How To Properly Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

Once you are done using a mattress or bed mattress topper and it has grown old, there is the temptation to find it some other use like putting it in the guest room, giving it as a donation, or passing it down to your children.

However, this may not always be a good idea, and the reason is that if the mattress is no longer good for you because it is worn out, it is then not good for anybody else.

You may however put it into some other use or give it to charity if it is not worn out. But of course you’ll need to buy a new mattress to replace the old one.

How do I throw away a mattress after use?

It is important to give your mattress a proper send off, considering it has served you well for a long period of time. It is therefore important not to just throw them away carelessly.

Instead, you have the option of asking the store where you are planning on buying a new mattress to pick up the old one as they deliver the new mattress.

It is common for most retailers to offer to pick up older sets of mattresses to dispose them for people who get new mattresses from them.

They do this either for a small fee or include the cost in the purchase price of the new mattress.

You also have the option of calling your local garbage collector, municipality or sanitation department.

These also provide for picking up large items such as mattresses for disposal. The most common ways of disposing of a used mattress are;

  • Donations
  • Recycling

Let us look at these two in detail.

Disposing your mattress by donating 

Whereas donation may seem good and charitable, it is important to note that not every mattress is fit for donation.

This is especially the case where the mattress in question is too worn out or damaged. How then does one know if their mattress is fit for donation?

There are guidelines that have been put in place for this.

They include:

  • Infestations

Mattresses with infestations such as molds and bed bugs must never be donated.

It is possible for such infestations to be rooted deep in the mattress so even if one has cleaned them on the mattress surface, it is possible for them to still remain in the mattress.

  • Problems in the mattress structure

A mattress can become unusable because of major structural problems such as bending coils, jutting, excessive sagging, large and permanent indentations and irregular bunching. Such mattresses should not be given as donations.

  • Holes, rips and tears

It is improper to donate a mattress with visible tears and holes. It is also important to ensure that the mattress cover is attached firmly to the mattress before donating it.

  • Stains

Do not donate your mattress if it is stained. This is inclusive of mattresses with both small stains from substances and large permanent stains. If it is possible to clean out the stains from the mattress then it may be donated.

  • Odors

If your mattress has strong noticeable odors, then it is not wise to donate it. Try as much as possible to remove the odor if you really must donate it.

Donation can be made to larger international organizations, local organizations and can also be done by directly giving away the mattress to someone who is in need.

It is however important to ensure that your mattress is fit for donation first before giving it away.

Do away with your mattress by recycling

You can recycle your mattress through two general ways; by taking it to local recycling centers or by DIY recycling.

If you opt to take it to a local recycling center, it is good to research on the center that is close to you and how much it can accommodate.

There are those that accept a mattress as-is.

There are also those that even offer pick-up services at a small fee.

If you opt for DIY recycling, you may break the mattress down into smaller recyclable parts then proceed with the recycling.

You may also up-cycle the mattress, which simply means that you re-use it in various ways.

Where can I throw away a mattress?

Where the mattress is unfit for donation, recycling or up-cycling, the other option that is left in disposing it of is to throw it away.

Different states have different mattress-disposal rules and it is important to be conversant with them before throwing away your mattress.

For example, in some areas there are additional costs placed on mattress garbage. In others, there is a heavy trash day during which one can dispose of a mattress.

You can throw away your mattress at the following places:

  • Using waste disposal services

These are private businesses and companies specializing in waste disposal for trash that people may be unable to dispose of as regular trash. Mattresses are included in the kind of garbage they deal with.

The prices vary from one company to another, and as such it is important for you to read reviews and compare prices and quality of service.

  • Requesting for mattress hauling from the company you are getting a new mattress from.

Some companies that sell mattresses offer to haul mattresses as part of their services.

You should get to know if your new mattress company offers hauling services before making the purchase of a new mattress.

For some companies, this service is offered for free while others will require payment of a small fee.

Other mattress disposal options

If you cannot apply any of the above methods in mattress disposal, you can get a mattress storage or disposal bag and put your mattress inside.

Seal your mattress with tape then wait for the heavy trash day in your area so that you can throw it away or call up Go Load up.


You can check the website of your local waste management to be sure which day this is in your area.

To avoid being fined, avoid trashing the mattress together with other forms of garbage. Alternatively, you can hire a disposal company in case you have a lot of heavy trash.

Thought this can be a bit expensive, it is totally worth it if the things you have to get rid of are many.

You can also try to sell your mattress online though it may be old. Disposing of a mattress is not as tedious as people make it seem. You can use the ideas above and easily dispose of your mattress.