Curtains Or Blinds – Which Is Better?

Are you moving into a new house? Chances are that you are deciding between getting curtains or blinds for your new space.

What should you choose?

Is there one better than the other?

Are there considerations to make that would guide you on what to choose?

We understand that the above questions are probably running through your mind. That is why we are here- to make the transition seamless for you. Keep it here!

Should you pick the curtains or the blinds?

We have put together a few things you should consider, to make that informed decision:

  • Visual Appeal

Curtains: When you need a variety of styles to work with, consider the curtains. They come with a wider range of styles than the blinds. Are you looking for a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing feel? Go for the curtains.

Will you be dealing with nosy neighbors? Consider checking out thick curtains that will block out light.

If you are looking for interesting color accents to your room, consider the curtains. They also provide an interesting texture for your space.

Curtains will also give you a wide range of options for length, patterns and shape. That gives you endless choices of decoration ideas.

Blinds: The blinds come in handy when you are looking for a more permanent solution. With blinds, you choose functionality over design.

Are you looking for a neat and modern look? Go for the blinds.

Blinds give your space that neat look to your house. The curtains could add a clutter look to a room that is already cramped. The blinds are neatly tucked against your windows, giving the neat look you need.

The blinds also have that undeniable charm. They also come in handy to give your room the much-needed privacy.

  • Variety

Curtains: You will get a variety of curtain lengths when doing your shopping. To determine the right size, check the space between your house floor and the window.

Do you want your curtains to gracefully gather on your floor? If so, consider those at least 95 inches long. Its an excellent choice for rooms that are generally large, or even those that have large windows.

Choose the color, material or pattern that best suits your house.

Blinds: You will be surprised that blinds come with several options too. The most common ones are the vertical blinds and Venetian blinds. The others would include mini, pleated and Roman blinds.

You can also choose shades that have one panel.

Then there are the single-functioning blinds. These are mainly remote-controlled. They are either open or closed.

Then there are the double-functioning blinds. These are the usual blinds you control with either strings or walt band.

Lastly, there are the smart blinds. These function automatically. Depending on what time of the day it is, they either close or partially close- automatically.

  • Difference in cost

It is not easy to accurately compare the difference in prices, between the blinds and the curtains.

The cost of either will depend on the type, material and the pattern you choose. Some other factors like the size of the same, will also determine its pricing.

Make the choice based on your preference, against the cost of the same.

Curtain installation is way expensive than installing blinds. Its installation can take more than one hour to finish up. This is especially so, if you are hiring someone to do it. If you go the DIY way, you may not need to be worried about that.

  • Installation

Curtains: You will need rods to help you thread the curtains through. You will need to have put the marks where the rod will pass through. Do that before starting the installation process. You will need brackets where the curtain rods will rest.

Blinds: You will need to mark where the blinds will be mounted on the walls. Most blinds will require you to install brackets above or even on the window- sill.

Next, you will need to mount the top rail. Do that by attaching it to the brackets. Finally, cover the rails with a casing or valance. This makes it more secure and neater too.

  • Maintenance

Curtains: Every time you need to wash the curtains, you will need to take the panels off the rods. Apart from that inconvenience, washing the curtains and maintaining them is easy.

Blinds: Depending on the type of blinds you install, cleaning them up takes more time. Wiping the individual slats can be an uphill task, especially if, you have many windows to manage.

However, single-panel shades or the thicker ones are amazingly easy to clean up. The blinds can either be dusted or vacuumed, making it even easier for you.

  • Lighting

Curtains: Curtains do not give perfect control over lighting compared to the blinds. To manage that, you can use some sheer fabric for your inner panels. You can also use heavier or thicker material for the outside panels.

When it’s full sunlight outside, keep the sheer layers on, and peel back the darker ones.

Blinds: Blinds give you greater control over the house lighting. Apart from pulling the blinds up, most blinds allow you to tilt the slats. This gives you better control, to allow in more light, or even block it out.

On the downside, blinds may not fully block light out. The gaps in between the slats still bring in light, even when you close them up.

Black-out window shades will come in handy, when you need to fully control the lighting.

  • Energy efficiency

Curtains: Curtains are great at trapping heat as well as keeping the cold out. This is especially so, if you fit your blackout thermal curtains correctly. If you use very thick material for the curtains, they soundproof better than the blinds.

Blinds: The blinds also provide good insulation for your house. However, the gaps in between the slats allow heat in and out. Blackout cellular blinds are excellent when you are intentional on saving on energy costs.

Between window blinds and curtains – which wins?

Combining both options is amazingly stylish. While at it, do not be afraid to do trial and error. Its part of the process!