How To Wash Linen Sheets For The First Time

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, linen sheets offer a broad spectrum of benefits that guarantee a good night’s sleep. Consequently, the popularity of linen sheets keeps increasing by the day. A bed spread with linen sheets looks exquisite.

The majority of homeowners find themselves purchasing these bedsheets. Even so, not many people discuss the high maintenance practices that come with line sheets. Ordinarily, linen sheets are relatively delicate.

Therefore, they require extra care to deliver excellent functionality. But how do you wash linen sheets for the first time?

Procedure of washing linen sheets for the first time 

Part of maintaining linen sheets is making sure you wash them properly. First, note that every fabric is different. And each requires different cleaning procedures. Thus, before washing linen sheets, it would be best if you check the instruction manual.

This way, you’ll avoid any accidents that may potentially damage the linen. Not to mention, you’ll prolong the durability of the linen sheet. Typically, you have to wash a linen sheet immediately after purchasing it. Avoid using the linen sheet when it has not been washed.

But why? Washing the linen sheet helps set the fibers in place. Below are the detailed steps of how to wash linen sheets for the first time.

Step one: Don’t mix with other colored fabrics

You have decided to change to your new linen bed sheets but before washing your them the first time, ensure you separate them from other dirty laundry.

It would be best if you wash it by itself. Mixing the linen sheets with other fabric can cause discoloration; hence, shorten the sheet’s durability.

Step two: Put correct settings on the washing machine

Keep in mind that a new linen sheet is clean. You are just washing it to settle the fibers of the fabric. Thus, always set the washing machine on a mild setting. Additionally, use cold water to wash the linen sheets. Failure to do so would cause the linen sheets to shrink and weaken.

Step three: Wash using proper detergent

After setting the washing machine, proceed with washing the linen. Always use mild detergents that won’t weaken the fabric. When adding detergent to the washing machine, do not pour the detergent directly on the fabric.

Consider mixing detergent and water first before placing the linen on the washing machine. Using an eco-friendly detergent always helps you keep the linen sheet in good condition.

Step four: Rinsing the linen bed sheet

After washing the linen sheet, use clean cold water to rinse it. You can rinse the line two to three times depending on the type and amount of detergent you used.

Step five: Drying the linen bed sheet

Now it’s time to dry the linen sheet. After rinsing the sheet, hang it out in open air to dry. Avoid placing the sheet directly under sunlight.

Also, do not leave the linen under sunlight for a prolonged period. Otherwise, you would weaken the fabric. Before storing the linen sheet, ensure that it is completely dry.

Can you put linen sheets in the dryer? 

From the steps below, you can tell that linen sheets are often dried in the open air. So, does this mean that you cannot use a dryer to dry linen sheets? Well, yes. Linen becomes weak when exposed to too much heat.

Therefore, never place linen sheets in your dryer. Instead, hang your linen sheets to dry; either in the open air or your laundry drying room. Also, please do not leave them to dry out in the sun for long durations.

Can you machine wash linen sheets?

In most instances, you can always use a washing machine to clean linen sheets. Even so, never forget to check the washing instructions on the fabric label or manual.

Alternatively, consult your manufacturer on the best way to wash linen sheets. Doing this will help you set the washing machine appropriately.

How many times should I wash my linen sheets?

The majority of homeowners often wonder how many times they should wash their linen sheets.

Well, it depends. Typically, if you use your linen sheets more, you would have to wash them more frequently.

However, note that the more you wash linen sheets, the more you shorten their durability. Therefore, experts usually advise getting more sets of quality linen bed sheets. This way, you won’t have to wash them frequently.

But in general, wash your linen sheets anytime they need washing. Fortunately, you can always tell if they are dirty.

How to iron linen

More often than not, linen sheets do not react well with high temperatures. So, how should you iron linen?

First, note that you should avoid ironing your linen as much as possible. Usually, linen has a smooth surface with minimal creases. Ideally, you won’t have to iron the fabric.

But if you need to iron linen sheets, see below steps:

  • Take your iron and set it into the lowest heat setting. Before placing the iron on the linen, test it on another fabric to know the radiated heat level.
  • Iron the linen sheets when damp. This will bring out the best effect as well as keep the fabric in good condition. Alternatively, consider using a steamer iron for your linen sheets. Avoid letting the iron sit on the fabric for a lot of time.

How to soften linen sheets

Linen sheets are relatively delicate. Thus, it would be best if you were careful with the detergents you use to wash them. Softening linen sheets can be challenging because most fabric softeners contain harsh chemicals that degrade the fabric’s quality.

The way to soften linen sheets is to incorporate the right washing and maintenance practices when handling them. Although this recommended technique seems unbelievable, try it, and you’ll see the results after a short time.


At present, a good percentage of homeowners use linen sheets. Think about it. Linen sheets have anti-bacterial, anti-static properties and offer high longevity.

Not to mention, the aesthetics offered by linen sheets are mind-blowing. They come in a wide range of colors and designs. However, keeping linen sheets in good shape means that you incorporate the right maintenance procedures.

One way you can prolong the durability of linen sheets is by washing them immediately after purchase. Doing this helps in setting all the fibers in place. Even so, ensure you use the right process to wash linen sheets for the first time.