The Best Way To Wake Up A Heavy Sleeper

Help Me To Wake Up!

The inability to wake up from sleep is not and should not be treated as a normal experience.

Any time someone struggles to wake up, and the struggle becomes their usual pattern, there is need to get help. The only way to stop this kind of struggle is to get to the root of the problem and heal it.

Not even the most sophisticated alarm clock will solve the problem of a heavy sleeper. The underlying issues that cause this kind of sleeping are depression, lack of enough sleep, among others.

There is need to get a solution if this is the kind of exhaustion you are going through.

Some of the issues that result to heavy sleeping?

Let us look at them in depth;

Inconsistent sleep schedule:

Your body has a natural cycle which invokes sleep and wake up hormones. The cycle is also known as circadian rhythm.

The cycle loves consistency, and therefore, your body suffers injustice when denied that consistent wake and sleep schedule. When you do not follow any specific schedule regarding your sleep and waking up timelines, your internal clock gets all mixed up.

Your body loses track on when it should wake up and when it should put you to sleep. Imagine a situation when you are drowsy when you need to be up and alert, or a situation where your body is all alert when you need to be deep asleep. Ugly, right?

The more reason you should consider working out a specific sleep-wake pattern. Good news is, you can sleep-train yourself, so that you stay as consistent as possible. You can get a wide range of ideas on how to sleep-train yourself here.

Imbalanced amounts of sleep:

It is possible to say that under sleeping is the major reason why a person would be extremely exhausted in their sleep. However, it is as harmful to oversleep, as it is to under sleep.

It is important to check that your body is not running off of insufficient sleeping time, and also check that you are not sleeping excess hours than you should be.

If any of the above mentioned sleep imbalances happen, be sure to feel the impact, and the results are unpleasant, and that includes difficulties in waking up. If this is your current struggle, relax. We have the solution for you, just read on.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now quickly figure out the right amount of sleep your body needs. The sleep calculator will come in handy to help you in getting your required sleep.

The calculator will help you to not only wake up in your desired hour, but to also wake up in the lightest sleep level possible.

Lack of exercise:

You will have untold trouble waking up if you are obese, apart from the fact that being obese will cause several other health complications. If you are obese, you will be restless and this will increase your inability to wake up, or the willingness to. Sleep apnea is a major cause for insomnia.

If you have keep waking up to grasp for oxygen, then it automatically means you are not having as quality sleep as should be. Even if you do not have weight issues, and you add exercise to your daily routine, you will be surprised how much better you end up sleeping.

Workout gives you a new boost of energy, which has a positive impact on your sleeping patterns. It is okay to introduce small changes into your lifestyle-the small changes eventually result into a whole lifestyle change.

Start by creating a healthy fitness schedule, then watch what you eat-eat healthy. Start slowly and gradually but steadily increase the changes into your lifestyle. When you get to the place where your workout is on a regular basis, you will be amazed at how much energy it gives you.

You will enjoy a new level of energy that will enable you to stay alert through the day, and it will also enhance the quality of your sleep.

Poor emotional health:

If the emotional or mental status you are at is not stable, your sleep patterns will be affected. The impact is similar to the times your physical health is not stable.

Mental illness will greatly affect your sleep, and it is therefore vital to seek the needed help. Where should you start? Start by seeking professional help.

Let your doctor know the stuff you are struggling with, plus any form of medication you may be taking. That way, the expert will be in a better place to help with your health.

What if anxiety is your main struggle?

Not to worry, we have you covered. We understand that as long as you are anxious, you will have endless, sleepless nights. Read on how to manage anxiety so that you sleep better.

We have carefully put together points that will help you sleep better in your anxiety, and even keep asleep through the night.

Electronics in bed:

It is possible that you are reading this article from your smartphone, probably from the comfort of your bed. We acknowledge the amazing changes and development that technology has introduced into our daily living. However, it has not come without disadvantages as well.

Technology has become so easily accessible, and this has increased addiction levels in the society. You may notice that within no time, you almost have to fight with yourself to put off that phone or laptop or your TV.

It is for this reason we advocate that you leave your electronics far away from your sleeping space. If you are unable to stop carrying electronics to bed, you have officially said goodbye to any quality sleep hours. Definitely, that is far from what you want.

If you end up having a movie night, or excessive time on social media, right before your bed time, you are likely to extend past your intended sleep hour. That is how you will end up struggling to wake up the following morning.

What should you then do with your gadgets?

Put them away from your sleeping space, switch them off, and simply be as far away from the devices as possible when you get to bed. Do you need an alarm to help you wake up in the morning?

Is that your reason for keeping the phone under your pillow?

If that is the case, get an independent alarm clock, so that you won’t need your phone under the pillow. It is not easy to stop the habit of taking your gadgets with you to bed.

We fully understand, and we have written down for you the how-to stop carrying your gadgets to bed. It is not possible have a sleep-and-technology-happily-ever-after marriage.

You cannot have both your quality sleep and technology on the same bed. You have to choose one of the two, and we know what you will choose- your quality sleep!

Poor eating habits:

The diet you keep, plays a big role in how your body functions, and that includes your sleep patterns as well. Are you yearning for a happy, healthy sleep?

Then ensure you eat a healthy diet. If you do not want to struggle to wake up in the morning, do not overload your diet with caffeine, salt, sugar or alcohol.


Each of these have a negative impact on your body. Alcohol for example, will leave you dehydrated, and it also denies your body the ability to regulate its temperatures.

When this happens, your body gets restless and gives you unproductive sleep hours. Study shows that caffeine takes longer in the body than one would possibly think.

You could probably conclude that caffeine does not affect your sleep patterns, in the sense that your body is used to it. However, fact is, caffeine does affect the quality and longevity of your sleep.

If you are in search for that quality sleep; which of course we all need, then it is critical to clean up your diet. Ensure that you do not have caffeine 6 or hours before your bedtime. Check that your overall diet cuts on carbohydrates and sugar intake, and avoid excess intake of alcohol.

Our suggestion to you is that you strive to make those habit changes sooner than later. The healthier your body is, the better you are bound to sleep. Let us head straight on to the next cause for deep sleeping.


Addictions, whether to alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or anything else is generally a bad idea. The quality of your sleep will be affected greatly if you treat your body poorly, and addiction is an example of treating your body poorly.

We could go a long way to expound on how each of these would affect your sleep negatively. However, the impact is the same for all of them- you will end up sleep deprived. For you to rest well, you need a healthy body and mind.

If you are managing any addictions, it is important to do so professionally, so that you are sooner than later over it. The starting point is to cut the bad habits. It is easier said than done, but the good news is that it is doable. You just need to be committed to it, and seek professional help when you need it.

Losing your life to addictions will not only take away your quality sleep, it will also take away valuable areas of your life.

Impact from medication:

If you are on any medication, it is a high possibility to have your sleep patterns negatively affected. Even if you are on vitamins, or different kind of medication, it is possible to cause you heavy sleeping issues.

If you are under any vitamins or medications, it is good to know the impact the same will have in your body. While at it, make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions on how to take them.

If for example, the instruction is to take your multivitamins with food, make sure you do. Some will instruct you to take the multivitamins during the day.

It will be critical to do so, because it is possible for the multivitamins to keep you awake, and hence the instruction to take them when it is day. If you need to make any changes on your medication, do so only after talking to your doctor.

It is critical to be open to your doctor and let them know anything you may be experiencing, openly. Some medical conditions take time to get the right medication. It is therefore to be open with your doctor.

Zero Motivation:

What is the level of motivation for what you wake up to do every morning?

If you have zero motivation, you will wake up and easily get back to sleep. Lack of motivation is among the top rated reasons for the inability to wake up in the morning.

The risky part is that zero motivation goes hand in hand with depression. It is difficult to deal with, but if not dealt with, it could damage your health greatly. What is the source of motivation? Motivation comes from within.

You could listen to motivational speakers, or people’s success stories, but by the end of the day, it still has to come from within.

How to overcome deep sleeping

Think through your future and set goals for yourself. Work within those goals and come up with tangible tasks that you can achieve over set timelines. That will then become your driving force.

Doing those tasks daily, and getting closer to your goal, is a great way to improve your motivation. If you can have a goal that really moves you, then that will restore your motivation. It will be an inner drive that will be the reason you look forward to waking up.

Tips on how to wake up a heavy sleeper!

We have put down some tips and tricks that you can easily follow and easily wake up each morning. Especially if your health is great, but you find it hard to wake up, the tips will give you the boost you need.

Tip 1: Install an application alarm on your phone

No, we haven’t forgotten that we advised you to keep technology far away from your sleeping space. However, if you use technology well, it could be one of your greatest tools to waking up in the morning.

There are amazing apps out there if you carefully check. As you do this, make sure to keep in mind that your gadget still needs to be kept far away from your bed.

These apps have embedded creative alarm features. You will for example find an app that requires you to perform a simple operation before it goes off.

This could include adding up some numbers, or performing some simple mathematical calculations. Some other alarms will go off almost immediately after pressing on the snooze button. Go for an app that has interesting features that would work for you.

Tip 2: Different types of alarms

Our bodies respond differently to different sounds and tones. For that reason, you will need to give yourself the time to test different alarms and see what works best for you.

If a loud alarm is not the thing for you, we suggest you use multiple layers of signals to play the same role. For a start, you can use light signals to wake yourself up. We suggest Philips Hue lights, it will work very well for that.

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The lights are possible to schedule to light at specified times. Light sends signals to your brain, that it is time to wake up. When that happens, the body produces hormones to awaken your body.

If sound is what wakes you up better, then go for it. Work with the volumes that wake you up better. If your body doesn’t do well with monotonous sounds, you can get an alarm clock that allows you to adjust sounds.

That way, you will not suffer the impact of monotony sounds. The last but not least suggestion is to have your alarm clock as far from your bed as possible. Once you get out of the bed to reach out to the alarm, that is how you wake up, and target is met!

Tip 3: Make your bed

This is a great way to start your morning. Making your bed well comes with the sense of accomplishing something. It also makes it difficult for you to go back to bed for a few more minutes of shut eyes. A neat bed will give you a boost of unbelievable energy for the day.

Tip 4: Make every morning fun

If you organize your mornings such that you will wake up and straight away head to class or to work, you will be starting off your day in such a boring way, and within no time, you will be back to what we addressed earlier-zero motivation.

You can avoid that from happening. Give yourself a good reason to wake up every morning. You could for example, give yourself a date every morning.

Schedule something fun you like doing by yourself, for example your favorite movie show, or an extra amazing breakfast, or some alone-time. Whatever makes you glow when you think about it, go for it.

Schedule it for your mornings. It will motivate you to wake up without issues. Or would you like some journal that you could follow every morning?

Perhaps a way to have your morning checklist?

You can check here for such a journal. You could choose to follow the journal ever morning, say as you take your coffee. That could become your morning routine.

Tip 5: Go all out

Sometimes we just have to go that extra mile to achieve our goals or to deal with what seems like a crazy high mountain. That is why, we suggest the Sonic alarm clock. Its features and how it works will not leave even the heaviest sleepers intact.

The bomb-like alarm clock makes the loudest sounds, it is incredibly loud. It makes such a sound that won’t leave the deepest of sleepers on their beds.

This specific alarm clock has such strong vibrators that work very well in waking up heavy sleepers. The vibrators will literally shake you awake. It also has inbuilt lights that flash when the alarm goes on.

The mixture of loud sounds, strong vibrations and the lights will in no way leave you on your bed. If you are looking for some alarm to wake you up gently, this is not that kind of alarm. The Sonic alarm is no joke. It is not an option for waking you up gently.

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In a nutshell, it’s an alarm that combines all the tactics of waking you up, so you better get ready for that!

How to wake up as a deep sleeper

Our final thought is that when you are done reading this article, you are already on your way to enjoying your quality sleep. That is to also mean, you have already began a new journey of being amazingly productive.

If you are having any issues weighing you down, or health complications that are costing you your precious sleep, we won’t tire to remind you to seek professional help. By the end of the day, what matters is a healthy, effective you!

Once you are done seeking professional help, work your way into getting the right amount of sleep. It will translate into a productive you. The next thing to remember is your mental, physical and emotional health.

Take care of yourself as much as you can. If you can give yourself the best care, it will be so easy to take care of those under your care.

Last but not least, create your life goals, and break them down into exciting activities that you will be looking forward to each morning.

That will give you the reason to wake up with a fresh sense of energy. Congratulations for reading through, and keeping away from silent wall clocks. Welcome to being a morning person!

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