How To Get My Laundry To Smell Really Good

The fresh smell that comes with doing your laundry is unquestionably superb.

However, not all homeowners can get their laundry to smell good after cleaning. It requires knowledge to do so.

It can be annoying when your clothes still smell the same even after they are clean. Well, getting your laundry to smell good will require you to incorporate a few techniques here and there.

In this article, we look at some of the ways you can get your laundry to smell really good.

Process of making your laundry smell fantastic

Step one

The first thing to do would be to identify all the dirty clothes and separate them from the clean ones. It is always advisable to avoid repeating your clothes even if you think they are clean.

But of course, heavy winter coats can be excluded from regular washes. So, whenever you notice the slightest unpleasant smell from your clothes, take them to the laundry basket.

Do not forget to read the washing instructions indicated on your cloth label before taking them to the laundry basket. Leaving dirty clothes in your wardrobe can transfer bad odor to clean clothes.

Always do a daily check on the clean and dirty items in your wardrobe. Not to worry, it won’t even take as much time as you think; five minutes are actually enough if you have an organized wardrobe.

Step two

When you fill dirty clothes in your laundry basket, it’s now time to get the work done. Identify the clothes that smell extra bad and soak them.

For instance, if you are a sports person, you should know that your sports/gym wear is likely to radiate foul smell. Soak these clothes in warm water mixed with the right detergent.

Step three

After leaving the clothes in water for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, start washing them. If you want your clothes to smell really good, use Gain detergents.

Gain detergents are well known for their amazing scents. You can find them at your local store or supermarket in the form of tablets, liquid, or powder. The best thing about this detergent is that they are very affordable.

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Step four

After washing your cloth using Gain detergent, rinse them. During the first and third rinse, consider using a Gain softener. Consequently, your clothes will be left with a pleasant odor and a gentle feel.

Practices to observe to make laundry smell fresh

In case you have a lot of clothes, bed sheets and pillows to wash, do not insert all of them in the washing machine.

Consider conducting two separate washes. This way, the Gain detergent would be able to penetrate all corners of all your clothes. Putting excess clothes in the washing machine does not guarantee pleasant-smelling clothes.

Also, ensure you pour in the correct detergent amount when you put the clothes in your washing machine. When drying your clothes using a washing machine, use Gain Dryer sheets.

Doing this will enhance the smell of your clothes, sheets and pillows. One sheet of a Gain dryer will work perfectly fine for standard loads. However, if you think your clothes are too much, add two Gain dryer sheets.

Always leave your clothes to dry completely. Damp clothes radiate the most unpleasing odor. So, give your clothes sufficient time to dry.

This also applies if you are hanging your clothes to dry in the laundry room. Bulky clothes like blankets need more time to dry.

So, before you remove them from the machine or hangers, check the blanket’s corners and sides where water tends to settle.

Another way to ensure that your clothes and bedding are smelling good is to facilitate proper ventilation in your dryer.

Always ensure that your dryer receives maximum aeration for it to function properly.

Also, suppose your clothes have an existing smell; you can start using baking soda or vinegar solutions to get rid of the smell.

For example, if your child spills milk on your cloth, the smell can persist even after washing.

So, before you use Gain detergent, use a neutralizer like baking soda to clear up the foul smell.

Tips to make your clothes smell good at all times

There is a certain level of confidence you gain when your clothes smell good.

See some of the tips you can incorporate to keep your clothes smelling good at all times.

  • Use wardrobe scents or drawers. In particular, you can purchase Gain Fireworks beads and place them in your wardrobe, among other areas where your store your clothes. Besides getting your clothes to smell really good, your bedroom would smell really good. Even so, note that Gain Fireworks should only get used for clean clothes. Do not store dirty, smelly clothes around Gain Fireworks, hoping that they will smell good.
  • Suppose you notice any foul smells coming from your wardrobe, search for the source of the smell. Then, please take it to the laundry basket. It could be an old sock that you forgot to take to the laundry basket a few days back. But if you are having a hard time pinpointing the source of the bad odor, take a container and fill it with baking soda. Then, place the container under the wardrobe area.
  • When drying your clothes, constantly keep monitoring them. Check to see if the Gain dryer sheet is enough. If you think that one Gain dryer sheet won’t be enough for them, add another one.
  • Ensure that your laundry basket is free from moisture. Damp laundry baskets make all the clothes inside smell bad. If you’re not careful, the unpleasant smell can stick on the clothes.
  • It is also important to keep your house clean to ensure that your clothes won’t source out bad smells. Clean all your surfaces in all areas of the house.


Having nice smelling clothes helps you make a good first impression on your colleagues, boss, and even strangers.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure your clothes smell good and look great. This is achieved by washing your laundry often and of course using proper ironing practices.

The best way to get your laundry to smell good is to use Gain detergents. Gain laundry detergents are highly ranked as the best-scented detergents. Additionally, avoid mixing your dirty clothes with your clean clothes.

Keep your wardrobe area, among other places in your home, clean. Ultimately, avoid wearing your clothes repeatedly.

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