Are Mummy Sleeping Bags Uncomfortable?

Defining a mummy bag

As you might have correctly imagined, the mummy bag is so named because it takes the shape of a mummy. It resembles in some way, an Egyptian mummy!

The sides of the bag taper and take a narrow shape from the top of the bag to the bottom side.

When you unpack the mummy sleeping bag, it should measure 230X80X55cm. It is designed such that it shrinks from its head end towards, while its hood is also insulated.

Does the shape of the bag make a difference?

The shape of the sleeping bag helps in heat preservation. The shape leaves only a small airspace that requires heating. That is why the bag is ideal for camping.

When you compare the other rectangular sleeping bags to this mummy bag, the mummy bag is way warmer. The rectangular shaped ones are not able to preserve energy as perfectly as the mummy bag.

Such a shape reduces the volume and the surface area of the sleeping bag. In return, this boosts the power retention of that sleeping bag.

Are the mummy sleeping bags considered comfortable or not?

Several features are considered to determine whether a sleeping bag is comfortable or not.

Warmth– The main purpose for the sleeping bag is to provide warmth, especially in cold seasons. Mummy sleeping bag comes in handy when you need warmth in cold seasons.

When you fully close the mummy sleeping bag, it only leaves a space for the nose and the mouth exposed for air.

Fit– A sleeping bag that fits the sleeper well keeps the user comfortable. Some people find the mummy sleeping bag to be a bit uncomfortable. It does not leave enough space for the user to shift in the bag as they sleep. However, some people will find the bag comfortable as they can sleep in it without a challenge. You will need to sleep on your back like a mummy.

Temperature rating– Whatever sleeping bag you go for, each has its temperature gauging. The gauge is how cool the bag is before the sleeper can start getting warm. For your comfort, the cooler the sleeping bag, the better it will be for you. Each person is different in their temperature requirements, go for what works best for you.

Weight– A light sleeping bag makes it easy for you to use in camping or backpacking. The mummy bag is light enough and not as bulky as other bags. A light bag is great because you can pack it in your luggage.

Zips– The zipping of the sleeping bag is crucial. The zipping of the mummy bag is such that it can also allow you to zip two bags together. When one is a right zip while the other is left sided, this works perfectly.

Filling– The material used for filling the sleeping matters a great deal. Down is a great choice, especially for the camping sleeping bags. They are believed to last a longer time.

Its warmth: weight ratio is great. Down comes in as the warmest insulating material. It works very well especially if you are to use it in a cold dry region.

If your budget is a little sensitive, you can go for synthetic filling. Its both comfortable and cheap as well. The mummy sleeping bag is such that its not bulky, making it light, but also it keeps you warm but in case it doesn’t you have a choice to wear clothes in the sleeping bag.

Based on the above features, the mummy bag is not uncomfortable, all you need is to perfectly learn how to use it. We can go further and see some of the benefits you will enjoy with this sleeping bag. 

Advantages of mummy sleeping bag

Warm! The sleeping bag will keep you warm because of its tapering at the head and the foot sections. It retains the heat your body generates.

Light! They are great for backpacking; you will enjoy your camping with the bag. And the fact they are light it means the sleeping bag is easy to wash.

Does a mummy sleeping bag have a downside?

Yes, it does.

You might end up feeling claustrophobic when you use the bag. This is because it does not leave enough room when you sleep. Some people feel too confined in the sleeping bag. If that is how you feel, you might need to opt for a different type of a sleeping bag.

When you weigh the benefits vs the downside, you are in a better place to choose the sleeping bag that will work best for you.