How To Assemble A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Generally, lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners deliver excellent functionality. However, users should follow all the manufacturer’s usage and assembling instructions for the vacuum to work well.

Before using a new vacuum, you’ll have to assemble it first. Fortunately, assembling a vacuum is pretty straightforward. Besides, most manufacturers often indicate clear assembling guidelines.

So, how do you assemble a handheld vacuum cleaner?

  • Step one:

First, take your vacuum and carefully insert the handle. This takes a few seconds. Ensure the handle fits correctly and firmly onto the vacuum. Often, the handle will click correctly when inserted appropriately.

  • Step two:

The next thing to do would be to attach the removable floor nozzle into the opening of the dirt tank. Ensure the nozzle is firmly secured onto the vacuum tank. This way, it won’t disconnect from the tank when cleaning.

  • Step three:

Press the button to push out the handle if you plan to use the vacuum without the handle. As you do this, ensure the cord is not tangled around the vacuum. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to remove the handle from the vacuum.

When cleaning shallow surfaces, you can attach the handle directly to the nozzle. You can also use the vacuum without the nozzle, especially when cleaning your furniture. If you wish to remove the nozzle, press the latch in the back and pull the hand vacuum from the nozzle.

  • Step four:

Proceed with cleaning your house. You can always adjust your handheld vacuum to match your requirements.

How to assemble Bissell handheld vacuum cleaner 47r5

Before cleaning your house with the Bissell handheld vacuum cleaner, take time to assemble it. Below is a detailed guideline of how you can assemble the Bissell handheld vacuum cleaner 47r5.

  • The first thing to do would be to make sure that the vacuum is off. Assembling the vacuum when it is on is very dangerous.
  • Then, remove the rubber nozzle. Do this by pushing the nozzle release button.
  • Line up the bottom of the nozzle with that of the dirt tank to replace it with a hose adapter. Ensure that the removable nozzle fits securely before using the vacuum. Otherwise, it may snap out accidentally.
  • Connect the hose to the vacuum by attaching it to the hose adapter nozzle. You can attach any other extras to the vacuum. Then, proceed with cleaning your house.

How to build a 12volt handheld vacuum cleaner

Did you know that you can make a powerful vacuum cleaner at home?

Let’s discuss how you can build a 12volt handheld vacuum cleaner through a DIY project.

Step one: Get the right equipment

Before you start doing anything, ensure you have all the right equipment needed to make the 12-volt handheld vacuum.

Below are all the equipment needed.

  • A High RPM motor
  • One large bottle and one small bottle
  • A 12v Adapter
  • Thin metal sheet
  • Plastic spiral conduit.
  • Araldite Adhesive
  • DC adapter Jack

You can get most of this equipment from eBay or Amazon. After you have all the above equipment, proceed to the next step.

Step three: Make the dust tank

  • Create a hole on the cap of the small bottle. It should look like a ring at the end. Use a knife or any other sharp object to create the hole.
  • Use a hot needle to create multiple holes at the neck of the bottle. You can also use a soldering iron tip to make the holes.
  • After you create the holes, close the bottle tightly.
  • Cut the larger bottle into halves.
  • Then, use Araldite adhesive to join the small bottle with the bigger bottle. It would be best if you pasted the smaller bottle in such a way it can get removed easily.
  • Connect the spiral conduit to the opening of the larger bottle. The spiral conduit serves as a passage to get rid of dust particles from surfaces.

Step four: Create the propellor

  • Take the thin metal sheet and draw a circle. The circle should have the same diameter as that of the big bottle.
  • After drawing this circle, use sharp scissors to cut the thin metal. Cut the metal according to the circle layout. Then, draw a small circle near the center of the cut.
  • Draw a line running through the center and use it as a base point to draw eight lines from the center. The lines should form a 45-degree angle from the center. Then, cut all the marked lines to create eight sectors.
  • Start bending each of the eight sections to create a propellor and create a hole at the center.
  • Take the high rpm DC motor and connect it to the propellor.
  • Make a hole on the cap of the bigger bottle.
  • Connect the high rpm DC motor to the cap using adhesive.

Step 5: Make the Vacuum Cleaner Body

It’s now time to make the vacuum cleaner body.

  • Create several holes at the bottom of the other piece of the large bottle. These holes will prevent the accumulation of air in the homemade vacuum.
  • Use adhesive to connect the propellor to the center of the bottom of the bottle.
  • Attach a DC adapter jack on the motor wires. Then, use hot glue to connect them.
  • Afterward, join all the cut bottle pieces. You can make the bottle more appealing by adding a creative design.

Step 6: Perform a test-run

After you finish building your handheld vacuum cleaner, connect a 12-voltage adapter to the DC jack. Then, switch it on to see if it works well.

How do you maintain a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Follow all manufacturers’ instructions: One of the best ways to keep your vacuum cleaner in good shape is to follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines. Remember, every vacuum cleaner is different.

So, take time to read and understand everything indicated in the manual. Follow all the cleaning, maintaining, and assembling guidelines indicated in the manual.

Empty the bin after every use: After using your handheld vacuum cleaner, take time to empty the bin. Failure to do so will lead to a build-up of dirt in the vacuum.

Most modern vacuum cleaners enable you to empty them by pressing a button. This way, you don’t come in contact with dust particles.

Evaluate the condition of the brush: Make an effort to evaluate the condition of your brush from time to time. Hair and dirt particles can tangle around the vacuum brush. And this lowers the efficiency of the vacuum.

Always clean your brush frequently, depending on how dirty it is. Some vacuum cleaner brushes are removable. Hence, they allow for easy cleaning.

Ensure all the filters are clean: Keep your filters clean at all times to prevent blocking. Clogged filters adversely affect the performance of your vacuum. So, clean them frequently and replace them when they get worn out.

Seek professional help: When you feel that your vacuum is not working properly, contact a professional. They might be able to help you identify and fix the source of the problem.

Trying to fix the vacuum by yourself can lead to more damage. You would rather contact your manufacturer. Moreover, remember that you don’t want to tamper with the warranty.

Setup your vacuum handheld cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the best cleaning equipment today. Nevertheless, it is essential to follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using a vacuum cleaner.

Doing this will boost the vacuum’s durability and efficiency. Moreover, whenever you encounter a problem with your vacuum cleaner, ensure you contact a professional.