How To Start An Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is simple to start because all you need is to connect its power plug to an electric switch on the wall.

Wiring your electric fireplace to a wall switch is great because it eliminates the need for control panels as well as the need for wires.

Once plugged in, simply turn on a light. Usually there is one switch in the fireplace as well as a few buttons for regulating the heat.

How to use an electric fireplace heater

Features that come with a fireplace

  • Power switch

Electric fireplaces are made with certain precautions which put protective measures in place. The main power switch has different locations depending on the make and model of the fireplace.

Typically, the power switch will be located under the units protective covering. This covering also contains all the buttons that control temperature including buttons for ambient lighting.

For some models, the power switch is located on the side of the unit, making it slightly out of reach and therefore guaranteeing safety from accidental activation by playing or adventurous children and stray pets.

  • Information

Thou simple to start an electric fireplace, a new user can find the wall mounted type of fireplace complex to start but this need not be the case.

Ask all the relevant questions from the retailer or dealer on how to install the electric fireplace. Some of the devices come with operating manuals but others do not. If need be, contact the manufacturer for more information.

  • Features

Some electric fireplaces come with a remote control that has all the functions for starting and operating the fireplace. They have a power button or an on and off switch.

They also have a temperature control panel which helps to regulate the temperature by making it warmer or cooler.

They also contain a lighting button which allows you to choose a different color and also allows you to turn the back light on and off. In addition, there is a timer button which helps to set time limits, allowing you to turn off the device automatically.

However, while remotes are useful in helping to control the unit from a distance, they are not always a good option to use because they are more prone to damage, especially by children who may play with them as toys.

They also get lost easily and also run out of battery without any notice. Knowing how to operate an electric fireplace without one is therefore essential.

What is an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a portable electric heater that mimics a traditional fireplace but one which uses electricity to generate heat unlike the traditional fireplaces that use wood, coal or gas.

It is a device made for the sole purpose of generating both heat and light for indoor use during the cold winter seasons.

How to light a gas fireplace

Lighting a gas fireplace is a little bit technical and it is therefore preferable that a new user be practically shown how to light it.

Watching You Tube videos on how to go about it can help greatly. However, this will depend on the type or model of your gas fireplace.

Usually, a gas fireplace has an extension lighter hue which will be located either on the right or left of the gas fireplace. This lighter comes with a key for operating it. Turn on the gas and then light it using the extension ladder.

To start a gas fireplace manually for the old-fashioned type of gas fireplace, begin by lighting a match and place it deep inside the fireplace. You should never start by turning on the gas ahead of time then throwing matchsticks inside as this can be very dangerous.

Once you have placed the lit matchstick deep inside and ensured it is burning, turn the gas on using the gas key. Turn the key slowly to avoid any possible surprises and unnecessary noise.

The newer type of gas fireplaces come with an inbuilt igniter for lighting the fire, like that found on a gas grill. However, if the ignite has not been used for a long time, you may need to give it a click several times to turn on the fire.

Some modern gas fireplaces have a wall switch on the right side for switching them on. They also come with remote controls. Turn it on and wait for the fireplace to respond. If this fails, turn it off, wait for a short while then turn it on again. It should work. 

How to use a fireplace

The use of a fireplace depends on the type, make and model of one’s fireplace. For instance, a traditional wood fireplace may not be used or operated the same way as a gas fireplace or electric fireplace.

Lighting a fire in any fireplace is a fairly quick process that is not complicated. However, for beginners, certain precautions need to be put into place to guarantee success in operating the fireplace to ensure safety.

Install detectors to help detect smoke and carbon dioxide before starting to use a traditional fireplace. These detectors help to alert the user of any excessive build up of smoke or carbon monoxide, a dangerous invisible gas that kills.

Check out your chimney for any possible debrils and bird nests. The vents of the chimney need to be clear so that smoke can exit through them. Failure to maintain a clear chimney will cause the smoke to back up into the home.

Use a fire screen in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks and wood pieces from falling onto your wooden floor or carpet.

Furniture should be kept far from the fireplace. A metal fire curtain can also be used instead of a fire screen.

Both the fire screen and metal curtain should cover the entire opening of the fireplace. It is also advisable to install a fire extinguisher near a fireplace in case of any emergency.

Open the damper of your fireplace to check for airflow. Keeping the damper open when using the fireplace allows for proper ventilation.

Always ensure the fire is fully put out before leaving the house or going to bed.