Can You Wear Bralettes To Sleep?

In this present day and age, bralettes are popular among most women. This piece of garment is not only fashionable but also provides great functionality.

Unlike the standard bra, a bralette is often used as both innerwear and outerwear. When you wear a bralette, you need not wear a bra. Also, you need not wear a blouse or T-shirt on top of the bralette.

Most bralettes are decent enough and provide maximum support and comfort for your breast size. Luckily, there is a wide range of bralette designs that complement almost all outfits.

Bralettes are the perfect outfits for a girl’s night or a friend’s graduation party. But can you wear bralettes to sleep?

Is it possible to wear your bralette to sleep?

  • Comfortability:

Unquestionably, bralettes are much more comfortable than standard bras. They are wireless thus can be very relaxing. So, sleeping with them is more of a personal decision. However, you would rather go for a sleep bra than a bralette when it comes to sleeping.

Sleep bras are specially designed for lounging and relaxing; consequently, they offer much more comfortability. However, if you decide to sleep with your bralette, ensure that it is not tight.

  • Temperature:

Unlike normal bras, bralettes offer the perfect temperatures for sleeping. This means less sweating and minimal chances for getting breast fungus. Even so, it depends on the material of the bralette.

Since bralettes are lighter and loose than standard bras, they help you feel comfortable even in very hot temperatures.

  • Premenstrual symptoms:

A bralette is good for helping you deal with premenstrual symptoms. Often, your breasts tend to get bigger and swollen before menstruation. At this time, it feels much more comfortable to sleep with a bra. And since bras can be uncomfortable due to their wire and padding features, a bralette is a good alternative.

Bralettes can offer the perfect support and comfortability at night for fluctuating breast size. Nevertheless, the bralette should fit you properly.

  • Ideal for pregnant women:

Like PMS, your breasts will get bigger when you are pregnant. One way to help pregnant women have a good night’s sleep is by wearing a bralette. Bralettes are wireless and do not contain any padding. Thus, they are a good alternative to bras.

If you do not have a sleep bra, you would rather go for a loose-fitting bralette. Not to mention, bralettes are ideal for nursing mothers. They make your breasts easily accessible, as well as provide the right levels of support for your breasts.

  • Post-surgery symptoms:

A loose-fitting bralette can quicken your recovery after breast surgery. Remember, at this time; you need to stay with a bra on for 24 hours. And wireless bras are highly discouraged by doctors. Thus, a bralette would come in handy. Even so, ensure that the bralette dies not to exert too much pressure on the breasts.

Otherwise, it would make the pain and inflammation worse. Ultimately, if you wear a bralette after breast surgery, go for a wireless, non-padded, and flexible option.

Disadvantages of wearing a bralette to sleep

Minimal support:

One of the main reasons for wearing a bralette to sleep is to offer reliable support for your breasts. Typically, bralettes provide minimal support. Thus, they may not be the perfect alternative for post-surgery.

A surgery or sleep bra would do a better job instead. Also, if you are wearing a bralette at night for the sole purpose of preventing your breasts from sagging, you might as well look for another alternative.

Low versatility:

Today, there is a broad spectrum of bralette designs. However, bralettes often come in limited sizes. Most women report that bralettes are mostly suited for smaller breasts. Thus, if you have larger breasts, you won’t get your size.

Even so, a few companies are manufacturing bralettes for fuller breasts. If you have a larger bust, you may not find your bralette size. Not to mention, most bralettes do not have adjustable straps.

Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable at night, you might not adjust their straps to make them bigger. Luckily, you can always find a bralette with adjustable straps.


As much as people say that bralettes are comfortable, some find them uncomfortable. Keep in mind; there is a wide range of bralette designs. Some designs offer discomfort, and you might not be able to sleep with them.

So, before buying a bralette, check the level of comfortability it provides. Moreover, most bralettes are very tight. Thus, they can be uncomfortable to sleep with.

Fungal infections:

Like standard bras, some bralettes can lead to breast fungus. If your bralette is incredibly tight, it causes excessive sweating at night. Then, this creates a moist and warm atmosphere on your breasts where fungus and bacteria can grow.

Consequently, this increases your chances of getting breast fungus. Before you decide to sleep in a bralette, be careful. Ensure that it is not tight and has breathable material.

Tamper with blood circulation:

If your bralette is super tight, it may hinder proper blood flow around the surrounding area. As a result, you may feel dizzy and weak by the time morning reaches. When adequate blood flow in your body gets hindered, this may tamper with your overall health.

Skin irritation:

Some bralettes do not incorporate breathable material. And this can lead to a build-up of heat around the breast area. Once this happens, your skin becomes more vulnerable to rashes and itching. Eventually, it may feel uncomfortable to sleep with your bralette.

You would rather invest in a good sleep bra that offers maximum support and comfort.

Normal bra Vs bralettes – which to sleep in?

Bralettes are relatively different from normal bras. They are wireless, hence offer more comfortability. Besides, you can wear them as both innerwear and outerwear. Typically, bralettes are more comfortable to sleep when compared with standard bras.

But they pose several disadvantages. They do not offer firm support, maximum comfortability and can lead to breast infections. So, you would rather go for a sleep bra specially designed for sleeping.

However, if you decide to sleep with a bralette, ensure that it is loose-fitting and incorporates breathable material.