How to Choose Sleeping Bags by Shape

There has been a large increase in the popularity of different types of sleeping bags. There are main types that everyone can choose from. This is dependent on their needs and preferences. There are also some pros and cons to each type of bag.

When we talk about camping, one of the things that we talk about is the sleeping bags. The best way to find out is to know more about them and how they look like. What the sizes are and if it can be used by both men and women.

5 Types of Sleeping Bags

If you want to compare different ones so that you will have an idea which one you really want, then you have come to the right place.

Rectangular sleeping bags

The rectangular sleeping bag is known for its room and space. It gives room for your legs and arms to spread out.

On both sides of the rectangular bag, it has either a full or half-size zipper which is tapered. The zipper is also right angled in design.

When you are inside the rectangular sleeping bag, you can freely shift inside. It gives you a similar experience to how you freely shift when covered in a duvet.

It is a perfect choice for both side-sleepers and those who turn and toss.

Because the rectangular bags are roomier, they hold more air for the sleeper to warm up. This is to say the bags are not as thermally efficient as the rest of the bags.


The rectangular bags have extra fabric around the footbox and the shoulders. This makes the bags heavier and this might not work well if the weight-warmth ratio is poor.

The best weather to use the bag in is the warm seasons. Especially when car-camping, it’s a great option. It will also serve you perfectly if you shift a lot in your sleep.

The rectangular sleeping bags are not perfect for cooler weather. If you are covering several miles before pitching your tent, this option might be too heavy for you.

Semi-rectangular sleeping bags

This is an in-between of the mummy sleeping bag and the rectangular one. Its shoulder area is slightly tapered- keeping away draughts from getting in. This also allows the bag to give some more room at the feet area. This makes its feet area roomier than the mummy bags.

This is a perfect choice for campers. Especially if you don’t mind the feel of a mummy bag, but you need a little roomier sleeping bag.

Because of their shape, this type of bag has many features. For example, they usually have an external zipper or a split zipper so that you can open it completely and use the interior.

Most have a fold over zipper at the top of the bag so that you can get it completely out of the way when not in use. Most sleep bags have a zipper located in the top front of the bag that attaches to the lining. This is great because it keeps the liner in place and keeps the zipper from shifting or moving around.

A lot of people like these sleeping bags because they tend to be very easy to clean. They are durable and you can wash them at home without worrying about them wearing out too quickly.

Because they don’t have a lot of extra features, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. They will last for years if they are well taken care of, but you will have to clean them from time to time. This is really all you have to do.

A lot of people prefer to wash their semi-rectangular sleeping bags in the washing machine. It’s a nice, gentle way to wash the sleeping bag and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

You just need to make sure that you use gentle detergent and that you use the cold water setting on the washing machine. By taking some care with the washing process, you can help to keep your sleeping bag much longer.

Mummy-style sleeping bags

Mummy-style sleeping bags are known for many different reasons. One of these reasons is that they have a very cute. They have almost child-like design. They are typically extremely lightweight.

They are made from long-lasting, synthetic materials, like polyester. In addition to being lightweight, these bags are also usually made from high-tech, high-solids, synthetic materials.

These are proven to insulate better than down or alternative types of sleeping bags. Here are some more Mummy-style sleeping bag features:

Size- The Mummy-style sleeping bags all use a down filling, but they are not the same size. Each one is a different size – from the smallest to the largest. The length varies from the side of the bag to the top of the back.

The insulation used is also different between the different sizes. Some use ultra-light material, like feathers, and others thick, insulating polyester.

Durability- The Mummy-style sleeping bags are sturdy and durable. While most are just made to look nice, they still can be very durable and functional. This is especially if they are used outdoors.

The down makes up the core of the bag. It is stitched tightly together, providing a lot of strength and durability. This means that the sleeping bag can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Shape-The sleeping bags all have a round, oblong, or triangular shape. The reason for this is to mimic the shape of a real baby’s head, which is round and broad.

Pros and Cons- There are pros and cons to each shape. The oblong Mummy-style sleeping bags provide a roomier sleeping bag. Their size can be an issue when it comes to filling up a larger bag.

The rectangular ones are best for family rooms and larger spaces. They are the closest in shape to a traditional sleeping bag. The mummification process adds a bit of weight. This weight can easily be transferred to a larger rectangular sleeping bag when necessary.

The biggest complaint about the Mummy-style bags is not being able to get one to fit properly. Because the bags have a rounded shape, they don’t always fit snuggly around your body. A compression sack can solve this problem by adding additional padding.

Double sleeping bags 

These bags are designed to serve two sleeping adults. It’s an ideal choice when camping with a close friend or spouse.

Double sleeping bags are great for allowing you to cuddle up with your pet. They come in handy when little children love to climb in with you at night.

Double sleeping bags are also known as long-sleeved sleeping bags. They are good if you’re backpacking in severe weather. You can put up-and-down lumbar pads on each of the double straps.

This will provide support for your hips. They will also keep you in a comfortable position no matter what the weather outside.

There are several differences between conventional sleeping bags and one with a double strap. Most conventional sleeping bags are warm when you get into them.

However, once you leave them, you’re warm only for a short period of time. As soon as you open the zipper, you realize that you’re back inside of an extremely warm tent or lodge.

Double sleeping bags stay warm all throughout the night. This is because a zipper keeps them well sealed and warm. This also makes them more difficult to remove from your sleeping bag. It makes it less likely that you’ll lose them.

There are certainly single sleeping bags which you could zip up together. However, they will be drafty than a properly sized double sleeping bag. When you buy a double sleeping bag, you’ll notice a big difference. 


Most people realize that quilts are indispensable companions in camping. They provide warmth and weight protection in the toughest of conditions. Most quilts cater to ultralight backpackers who classify themselves as lightweight hikers. They do not carry much equipment, yet they are usually covered in gear – for day, night or both.


The design of a lightweight backpacking quilting is often very simple. Backpackers will generally use a lightweight cotton quilting and polyester fill for their sleeping bags. As for the quilts, most are between seven and nine inches thick. It is about three to four times thicker than sleeping bags.

In other words, the quilts are really meant to be used as extra sleeping bags. It is not thick enough to keep you warm at night while camping. This is especially when you are in an exceptionally cold weather.

Quilts are easy to fit into most backpackers’ compartments. They are quick to set up and tear down. Good quality quilts are not super expensive.

They do not require any special sleeping equipment to make them a good choice for backpacking. Furthermore, most come with their own bags. You do not have to carry a ton of gear with you when

Are you are looking for a lightweight sleeping bag? You should probably choose a quilt instead. A Quilt has the advantage of being much larger and can keep you warmer for longer periods of time.