6 Plumbing Issues To Call For Professional Help

It’s good to do things on your own. Things like minor repairs and maintenance including changing the light bulbs, painting your walls, building an outdoor home addition, or stopping the toilet.

It can save you some money. While it’s efficient to do such things independently, there are specific issues that should only be handled by a professional.

Nevertheless, some people delay the necessary plumbing maintenance checks until their problems get worse. Sometimes the issue at hand calls for expert help and trying to fix the problem yourself could inflict more damage.

When to call a professional plumber

Hiring professional services would also be more time-efficient. If you are not sure about the different plumbing issues that call for an expert, we have enlisted six common problems that always require professional help.

  1. Clogged Drains

Clogging is not just easily resolved by removing dirt or hair from your drainage. It could get severe within a couple of days leading to significant drainage problems. Over time clogs build up in our drainage pipes, which builds mounting pressure on the pipes.

Removing serious clogs is not possible with drain cleaning chemicals, plungers, or drain snakes. If you try to fix the issue yourself, you might damage the pipes and cause leakage. Hence, it’s best to call a professional plumbing contractor to get your drain clogs removed.

  1. Pipe Leaks

Most homeowners think there’s no need to call professional plumbers to fix leaky pipes, but the reality is different. Most pipe leakages occur underground or under the walls. This means that it might be required to rip down a wall or dig into the ground to access the leaking pipe.

If you try to do that on your own, you may cause extensive damage to your house. Secondly, there are high chances of mold and mildew growth near any pipe leakage, and calling your local plumbers is your best bet in this scenario. Also, most of the time, there is a need for a welding torch to fix the problem.

While it’s possible to have specific plumbing tools, having equipment like a welding torch is only possible if you are a professional. Whenever you get a pipe leakage or want to inspect whether the pipes are in good shape or not, always contact a reliable and experienced plumbing contractor.

It can set you back a pretty penny, but it’ll still be less risky and expensive than doing it yourself.

  1. Frozen or burst pipes

The plumbing issue that is commonly considered a nightmare is frozen pipes. Not only does the ice cause a blockage, but it also damages the lines. Ice causes severe cracks in the pipes and can result in pipe bursts.

If not handled in a timely and professional manner, frozen pipes can easily result in flooding. You should not be trying to melt the ice on your own by using old-school methods like a hairdryer or boiling water.

It requires special equipment and expertise to remove the ice from the pipes without damaging them. So, call for expert help before things take a turn for the worse. Besides, it’s best to get your pipes inspected from time to time to avoid any significant issues.

  1. Water Heater troubles

Water heaters make for a dangerous DIY project. It is never safe to repair water heater issues yourself. Even a minor mistake can cause an explosion, electrical issues, or even start a fire. Why risk your life for the sake of saving some money?

Be it pressure problems, rust, leakage, or temperature issues, don’t try fixing it yourself.  Water heater issues are significant plumbing concerns that should be dealt with only by professionals.

  1. Water Pressure Issues

Some may find this shocking or funny, but professional plumbers alone should handle low water pressure issues. The water pressure gets down because of a clog or leakage somewhere in the pipes.

Not only would it require deep cleaning, but sometimes the pipe would also need repair or replacement. As many of us lack the necessary equipment, it is best to leave this issue to professional contractors.

  1. Running Toilets…

It is one of the most dreaded plumbing issues most homeowners face at least once in their life. Some may call it ‘ghost’ flushing because the toilet runs automatically with no one in the bathroom.

But you should relax because it’s not a ghost; it is only a bad or damaged toilet. Instead of delaying the issue or trying to fix it yourself, reach out to an experienced plumber right away.

Having read the above list of the six most common issues, you should now be on the lookout for any subtle signs of malfunction in your plumbing system.

Once you spot a problem, the right thing to do would be to seek professional help. This would save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and frustration.