Amerisleep AS4 Mattress Review – A Trusted Choice

Rest is one of the basic needs that help your body to function productively. That cannot be made possible without the aid of a comfortable sleeping solution.

That is where Amerisleep AS4 comes in handy. Over the past years, Amerisleep has proven to be one of the most prestigious mattress brands with a variety of comforts to choose from. Amerisleep allows you to choose your desired mattress from the three available comforts.

  1. AS1 mattress is the firmest mattress option designed to offer peaceful sleep for back and stomach sleepers. Check price
  2. AS2 mattress that is best for back sleepers. Check price
  3. AS3 mattress is their best-selling medium feel mattress. Perfect for healthy sleeping positions for most body types and sleep styles. Also know for relieving pain-causing pressure. View price on Amerisleep
  4. AS5 mattress that is know for the ultra-soft mattress combined with pressure-relieving memory foam best for heavy sleepers. Check price here

Most people would say that ‘You are spoilt for choice.’ This is true. However, of the five comforts, today we take an in depth look at one- Amerisleep AS4. By the end of this article, we seek to enlighten you on the comfort, durability, and performance of Amerisleep AS4.

We seek to ensure that by the time you complete reading this piece you will know exactly what the mattress is made of amongst other benefits. This being one of the most popular mattresses for side sleepers; Amerisleep AS4 is their medium feel mattress. It is designed to be soft enough to ensure maximum comfort.

Why Amerisleep AS4 mattress is one of the best

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If plushness is one of the characteristics that you look for when purchasing a mattress, then Amerisleep AS4 is your perfect match. The medium-soft feel is as a result of layers of foam that are not only tailored to be responsive and give you support but also to make you feel like you are laying on a cloud. The 12-inch mattress not only relieves pressure points as you sleep but also gives a sensational cooling effect.

In this review you will notice that with Amerisleep AS4 you are guaranteed to have comfortable sleep. The 12 inch AS4 is a well-thought out combination of three layers.

The top layer uses an open cell structure that aims at keeping you cool. It is made of exclusive Bio-PUR foam. The second layer consists of an Affinity layer that uses surface modification technology. This layer is built to provide pressure to certain areas of your body as you sleep.

The Bio-core layer is the final layer which purposes to give you maximum support. This layer will ensure that you enjoy your sleep for the next couple of years. Having been tested and approved, Amerisleep believes that you will love the AS4.

This article seeks to fully enlighten you on the materials used to make the AS4, its performance, value, and benefits that come with owning one. Amerisleep AS4 also uses plant-based materials guaranteeing you that they are eco-friendly. Amerisleep prides herself on superseding the Clean Air Act.

Amerisleep as a brand seeks to ensure that you get comfortable sleep as well as offer excellent customer care. That is without a doubt a perfect blend, for all your sleep needs. More so, the USA manufactured mattresses offer free shipping and free returns as well.

Best Amerisleep AS4 mattress price

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A mattress is not a short term investment, therefore, quality and value will be what you will be looking at as you shop for one. Amerisleep AS4 guarantees you value for your money.

AS4 is made of high quality patented materials that ensure that your mattress is durable and performs in the best way possible. Looking out for coupons, discounts and sales will save you a good amount of money. Currently, there is a $200 coupon for up for grabs. Take your chance.

The only thing you pay for is the mattress since the shipping fee is taken care of. As if that is not enough, you get a 100 night trial period as well as a 10-year warranty. Their customer care is always on their toes to ensure that you get timely and efficient assistance. AS4 goes for $1,399-$1,899 for a king size and $1,699 for a queen size.

Amerisleep mattress sleeping Cool

Keen mattress shoppers look for a mattress that can regulate temperature. AS4, in the spirit of customer satisfaction, uses innovation and technology to create a neutral temperature mattress.

Knowing that extreme heat can be a challenge during sleep, AS4 ensures that from the moment you get in bed to when you wake up you experience a comfortable and cool sleep. The full structure of Amerisleep AS4 is tailored to achieve cool.

The technology used on the topmost cover is Celiant which is an advanced fabric that ensures that all your body heat into infrared. Further, Amerisleep uses an open cell structure technology unlike the typical memory foams which are densely packed together.

It is created with more space to aid with airflow which helps get rid of the excess heat as you sleep. Less sinking equals less heat retention. Having been made from a Bio-core foam with strict guidelines ensures no sinking creating more airflow which results in a more cooling effect. The AS4 is a combination of ultimate core support and comfort from the overall plushness of the mattress.

Materials and Construction of the A4S Amerisleep

The 12-inch of awesomeness is made of three distinct layers and a cover to complete the whole package. The 4-inched top layer is there to ensure that you remain cool throughout the night since it is made of BIO-Pur foam.

This layer is five times more breathable than any other type of foam mattress due to its open cell structure. Right beneath the first layer, lays a 1 inched layer of affinity foam that is responsible for making you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

This transitional layer uses SMT (Surface Modification Technology) made of an ergonomic transitional form. This layer provides relief to the shoulders and lowers back pain. This layer magically merges the top and base layer to give you the magical floating feel.

Finally, the largest layer of them all sitting at 7 inches is made of Bio-Core support foam. This foam is an ecofriendly layer which prevents sagging even after decades of use. The AS4 has switched the technology of using petroleum-based materials to plant-based technology making all layers ecofriendly. Celiant, the material used to make the top cover is rare and not common among brands that produce mattresses.

AS4 Amerisleep comfort

This is one of the reasons why the AS4 is one of the most popular choices produced by the Amerisleep brand. Being a medium soft feel, it is a perfect blend for plushness and adequate support. This meets the needs of most universal clients making it one of the bestselling mattresses.

As much as this mattress is best for side sleepers, it is favorable for other kinds of sleepers as well. The AS4 has a rapid response to relieving pressure points as you sleep ensuring that you are comfortable. This gives the mattress the ability to recover from body pressure faster than the traditional mattresses ensuring that you do not sink during sleep.

We all know how uncomfortable that would be. AS4 takes approximately 4 seconds to bounce back after exerting pressure on it while other mattresses take 60 seconds. This makes it more comfortable since it conforms to your body fast.

AS4 makes you feel like you are floating at the same time offering you maximum support. The three layers’ complement each other to birth a comfortable, yet supportive mattress. Being a medium-soft mattress guarantees you extra softness for comfort. No one ever said that they had had enough comfort.

Motion Transfer

For couples, motion transfer can be a challenge. Well, AS4 has little to no motion transfer ensuring that you sleep undisturbed. Memory foams like AS4 are ideal for couples since they are built to absorb vibrations.

Most clients have testified to getting better sleep once they purchased the AS4 and their partners too got undisturbed sleep. Since all memory foams have these functions, then we believe that Amerisleep AS4 is their number one champion.

Edge support of the Amerisleep AS4

The mattress consists of 12inches of thick, solid, and very high-quality foams. As much as the mattress has a soft feel, it still gives you maximum consistency and support. Similar to other memory foams, you can sleep to the edge. This being the first-class mattress then the edge support is meant to be top-notch.

The major reason we get beds is because of sleeping, however, occasionally we find ourselves sitting on the edge. Unlike other foam brands, Amerisleep AS4 tends to feel more supportive and firm on the edges.

Kindly note that sitting at the edge of the mattress for a prolonged period pf time breaks the edges. If you would like to increase the durability and performance of AS4 we recommend minimum sitting on the edge.

AS4 mattress trial period and warranty

As earlier mentioned, the Amerisleep gives you a 100 trial period that gives you the chance to test your AS4. Prior, to making a return, it is advisable that you use your mattress for 30 days before returning the mattress. This will give you a chance to enjoy your AS4 and getting a feel for its full performance. In addition to that, they offer you a 20-year warranty.

Remember that the first years are fully guaranteed however, after that the warranty is prorated according to the normal wear and tear conditions. This is more than the lifespan of mattresses. This kind of confidence that the brand has on AS4 is what makes the customers believe in the brand.

AS4 Delivery and Off-gassing

The USA manufactured mattress is compressed and rolled up in a way that it can fit in a box and shipped for free via FedEx. It only takes a week for the mattress to be delivered to your doorstep. Once the white and blue box arrives on your doorstep; your sleep will never be the same again.


First, move the boxed mattress to your desired location. Unbox and place the mattress on a platform or the particular base you are using. Remove the excess plastic that comes with the mattress and let your mattress set.

It takes a few minutes for the mattress to expand, however, it takes between 24 hours and 48 hours for the mattress to attain its true form. It is normal for boxed mattresses to emit a ‘new mattress smell’ and AS4 is not an exception. The smell is not poisonous nor hazardous, meaning it is not harmful.

However, if you experience any type of discomfort you should ventilate the room. AS4 having been made in the United States of America and being ecofriendly guarantees your safety during unpacking.

Customer feedback on Amerisleep mattress

The best testimony ought to come from someone who has used the product. Here are a few great testimonials from customers who have purchased the Amerisleep AS4.

-JM said that she was getting the best sleep since her AS4 purchase and that her Fitbit tracker indicated that her awake and restless periods had been reduced to half.

Kookie attested to sleeping on the same bed each night and it was made in America. She recommended the mattress and promised to order more products from Amerisleep.

– Dee also attested to experiencing reduced back pain and got overall better sleep. 


Having highlighted all that you need to know Amerisleep AS4, we hope that you have all the knowledge you need to help you purchase a mattress that is good for you. We can conclude that the Amerisleep AS4 is one of the best mattresses you can own.

From the above AS4 mattress review it will be ideal for you if:

  1. You are looking for a mattress that is made of a medium-soft memory foam that relieves pressure without too much firmness.
  2. You want a mattress that is ecofriendly technology-driven foams, high quality, durable and thick.
  3. You want a mattress that provides all qualities and ample benefits
  4. You want a fair priced mattress from a reputable brand that has been one of the best over time.

The Amerisleep AS4 has proven that it is possible to have an affordable and ecofriendly mattress that gives maximum service to the customers. The value you get from purchasing the AS4 surpasses any amount that one spends purchasing this luxurious and affordable product.

With Amerisleep AS4 you get comfort, quality, value, and decades of good sleep all at a go. But nothing stops you from trying out their AS1 mattress, AS2 mattress, AS3 mattress or AS5 mattress depending on your needs. Things couldn’t get any better than this.

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