Top Tips for A Great Air-Quality At Home

Poor air quality at home can cause you discomforts and can also affect your health.

You should inhale fresh and quality air especially at your home where you have control over the environment.

Poor quality air at your home can make you lose morale and even hate being at your home.

Such things as pollution from the outside, emissions from your home appliances, and poor construction materials can all lead to low air quality at your home.

Remember poor air quality can predispose you to lung disease and asthma. To ensure your air quality is good these are the top tips for great air quality at home:

Use Ventilators

Proper airflow can determine the quality of air in your home. It is vital that you have fresh air to enter your home and let contaminated air leave the home too. You can achieve this by using ventilators.

While you can open your windows and doors to let in the fresh air and let out polluted air, sometimes it can get difficult especially if you are living in crowded residential areas where all the air is polluted.

If that’s the case with you, you can use a trickle ventilator. Ventilators are designed to allow fresh air into your home through filters and thus clean the air of impurities.

Ventilators are better suited for your kitchen area as most impurities in your home come from cooking appliances.

You can install independent ventilators or you can fit them onto your door and window frames.

Use Air Cleaners

You can use air conditioners to improve the quality of air in your home. Different types of air conditioners can dry out the air in your home and hence cleaning the stale air.

Some air conditioners are fitted with air purifiers while others are fitted with air filters. You, therefore, must compare the uses of air filters versus purifiers to understand which one you would love to use in your home.

Note that air filters and air purifiers do the same job of removing contaminants from your home air leaving it clean and healthy.

However, these devices work differently, so choose the one that is convenient for you.

Remember if you choose air filters you can have the privilege of buying washable air filters which you can always wash instead of buying new ones.

As for air purifiers, you might not have the privilege of installing washable ones in your home.

Clean Your Home

A clean home is equally a healthy home. Good indoor hygiene is a simple way to keep your air quality at home great without incurring extra costs.

It can help you reduce the amount of dust in your home, and it can help you remove animal litter. Ensure you often vacuum your carpets and rugs bi-weekly. You can buy vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters.

However, using a hand surface cleaner to clean your floor can also help you reduce pollution by various allergens like pet dander in your home.

Clean your bedding and sheets as well as drapes and any other item like curtains that can attract allergens.

If you have pets, you can invest in dustproof and mite-proof mattresses and pillow covers. Clear any clutter in your home as such can trap dust that may ultimately lower your air quality.

Part of keeping your home clean is avoiding smoking while indoors. Cigarettes can release carbon into the environment and thus lowering your air quality.

Use  Beeswax Candles 

Interestingly beeswax candles have some purifying qualities. As the candles burn in your home they release negative ions to the environment.

Common pollutants, pollen, dust, junk, and dirt, on the contrary, contain positive ions.

Burning this type of candle ensures that the negative ions released to the atmosphere neutralize the positive ions from contaminants resulting in fresh and quality air free from pollutants.

Besides, these candles are natural and eco-friendly and they have a good smell that can fill up your home with a sweet scent.

Avoid Burning Artificial Candles

In place of artificial candles, you can burn salt lamps. They serve the same purpose as candles but unlike candles, they cannot pollute your air quality.

These lamps are made by passing a source of light into a mass of Himalayan salt. As a result of this ionization process, the Himalayan salt lamp when lit releases negative ions to the atmosphere.

This way, these ions neutralize the positive ions in your home atmosphere released by pollutants and allergens.

The result is clean and high-quality fresh air. Salt lamps can further be used by asthmatic people.

Use Activated Charcoal 

Activated charcoal is a safe strategy to cleanse your air.  It has been in use for a long time and is often available in many types of filters.

Activated charcoal is also used to recycle air in nuclear submarines and to reduce emissions in vehicles.

You can use it in your home too to effectively and in a fast way remove contaminants from your air.

Remember that many HEPA filters also use activated charcoal to purify the air in your home using air conditioners, ventilators, and vacuum cleaners.

Have Some Indoor Plants

You can have bamboo or ivy as your houseplants. These plants can help you remove toxins from your air and release oxygen into the environment.

They can also beautify your home. Likewise, you can plant some green plants on your outdoors if you have trouble keeping plants indoors as they can also harbor dust if not well-maintained.

Change Your Cleaning Products

Keep your home clean at all times to reduce dust which can lower your air quality. There are different types of cleaners you can use to clean your home.

Natural eco-friendly cleaners are the best cleaners not only to clean your home but can also maintain good air quality in your home.

Consider cleaners with vinegar and lemon which can remove toxins from your home and leave your home with some nice scent. Note that industrial cleaners often have residues that can pollute your air.

Your home should give you comfort and facilitate good health. Maintaining some good quality air in your home is a sure way to keep your home fresh and remove any impurities from your home.

Use air conditioners and ventilators to cleanse your air. Eco-friendly activities like using plants and natural cleaning products can help you purify your air.