.

However, you can drastically reduce your electric bill by using your electric fireplace for several hours in a day, for instance, up to 12 hours each day, either during the day or the night.

Usually, nights tend to be much colder than days and so you may want to confine your usage to only night times to reduce your electric bills. 

  • Cost of electricity in a region

Different regions and areas all over the world charge different rates for energy consumption. Some charge more at given hours of the day and less at night.

As a consumer, you need to find out the power rates of your local area so as to determine the impact this will have on your electric bill once you acquire an electric fireplace.

Whatever the case may be in terms of electricity cost, electric fireplaces still remain the most efficient appliances to use for heating a home in terms of energy consumption.

Always go for the most energy efficient electric fireplaces to keep your electric bills at their lowest.

How much does it cost to run an Electric Fireplace?

To answer this question, we must begin by considering power consumption, and this will depend on wattage and frequency of use.

An electric fireplace of 1500 Watt will cost you an average of 18 cents per hour to operate if all settings are kept at minimum.

This makes it quite affordable to run it for an entire day, especially in cold climates such as those experienced in the U.S.A., Europe, Canada and other places as it will cost about 4.32 dollars per day.

Cost of electricity

If for instance we choose to use the standard 1500 Watt electric fireplace which generates 5100 BTU, with an average cost of 13 cents per KWH, and then calculate its running cost using the formula for computing (Watts x Hours per day x KWH rate), the costs will be as follows:

Duration                                                         Cost

1 hr                                                                  $0.195

24 hrs                                                              $4.68

1 month                                                           $ 140.4

1 year                                                              $ 1685

5 years                                                            $ 8425

This computation assumes that you are operating the electric fireplace for an entire 24 hours per day. However, these are estimations.

Check your utility bill to see the Kilo Watt Hour (KWH) rate that is charged in your area, although this may vary depending on the time of day.

Then use the formula above to calculate the cost after determining the number of hours you intend to use the electric fireplace and the time of day you intend to use it.

If the electric fireplace is used for the sole purpose of ambience, the cost  will range between $0.003 to $0.03 per hour.

You can save money by considering the rate system you have in your area. For instance, if you are on a tiered rate system, you will be charged more for peak hours.

You may therefore consider avoiding the use of your electric fireplace during those hours. Sometimes, they can double the cost of use. You can consider saving money by using heaters such as an electric fireplace in rooms whose ceilings are not vaulted because heat is known to rise.

Another way of saving money is to switch to “flame only” mode when you realize you do not need additional heat. This will cost you pennies to operate per hour and it is great for those times when you simply want to enjoy some flickering flames.

It is no wonder that the best electric fireplace is a heat source that appears like real flames while reducing the cost of energy and saving you money.

Money can also be saved by prioritizing the place in your house where your family spends most of the time.

If for example your family spends more time in the living room, you can focus on heating this area.

This in effect will mean you will not have to spend on heating the entire house, thus cutting down on the cost of running or operating an electric fireplace.

Time you got a cozy fireplace

In summary, the cost of running an electric fireplace will depend on the type and model of the electric fireplace you buy, the utility rates in your area and your own power consumption.

On average, electric heaters cost between 8 to 23 cents per hour.

Written by our editor Liberty Njiru