All You Need To Know About Roll Away Beds

In recent times there has been an increase in demand of folding furniture and beds is one of them. Beds come in varieties. And for sure you love your bed warm, comfortable, and relaxing.

You want your nights to be your most renewing moments, because can you endure pain for more than seven hours? Doesn’t make sense. Your bedroom should be a place of relief as it was meant to be.

You don’t just need a mattress lying on a plank of wood; you need a bed that hugs you every time you lie on it. The bed-making industry has been making bold strides at innovating beds that meet the present-day needs for every sleeper.

Rollaway beds mark one of the most essential innovations in the industry. Rollaway beds not only save you space, but also affords you the ease you need when moving unlike having a loft bed or a bunk bed.

With a rollaway bed, you have a guarantee that your guest will have enough space to sleep by the night, and by the day, you can reclaim the space for your everyday use.

What Are Roll Away Beds?

Rollaway beds are a fold-me-after use kinda bed that consists of a metal frame upon which foam mattress is placed.

The metal frame is sturdy, and is designed to fold into something you can keep in your closet. Also, the metal frame has wheels or coasters at the centre to make it easier for you to move it around when folded.

Though the rollaway bed is foldable, you should consider having enough storage place. You don’t want to be knocking its edges.

While most people buy rollaway beds as beds for guests, a rollaway bed can be your best friend if you move a lot or when your space is limited.

What size is a rollaway bed?

The size of a rollaway bed depends on the design. Some designs are meant to serve as sofa beds when not in use, and might therefore seem bigger. The standard rollaway bed, on the other hand is only meant to serve as a bed, and can fit beneath a regular bed when folded.

Though the sizes might slightly be different from different designers, the standard rollaway bed is 40 inches wide, 49 inches high and 17 inches deep when folded.

Other rollaway beds are designed to be bigger, and measure 48 inches wide by 52 inches in height when folded. When opened, the size of a standard rollaway bed is almost the size a of twin-size bed.

With a measurement of between 32 and 39 inches in width by 75 inches height, a rollaway bed will take up about the same space as an ordinary twin mattress. However, there are extra large rollaway beds that can measure up to 55 by 80 inches when fully extended. This means that, there is a rollaway bed for everyone.

Are folding beds comfortable?

Folding beds are comfortable. Though different manufacturers have different priorities when making beds, comfort is a concern that most folding bed makers share. However, the quality of foam used in the mattress, and the springs matter and of course the pillow you use.

When high-quality memory foam is used, and a trampoline mesh base is used to enhance support and comfort, the cost will spike.

The best thing to do as a shopper is to find reviews of the best folding mattresses, look for the materials used, ease of setting up, and the right size. On comfort, you can bet, even the standard rollaway bed scores highly.

How much weight can a rollaway bed hold?

When you heard about rollaway beds for the first time, what came into your mind? Maybe, weight. Most people assume that just because the bed is foldable it can crash and break your spine in the dead of the night.


Rollaway beds might be foldable, but they are made of very sturdy metals that keep the frame above the ground no matter what. That is for one person. Rollaway beds can carry up to 400 pounds. You should always remind yourself that  a rollaway bed is meant for one adult.

Still, there’s a lot you can do with standard beds and mattresses that you can’t do with a rollaway bed. Like, you can’t host a party and have more than one person cooling it off on your rollaway bed!

How much does a rollaway bed cost?

Rollaway beds are quite affordable if you compare the cost to the conventional beds. The fact that they come packed; a mattress and a bed in one clean pack saves you even more money.

To get specific figures, let’s head to Amazon and have a look at how different sellers price their rollaway beds. Well, at Amazon, you can get a rollaway bed from as low as $70. However, that’s a basic rollaway bed.

You can get rollaway beds made from high-quality memory foam mattresses and sturdier frame from $100.

Do hotels charge for rollaway beds?

Most hotel suites have one bed. Mostly king size. Though some hotels have double beds, it goes against the grain for luxury suites. Luxury suites assume that since you can afford to choose an expensive suite, you’re not intending to share it with someone else.

So they will give you a huge bed in well-spaced suite so that you can have enough space, and a comfortable bed. But what happens when you travel with a member of a family you can’t share a bed with?

Perhaps you’ve travelled with your father; you’d like same rooms but different beds. This is when you call for a rollaway bed. And of course a travel pillow for the trip.

Rollaway beds in hotels can also help you when you’ve travelled for work with a  colleague. You can save costs by inhabiting the same room, yet enjoy your fulfilling nights in spacious beds!

Hotels have different policies when it comes to rollaway beds. Few hotels don’t charge for rollaway beds. However, there’s no cap on the price that hotels should charge for rollaway beds. While others charge $10 per night, some charge $100 for a single night.

Well, it takes effort to set a rollaway bed up, but some hotels are just too ambitious with the price they charge. It goes without saying that the cost you pay for a rollaway bed should be lesser than what you’d pay for a suite with stationery double beds.

So you must do the asking, and compare the value you’d be getting before choosing your suites. Back to the question, there’s no standard price for a rollaway bed, you just have to ask before booking.

Well, rollaway beds are gamechangers; they give you freedom, and save you money. Stay here for more valuable information that guide when purchasing anything related to bedding.

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