Linon Luxor Bed With Memory Viscoelastic Foam Mattress

The Linon Home Décor brand is popular for its high-quality home products that range from beds to couches and even pieces of art designed to give your wall that touch of pizzazz.

Their pieces of furniture are made with the utmost skill and craftsmanship and are designed to be stylish and durable.

The foldable bed is one of their most popular products. Designed with convenience in mind, this is a must-have item.

A review of the Linon Luxor Bed

The bed’s renowned features:

Construction of the Linon Luxor bed mattress

Linon Luxor works hard to ensure that you only get quality products. Their team of craftsmen double-checks each product to ensure that you only get the best.

The foldable bed is no exception. It consists of two parts; the bed frame and the mattress. The frame is made of steel. It can hold up tons of weight and does not rust.

The mattress is molded from viscoelastic foam. This is a durable substance that is naturally resistant to dust, bacteria, and moisture.

By investing in such a product, you can be rest assured that you will not need to acquire another mattress for decades. The mattress is dressed in a damask covering to keep dust far away.

The cover is heavy and thickly woven and can survive tough bleaches, soaps, and the tumble of the washing machine.

Best price for Linon Luxor Bed

Linon Home Dcor Linon Memory Foam Luxor Folding Bed, Twin, Beige
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Linon Home Dcor Linon Memory Foam Luxor Folding Bed, Twin, Beige
  • Item includes the steel frame and mattress Finish Smooth Polyester Polyurethane...
  • Elegant Beige Damask Fabric Mattress Cover
  • Mattress is topped with a layer of memory foam. Space saving sleeping area....

Whenever you hear the words durable, stylish, and craftsmanship so close together in one sentence, you immediately think of the price.

Linon Luxor is a brand that looks into the welfare of your wallet. They create quality products for affordable prices.

You need not sell your organs to acquire the foldable Linon Luxor bed. The bed comes at a very low to moderate cost.

This is a bargain considering that the bed’s frame is designed with high-quality metal that will serve you for decades. The foam mattress that comes with the bed is in itself worth the trouble.

It is a 5-inch thick sleeping surface that ensures your comfort throughout the whole night.

The mattress responds to your movement, snuggling you in your sleep and giving you the feeling of sleeping on a warm cloud.

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Linon Luxor mattress comfort level

Linon Luxor understands the benefits of having a lovely undisturbed night of sleep. Hence, they have designed a bed that will give you the sensation of resting on the clouds.

The frame is designed to be strong and supports a fully grown person’s weight. The mattress is molded from memory foam. Memory foam is soft to the touch.

It conforms to your physique once you lay on it, retains your body heat, and keeps you warm and toasty all night long.

The mattress is then covered by a damask cover. The cover is very thick and is also a poor absorbent of moisture.

Consequently, the mattress can wick moisture away with more efficiency. Your guests will never feel sweaty or clammy while on this bed.

Size of the Linon Luxor bed

This bed is only available in one size, the twin size. When spread out, the bed is only 15 inches high, 31 inches wide and 79 inches long.

It is compact enough not to take up too much room but big enough to comfortably accommodate one fully grown adult. When folded, the bed becomes smaller.

Its compact design enhances its convenience. Lengthwise, it measures 13 inches only, while the width is 31 inches and the height 35 inches.

This the perfect size for storing in a closet or transporting in the boot of an SUV to a camping site. Besides, the metal frame has caster wheels attached to it.

You can therefore easily roll the bed from place to place with ease. The compact nature of the Luxor bed makes it ideal for small spaces, accommodating visiting guests or for use at camping trips.

Finding sheets, sleeping pads, and other bedding for the bed is also made easy due to the compact size of the bed.

Linon Luxor Bed with mattress durability

Designed to be tough, this bed will last for years to come. The metal used for the frame is pure stainless steel.

Steel is extremely resistant to rust and any other form of corrosion and thus maintains its shiny metallic luster for a very long time.

Steel is also very light yet extremely strong. It can hold up to 250 pounds in weight without collapsing.

It bends neither inward nor outward and hence, will not sag, when weight is applied on it.

The bed has wooden slats laid across the frame in the place of the usual springs. This makes the bed stronger and more comfortable to sleep on.

The mattress is made from memory foam. Such mattresses are lush and elastic. They can regain their original shape after being compressed.

The foam is also resistant to things like bacteria and dust. It is also not affected by moisture. As such, it does not decay or pick up smelly odors.

It will remain clean and fresh for decades to come. The mattress’s cover is made from polypropylene and polyester fibers woven together using the damask technique.

The fibers are tightly woven together. Any mattress cover so woven is super thick and heavy.

As such, it can withstand any amount of stress inflicted on it; from being slept on, to being roughed up in the washer or tumbled dry in the drier. Whatever you do to it, you are rest assured that it will survive for a long time.

Advantages of Linon Luxor bed

  • With a frame made of steel and a mattress of viscoelastic foam, this is a bed made to last ages.
  • Can hold up a weight of up to 250 pounds.
  • The frames are made using strong steel tubes. It, therefore, does not sag, when slept on.
  • Linon Luxor bed is accompanied by a mattress made using memory foam. It is very warm and comfortable to sleep in. Further, the mattress is made to be durable and long-lasting.
  • The mattress is covered by a damask cover which is thick and plush and adds to the overall comfort aspect of the bed.

Linon Luxor Bed mattress disadvantages

  • Has a short period of warranty.
  • Comes in one size only, the twin size.

Who needs this product?


After analyzing the various specifics of this bed, it is clear that it is useful to anyone who entertains sleepover visitors, suffers from crazy allergies, has little living space, or wishes to have a supportive surface to sleep on.

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