When Can I sleep Without A Bra?

Occasionally, large breasts can lead to back, neck, and arm inflammation, especially if you don’t wear a bra.

It can also be challenging to find the perfect clothing that allows you to remain comfortable throughout the day.

So, some women often opt to go for breast reduction surgery. Just like any surgery, a breast reduction surgery will require you to incorporate certain pre-surgery and post-surgery habits to boost quick recovery.

One of the instructions the surgeon is going to give you is to wear a comfortable bra for several weeks. Typically, when your breasts have undergone surgery, they may feel sore. Thus, they need firm support that makes you feel much comfortable.

When can I sleep without a bra after breast reduction?

Well, the answer to this question often depends on the type of surgeon. So, always consult a reliable plastic surgeon for this. Nevertheless, health experts advise sleeping with your bra for approximately four to six weeks.

You will need to wear a surgical bra throughout the day for at least four weeks to boost recovery. Unlike normal bras, a surgical bra does not exert too much pressure on the bust. It would be best to consult your plastic surgeon on the best surgical bras to wear.

How long do I sleep with a bra after breast reduction?

After breast reduction, it is highly recommended that you stay with your bra on for 24 hours. Do this for the next four to six weeks. At this time, you cannot afford to leave your breasts unsupported.

Not only will you feel pain and comfortable, but also you will tamper with the recovery process. Even so, ensure you wear proper sleepwear and the right bra. Avoid wired, padded, and tight bras for the next six months after surgery.

Give your body as much time to heal. Failure to do so would cause breast infections and irritations that would take you back to the hospital.

Why should I wear a bra after breast reduction?

  • Shape the breasts

A surgical bra helps your breasts gain their new shape. Consequently, they prevent the breasts from becoming saggy and wrinkled. This is one of the main reasons health experts advise you to put on your bra for 24 hours after surgery.

  • Firm support system

After surgery, your breasts are undoubtedly sore and inflamed. Thus, leaving them without a support system can affect other areas encompassing your bust. Your breasts must have somewhere to lean on for the next six weeks.

  • Relieves pain

Sleeping with the right bra after breast reduction helps you deal with the pain and soreness. After the surgery, leaving your breasts hanging can be painful. Remember, you are trying to avoid moving your breasts as much as possible to ease the pain. A surgical bra would come in handy.

  • Boost recovery

Surgical bras help you in quickening the recovery process. They keep your breasts in position and allow them to acquire their new shape faster. Also, by reducing inflammation, surgical bras facilitate quick healing.

Recovery tips after a breast reduction surgery

Aside from wearing a bra, your surgeon will recommend other tips that will help you boost quick recovery. They include:

Stay in the right positions

When you sit and sleep, try keeping your chest elevated. You can do this by placing several pillows and leaning on them with your back. Avoid lying on flat surfaces with your back. Your chest area needs to remain lifted.

So even when sitting, place a few throw pillows on your chairs. Moreover, it would help if you altered your sleeping positions. Always sleep on your back with your chest elevated.

If you love sleeping on your stomach, you need to adapt to this new sleeping position. Place several pillows on your back and on the side to avoid turning unconsciously at night.

Maintain a healthy diet

Breast reduction surgery is like any other surgery. Therefore, whatever you consume will affect the healing process. Often, doctors recommend taking light and unprocessed foods. At this time, it would be best if you avoid foods that contain a lot of sodium.

Sodium can lead to more soreness and inflammation. Ultimately, ensure you get all the right nutrients from your diet. Also, stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and fluids. But avoid drinking alcohol until you recover.

Wear the right kind of bra properly

As seen earlier, surgeons often advise wearing a bra for 24 hours for the next four to six weeks. Even so, you need to wear the right bra. Otherwise, you would be making the recovery process even worse.

Immediately, you take off your surgical bandages, put on a soft, wireless bra. Sleep bras and surgical bras may come in handy. All in all, avoid bras that are ill-fitting, padded, and have wires. Remember, you do not want to pressure your breasts too much since they are already sore.

Avoid intense physical activity

During the recovery process, do your best to avoid indulging in physical activity. Even if you love sports, avoid straining your body muscles at this point. Keep in mind that your body needs the strength to recover.

At the same time, it helps if you take slow and short walks two weeks after surgery. Staying locked in the house can affect your physical and mental health negatively.

Use pain relievers

The inflammation that comes with a breast reduction surgery is normal. However, if you experience too much discomfort, you can always go for common pain relievers to help you deal with the pain.

Even so, it would help if you discuss with your surgeon on the best pain relievers to take. The medication should not affect the recovery process.


When you undergo breast reduction surgery, it is advisable to keep your bra on for at least four to six weeks.

The only time to remove your bra is when you are going to the shower. Consequently, you fasten the recovery process. Nonetheless, you should invest in the right type of bra that offers maximum comfortability and support.