Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Wallpaper A Room?

When renovating a space, one important question that must be answered is whether to use wallpaper or paint.

It can be an uphill task, because, even when a choice is made between the two, there are still very many different types of wallpapers and paints to choose from.

Choosing between the two, is never easy. Both options have their unique pros and cons that should be considered when making the choice.

It is important to keep in mind factors such as durability, ease of application, cost and variety.

These factors are examined below:

Factors to be considered when choosing between wallpaper or paint


In order to paint or plaster a room with wallpaper, one must consider the function of the room being renovated. Wallpaper, is intrinsically paper, that is stuck on a wall using glue.

It will therefore, hold up poorly in rooms with high humidity for instance kitchens and bathrooms.

In such rooms with high humidity, the wallpaper tends to peel off, therefore needing constant replacement and repair, which will cost a considerable amount of money.

If one wishes to have wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms, one may need to install tiles in lower areas of the room and around sinks to prevent splash back on the wallpaper.

These additional installations are not necessarily very economical on a tight budget. In rooms with a lot more people traffic, it is best to use a product that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

Cleaning wallpaper is difficult and could eventually destroy its appearance in the long-run. Paint is much easier to wipe down and maintain as clean.


Durability speaks of the life-span of paint or wallpaper. Good quality paint and wallpaper tends to last for a long time.

However, anything of good quality, whether paint or wallpaper, is normally very pricey.

Thus, the decision to choose between the two, will be tethered on the longevity and life-span of the product.

However good the quality of the paint is, it will eventually chip and will need a retouch every 3 to 5 years.

A good quality wallpaper, properly installed and taken care of, will give its owner 15 years’ worth of service; with no need of a retouch or repair.

Furthermore, if one invests in paintable wallpaper, one may repaint the wallpaper, if bored with the original design.

In terms durability, wallpaper is in for the long haul. Thus, wallpaper is more affordable in the long term.

Ease of application

In choosing between wallpaper and paint, one must also consider the application process and the incidental costs that may accrue. Application of paint is simple and straight-forward.

You only need the paint and application tools; paints brushes, paint rollers, paint tray and tonnes of old newspapers or clothes to protect the floor from drip.

It is so simple and straight-forward that one can actually do the job themselves without having to involve professionals. This is a money-saver.

Painting a wall, by oneself is a cool tip in saving a few bucks. Further, any mistakes made in the painting process can just be painted over with no extra costs.

Wallpaper fails to impress in this category. It is extremely complicated to install wallpaper. The wall has to be prepped before-hand.

It needs to be sanded smooth, cleaned and free from dust. Then, the wallpaper is then applied and smoothed over to remove air bubbles.

When pasting the wallpaper, one must be keen to maintain straight lines, and be cognizant of corners. Any mistakes made, and the wallpaper must be pulled off and the process started again.

To prevent such costly mistakes, a professional must be involved and professional cost money.


Interior design is all about creativity and expressing one’s own tastes and preferences in a space.

Wallpaper gives a person a chance to explore their sense of creativity and artistry. Besides it can assist you light up a dull room effectively.

This is because of the various colors, textures, patterns, shapes and forms that wallpaper comes. It is actually also possible to customize a wallpaper.

One can choose from the very many varieties to give their homes a more interesting and personalized look. Paint comes in various colors but within a limited spectrum.

A paint manufacturer can only create so many shades. Thus, at times it becomes difficult to find a preferred shade or color.

Versatility in your space

What if you could have the best of both worlds; if you could have your cake and eat it at the same time. Split the difference and have both wallpaper and paint.

Having the two and coordinating them perfectly could slash your costs and add a new chic feel to your space.

So, in summary the following are the advantages and disadvantages of paint vis a vis those of wallpaper.

Advantages of paint

Disadvantages of paint

  • Has a limited range of choice.
  • Chips and cracks overtime thus needed constant re-touch.
  • It needs constant maintenance.
  • The process of application is messy.

Advantages of wallpaper

  • It can last up to 15 years thus is durable.
  • It hides the imperfections on walls.
  • There are a variety of options to choose from.
  • Due to its durability it is more cost-effective in the long haul.
  • Helps to soundproof your wall.

Disadvantages of wallpaper

  • The process of application is time-consuming.
  • Removing wallpaper is a hustle that needs lots of effort.
  • One may need to enlist professional help in application.


Both paint and wallpaper have their own pros and cons which will influence choice. Both also add to the overall decor of a room especially when there is a touch of a unique wall clock.

Preferences and tastes are also a key factor but cost is the most influential. Wallpaper, though may be costly when purchasing and installing, pays off in the long-term, due to its durability.

It needs less care and maintenance and will last up to 15 years. This included to the fact that there are many diverse varieties to choose from which makes it more palatable and thus the better choice.

But by the end of the day you want your room to look awesome. If your rooms have a haven appeal that you love then that’s want matters by the end of the day.