Cost Of A Good Mattress For Someone On A Budget

Are you considering purchasing a new mattress but not sure of how much to spends for the purchase?

Are you puzzled about the difference between foam, latex and innerspring beds? If so, search no further.

Whether you are looking for your own mattress, a loved one or your guest, selecting the best mattress can be a hard decision.

Additionally, your choices will look never-ending when you are unsure what your budget needs to be.

Mattresses are available in a variety of prices, from below $200 to more than $4,000.

Best price to buy a quality mattress

How costly a mattress is, depends on an array of factors, like height, materials, and durability.

Expensive mattresses often last for years than low-cost types.

Factors affecting the cost of foam mattresses

The pricing of a foam mattress usually depends on:

  • Many sleepers feel more relaxed on memory foam compared to polyfoam. But the price-range doesn’t seem to be an important factor in buyer experiences with foam mattress in comparison to performance factors such as pressure-relieving/ conforming abilities and firmness. Because of this, buyers might get a foam mattress that will suit their preferences at a quite cheap price.
  • Another important thing to consider is the kind of foam used. Polyfoam will degrade quicker compared to many memory foams. Because of this, the price of an all-polyfoam mattress is often lower than the price of a foam mattress. Similarly, a mattress with specialty foam like copper-infused or gel memory foam is costly than those with regular foam.
  • The density of foam contributes to mattress durability and is an important factor for the pricing of foam mattresses. A high-density foam mattress is firmer and often last for a long time. They are also used in more expensive brands. A low-foam type is softer and often deteriorates fast and is regularly used in quite low-cost models of mattresses.

Factors affecting the price of hybrid mattresses

Price considerations for a hybrid mattress include:

  • To be regarded as a real hybrid, mattresses should come with at least 2-inches if latex and/ or memory foam in the pocked support core and the comfort system. Most are often sold as hybrids, although they do not have the recommended standards. For instance, some types sold as hybrids have memory foam and latex components; however, the support core is polyfoam, and not pocketed coils.
  • Some of these mattresses have a microcoil layer in the comfort system for relief from pressure and extra comfort. Brands with microcoil layers are often costlier than regular coil and foam hybrids.

Factors affecting the price of latex mattresses

The cost of latex mattresses is usually determined by:

  • An essential distinction for buyers is the variation between natural latex and 100 percent natural latex. The latter doesn’t have any filler at all, while the former might not be totally natural. In some instances, a mattress sold as natural latex is actually created with mainly synthetic latex.
  • The cost of latex mattresses can also be dependent on whether synthetic or natural latex is utilized. Synthetic latex is totally manmade; however, is still made with the Dunlop or Talalay technique. Natural latex, conversely, is taken out from rubber trees and made with no fillers using either the Talalay or Dunlop procedure.
  • Latex in a mattress is made with one of two procedures. The Talalay procedure creates less dense and lighter latex, which is regularly used in comfort layers. The Dunlop procedure creates heavier and denser latex, which is regularly used in support cores. Talalay latex is often costlier than Dunlop type; however, some mattress types have both.

Factors affecting the price of airbed mattresses

These mattresses have air chambers in the support core, instead of coil or foam layers.

An airbed has the highest average cost among all types of mattresses.

When pricing these mattresses, think of the following:

  • The cost of an airbed relatively correlates to the height of the mattress, with thicker types being costlier. Another thing that might be a factor is the number of air chambers. Some newer types feature as many as 6 individual chambers and cost more.
  • An airbed with microcoils, latex and/or memory foam in the comfort layer is often expensive than the ones with regular polyfoam.
  • Many airbeds sold have remote or manual controls, which let you inflate or deflate to suit your needs. Remote control ones, particularly those that use smart-app technology, are always costlier than models you can control manually.
  • How easy it is maintain and to repair the air bed when there is an air leak.

Factors affecting the cost of innerspring mattresses

Here are some essential things you should consider when shopping an innerspring mattress:

  • Most manufacturers of mattresses list ‘coil count’ as a standard of durability and quality; and the cost might mirror this. However, coil count is not necessarily a sign of an innerspring mattress’s lifespan.
  • You can use thickness (gauge) for determining how durable a mattress coil is. You need to know that thickness low-gauge types are much more durable compared to thinner high-gauge coils.
  • An innerspring’s price range is usually attached to the lifespan and durability. Low-cost mattresses often have Bonnell coils and polyfoam comfort layers that can last for 3 – 5 years.

Factors affecting the price of a bed base

The part of the bed supporting the mattress is called the base bed.

Here are some factors to take into consideration when you are planning to buy a bed base to hold up the mattress.

  • Box springs are usually inexpensive than other types of bed bases; however, they might need extra legs or foundation if you need storage room beneath. You should note that box springs will help in prolonging your mattress’s lifespan, which prevents mattress sagging and deterioration.
  • You’ll find a couple of factors, which make the bed base costlier. Some foundations come with additional headboards and /or storage drawers, for instance. These are usually pricier.
  • Platforms or foundations are often cheap. Similar to springs, they will help in adding value to your mattress purchase by prolonging its lifespan. These are usually set up to offer storage space underneath, so there most likely will not a need for additional buying like with box springs.

All said and done, you want to pick a mattress that it is within your budget but still offer you a good night sleep.

The same applies when buying any item in your bedroom such a topper, bedding, pillow and the like.

We advice that before you step out or go online to buy anything, do your research well and for sure you will save a buck.