Do You Wear Clothes In A Sleeping Bag?

When you get a sleeping bag, the first thing you are looking for is the warmth and the comfort that comes with it.

You may be asking, should you sleep with some clothes on or not when using the sleeping bag?

Let’s dive in and see what works to ensure that you do not suffer the bitter cold in the wilderness. You need to enjoy that camping experience!

Do you need clothes in that sleeping bag

Wait, some people say that you should sleep naked in the sleeping bag to enjoy a warm and cozy night! How is that even possible? You may be wondering whether there is any truth to it.

Ideally, we should think layers of clothes when we think warmth. Perhaps additional socks, pants, or even a hat to keep that precious warmth. Right? Yes, right! Especially when you are stepping out of your sleeping bag, you will need the extra layers.

The clothing gives your body the needed insulation to keep you warm.

But wait again! There is one disadvantage to this. When you have layers of clothes on, the body moisture tends to also rise. This happens when you sweat.

The moisture takes away the warmth your body already accumulated. This will keep you wet in your sleeping bag- its not a thing you want to even imagine!

Should you then sleep naked in the sleeping bag?

First, let’s look at how the sleeping bag works. It will help us make informed decisions.

The purpose of the sleeping bag is to trap heat in your body. It then keeps that trapped heat from escaping.

When you wear clothes in your sleeping bag, it keeps your body insulated. This would keep you warmer.

What about the sweating we just mentioned?

The best way to go about it is to properly choose the clothes to wear in your sleeping bag. Do not overdress or cover your whole body in a way that will cause your body to sweat.

Get some clothes that easily absorb moisture. That will keep you dry and comfortable.

How do you keep your sleeping bag warm?

When you use your sleeping bag, you need to keep comfortable and warm. To get that nice and toasty feeling in your sleeping bag, here is what you can do.

Sleeping bag rating: Check your sleeping bag rating. Ensure that it is designed to keep you warm at a very low temperature. You can check the expected temperatures in the area you will be camping or using it.

Get ideal clothing: Before getting into your sleeping bag, wear proper clothing. Choose fresh and dry clothes for that.

Sleeping pad– Before you start using your sleeping bag, get a sleeping pad beneath the bag. This will keep you comfortable and warm. Using the sleeping pad also keeps your body from the hard ground. You need it to avoid back pains.

Hot water bottle– Get a hot water bottle and keep it at the end of the sleeping bag. You can place it at the foot area or just one area of the bag. This will help to keep your feet warm, spreading the warmth to the rest of the body.

Extra clothing– Putting some extra clothing in the sleeping bag will also help keep you warm. The clothing reduces the space in the bag, helping to reserve the heat in there.

Bag liner– When you get a bag liner, it will give you additional warmth. If you can get a thick liner, you will enjoy more warmth.

Eat! – Yes, an empty stomach would make you feel cold. Get food that keeps you both warm and comfortable. But on the other hand avoid food that would make you to sweat excessively.

Do you need a blanket with a sleeping bag?

Ideally, a sleeping bag should keep you warm through the night. Its rating should be such that you will be warm even in the lowest temperatures.

However, the weather could sometimes change drastically. What do you do when it gets all chilly? That is why an emergency blanket will come in handy. The role of this blanket is to reflect the heat back to you.

What about the nights you may not have an emergency blanket? You can use your car’s windshield protector. The shiny part should face upwards underneath you. If your car is not with you, you may need to check for other possible alternatives.

To always be safe, carry that extra blanket with you. It will come in handy in your camping adventures. 

Can the blanket replace the sleeping bag?

You may be wondering whether you can carry the blanket instead of the sleeping bag. To get the clarity of this matter, let us look at the qualities of both products.

Warmth– You cannot compare the warmth levels of the blanket against the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag holds the sleeper in a way it traps so much heat from the body. The blanket does not have the capacity to do that. It may be warm, but not as warm as the sleeping bag. If you want to beat the cold, use the sleeping bag.

Weight– In many cases, the heavier a blanket is, the warmer it is. However, the sleeping bag weight to warmth ratio works differently. The sleeping bag will give you great warmth compared to its weight.

Waterproof– Camping requires a cover that secures you from wind, the cold, dust and dampness. The ideal sleeping bag should keep you safe. The better part is that it is also waterproof. This makes it possible to camp in damp or wet places. This is not so with the blanket.

Healthy to use– The blanket is prone to gather dust unlike the sleeping bag. If you are allergic to dust or dirt, the sleeping bag will serve you better. At this point it is good to note that you need to know how to wash your sleeping bag.

What is the conclusion, therefore?

The purpose of the sleeping bag is to keep you comfortable and warm. How you use it is key in meeting that goal.

Therefore, wear some comfortable clothing as you get into your sleeping bag. Remember not to overdress. Keep warm and enjoy your camping!