Is Tide Detergent OK For Washing Baby Clothes?

If you are a first-time mum, we know that you might be trying to find the perfect laundry detergent to use on your baby clothes.

Unquestionably, babies have a delicate immune system. So, you have to be very careful with what they come in contact with.

Otherwise, they would frequently fall sick, and you would, in turn, spend hours worrying about the health of your baby. When it comes to washing baby clothes, always go for a mild detergent.

Note that anytime you wash, rinse, and dry your bed sheets and clothes, particles of detergent will still get left on the cloth.

Then, once you wear the clothes, chemicals in the detergent might get passed to the bloodstream.

Thus, using strong and concentrated detergents to wash your baby’s clothes is not safe at all.

Can I use Tide detergents to wash my baby clothes?

Today, there is a broad spectrum of Tide detergents. Each of them carries unique advantages and disadvantages.

Tide detergents are one of the most popular detergent options among the majority of homeowners.

They are well known for their efficiency and stain removal power. Even so, most Tide detergents are highly concentrated and can be harmful to the skin.

Thus, most Tide detergents are not safe for baby use, especially those that are strongly scented. But the Tide Free and Gentle is different.

As the name suggests, this Tide detergent is mild on the skin and fragrant free. It contains less percentage of chemicals.

Therefore, you can always use it to wash your baby’s clothes. The Tide Free and Gentle detergent come in the form of liquid, powder, and pods.

So, you can select your preferred option that best works for you and your baby.

Does this mean i need special laundry detergent for baby clothes?

Well, it all depends on what you want. Most new mums buy a separate laundry detergent for washing their baby clothes.

On the flip side, other mums use the same detergent to wash their bed sheets, clothes and baby clothes.

For instance, if you want your clothes to smell good for a long period, you might want to use a different laundry detergent.

Baby-friendly detergents barely have any scent. So, they may not work well for you if you are a scent lover.

Factors to consider when buying laundry detergent for baby clothes

Here is what to look out for when choosing a laundry detergent to wash your new born baby clothes.

  • The scent of the laundry detergent

When buying your baby’s laundry detergent, it would be best if you went for a fragrance-free option.

Most scented laundry detergents contain phthalates. Phthalates can get into the bloodstream and interfere with the respiratory and reproductive systems.

But if you want your baby clothes to smell really good, go for a mild, hypoallergenic alternative.

  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Environment-friendly laundry detergents work well for baby clothes. They are chemical-free since their ingredients are mostly from natural plants.

So, they do not react with the skin. Besides, such detergents are always good for conserving and preventing pollution of the environment.

  • Brightener and whitener free laundry detergents

The best baby detergents do not contain any brighteners or whiteners. And if they do, the brighteners have to be plant-based.

Most brighteners contain chemicals that may cause skin and eye irritation.

Highly recommended baby detergents

With the evolution of a wide variety of laundry detergents, below are some to consider when looking for the perfect option for washing clothes.

All Free Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent – Best Baby Detergent for Eczema

Are you worried because your baby got diagnosed with eczema?

Worry no more. The All Free Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent will sort you out.

It can be scary to deal with such a condition, especially during the first months of having your newborn.

But the All Free Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent is hypoallergenic and ideal for use for people who suffer from eczema.

This detergent is the only one approved by the National Eczema Association.

But you might need to use a separate stain remover since it is not that powerful in fighting stubborn stains. This detergent goes for about $20.

Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry Detergent – Fights tough stains

Although gentle on the skin, the Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry Detergent is an amazing option.

It contains minimal chemicals. Thus, it does not lead to any skin allergies or irritation. This detergent is ideal for dealing with the most stubborn stains.

The Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry Detergent incorporates potent enzymes that break down almost all kinds of stains.

The enzymes in this detergent are natural, thus making it a safer option for cleaning baby clothes or any kind of laundry including washing pillow cases.

It also has a mild scent made from natural products. Thus, if you want your baby’s clothes and towels to smell good, consider buying this option.

You can get this detergent for approximately $25 online or in any other local store.

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent – Best Scented Baby Detergent

Occasionally, some mums desire to have a baby-friendly detergent that offers a pleasant smell.

I mean, you want your baby to smell good at all times. If you are such a mum, then Mrs.

Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent is your best alternative. This detergent is not only efficient in cleaning but also in leaving your baby clothes smelling the best!

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent incorporates natural ingredients and essential oils to create its magnificent fragrance.

Aside from the scent, this detergent is chemical-free. Thus, it preserves both your baby’s health and the environment.

Above all that, it cleans efficiently.

Green Shield Organic Baby Free and Clear Laundry Detergent – Best Organic Baby Detergent

Slightly cheaper than the Seventh Generation, this detergent is one of the best plant-based detergents for washing your bed sheets and baby clothes.

It does not contain any chemicals thus very gentle on the baby’s skin.

Even so, this detergent is not capable of fighting stains, like the Seventh Generation.

You can get the Green Shield Organic Baby Free and Clear Laundry Detergent for about $22 in your local store.

To sum it up

Baby detergents should be mild and hypoallergenic. This way, they can protect your child’s health.

Majority of Tide detergents contain chemicals. So, you may not find the perfect detergent option for washing your sheets or baby clothes from the Tide brand.

Nonetheless, the Tide Free and Gentle is a mild detergent option.

But if you are looking for a natural product, consider other laundry detergent alternatives from other top brands.