When You Should Replace Bathroom Towels

Towels serve us in our bathrooms, and you can’t do without them. You ever take a warm rejuvenating bath then look at the towel rack and there’s nothing on it?

That’s stressful, it’s like taking a dump and boof!

There’s no tissue paper!

A towel is your body’s best friend; a towel will not only dry you off, but also give you the warmth you so much need after coming out of the shower.

Maybe, this is only me, but I enjoy my lazy days pacing the floors in my towels around my waist. Nothing is more liberating when the cool breeze hit my legs and bare chest.

That shows you how easily you can get so attached to your towels that you don’t realize you need to replace them. Since you want your towel to serve you for long, let’s begin here;

Factors that affect the longevity of your bathroom towels

Your towel can serve you for long if you treat it right. However, if you only remember it when you want to step into the shower, then it won’t meet your expectations.

Here are the factors that affect how long your towels will serve you;

The quality of the towel

When you invest in high-quality towels, they will serve you for long and give you the value for your money. On the other hand, low-quality towels are made of fabric that wear out fast, and have poor absorbency.

If you fall for cheap towels, just know you will replace them sooner than you would if you had bought a high-quality towel. Towels made of high-quality Brazilian or Egyptian cotton will last you longer, but they cost higher than your regular bathroom towels.

Made from the long cotton fiber, this bathroom towel will give you your dollars’ worth of service.

How frequently you use the towel

How often do you use your towel? The more you use the towel the more you shorten its lifespan. One simple trick to avoid using one towel too frequently is to have more than one bathroom towel. When you spread the tear and wear to different towels, you lengthen their lifespan.

How well you take care of the towel

If you take good care of your towel; washing it regularly, drying it well, and avoiding harsh detergents and softeners, it will last longer.

If you master the art of taking good care of your towel, then you will use it for the longest time. Besides, when you take good care of your towel, you’re taking care of your skin.

When you take shower the bathroom becomes hot and moist. These conditions are perfect for the growth of mildew, so to leave your damp towel in the bathroom is to call for colonies of bacteria to hit your towel.

Towels are mostly damp, and when kept in a warm place the germs will find the environment conducive for breeding. Taking care of your towels add them life, but eventually you will have to replace the towels.

How to know when to replace your towels

People have weird preferences when it comes to how long they are willing to keep their towels.

While others want to stop using their towels when they begin losing the softness, others want to keep them for much longer. Irrespective of your preference, here are signs that it is time to replace the towels;

  • If they are not fluffy– a fluffy towel feels good on the skin. It is almost therapeutic. However as the towel ‘ages’ it loses the softness and the fluffy feel. Most times, you will also feel a little itchy after using the towel to dry yourself, this is an indication that you used too much of a tough detergent. When you use these hard detergents on your towel for long, the damage will not be rectified. It is therefore the right time to get a new towel.
  • If they are smelly- old towels stink really bad when they get a little moist. You might be washing the towel as regular as you should and hanging it outside to dry, but still it will smell bad when is gets moist. The reason why old towels smell bad even after a good cleaning routine is because they harbor a lot of mildew and bacteria. You can’t get rid of such colonies. The best thing to do is to turn it into a rag, and buy a new towel.
  • They have lost absorbency- because you use your towels daily and they are cleaned frequently, they will lose absorbency. As the fabrics loosens and the fiber breaks down, you should buy new towels. You might continue using them, but they will feel so harsh on your skin. Besides, you don’t enjoy dubbing your towel on your back and running it back and forth to absorb the moisture— you want a touch-and-go towel. If your towel can’t absorb moisture anymore, it’s time to get a newer, fresher, and fluffier towel.
  • If the color has faded- It doesn’t matter how well you bleach your towels, over time, the once white towel turns to brownish color. This mild change in color is normally too tough for any detergent to bleach back to its original brightness. The faded color is a sign that the towel has outlived its lifespan.
  • After a skin infection- nobody loves skin infections. However, sometimes you just find yourself staring in the mirror to patches of your skin pale with varied infections.

During medication which might involve the use creams, soaps and shampoos, the towel gets laden with a lot of germs.

As much as you can wash the towel after use, it is best to buy a new one immediately you’re done with medication to reduce chances of contamination. 

In summary

If you love your skin health, you will learn to take care of your towels better. With better care for your towels, you will be sure your towels are not the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and molds.

Though you might love to use your towels for a longer time, the best time to replace your towels is after using them for two years.

By two years your towels shall have lost so much fiber that they’ll begin to lose absorbency. That’s the time to get a replacement.