Which One Is Better – Casing Or Valance

Before you can make any window treatment decision, you need information. Let’s get to it right away! Let us decide what wins- casing or valence- and why.

As we always do, let us first understand what we are talking about:

What is casing?

Do you want a picture window, a double-hung window, or a bay window installed? To complete the project, you must choose the type of window casing you desire. This article will assist you in selecting the ideal window casing for your house.

Your window frame’s exterior covering is called the window casing. It is frequently described as the final step in the installation of windows. Typically, casing is chosen to coordinate with the molding on your doors and other windows.

This creates a tidy, homogeneous appearance. Although it is there for your windows’ aesthetics, window casing also serves a crucial functional purpose.

They are affixed to the outside of your house. They aid with air-tightness and keep out drafts. Make sure it is effectively and completely installed.

When it comes to window casing alternatives, consider these:

  • Complete Casing

Your window has a full window casing on all four sides. This type can be designed in a modern or more classic style to match the inside of your home. Casing can be finished in layers as well for a more detailed result.

  • Low Profile Casing

Low-profile window enclosure is a more straightforward design. Low profile casing is a more useful solution without the appearance of trim rather than serving as a more aesthetic element.

The four sides of the window are not covered by low profile casing. On the inside of the window frame, it is concealed. Low profile casing is the best choice if you want your windows to match the interior design of your house.

  • High Profile Casing

You want the window casing to stand out, right? Do you plan to spruce up your walls with more decor? Pick a High Profile Casing. This might indicate anything from adding additional layers to your casing, to adding specific details. Adding high profile casing to your house is a simple way to freshen it up and highlight your windows.

  • Traditional Casing

Traditional casing is a straightforward design that is similar to low profile casing. It is intended to blend in with your house’s walls.

Traditional casing is located on the exterior of your window frame as opposed to the interior. It has elements like straight lines and a polished, uncluttered appearance without the addition of layers and decoration.

To keep your window’s casing and extra molding looking tidy and new, keep them conventional white.

Some homeowners do, however, choose to paint the window casing and additional molding to produce a dramatic impact.

Dark window casing can enhance a modern or industrial-style home’s appearance and atmosphere. For a Victorian-style home or beach cottage, painted casings and rim that match the color of the walls or an accent color are ideal.

What is a valance? 

In the field of window treatments, the term “valance” can refer to a few different things:

A decorative element made of real or fake wood that covers the headrail at the top of your blind. Alternatively, a decorative item that covers the top of an aluminum or vertical blind.

A window top covering made of fabric that gives it color, design, and softness. It is installed either on its own or on top of a blind or shade.

The most straightforward and casual treatment is a simple valance. Typically, it consists of fabric slip fastened to the rod with clip rings or a rod pocket.

Designer Tip: Simple valances can be layered over other window treatments. They can also be used on their own. Any informal decorating style looks well with the delicate gathers and folds.

Here are a few typical valance types you can add to your window treatments: 

  • Scarf Valances:

As the name suggests, scarf or swag valances are drapes that are simply swagged across the top of windows.

In essence, the fabric is draped around the valance rod from one end to the other. The fabric’s main section forms a semicircular swag and hangs down.

This style of valance offers the windows a delicate and elegant touch. It works best with sheer drapery panels or basic blinds and shades. It is ideal for tiny windows.

  • Tailored Valances

They are perfect for spaces with a formal aesthetic. The best option for giving your windows a clean, modern look is Tailored valances.

It is created by covering a box with cloth that matches the width of your windows. The design now includes a center pleat. When paired with similar pleated curtains, this sort of valance looks best.

  • Cornice Valances

In terms of appearance, cornice valances resemble fitted valances. They are lightweight and can be fitted using brackets and supports. They are constructed of plastic or fiberboard.

They can be used for storage and are ideal for concealing curtain rods. This kind of valances can be added to all window kinds because they produce a diverse look and improve the overall appearance.

  • Jabot Valances

Jabot valances are made up of three draped and tapering strips of fabric. They fashion a stunning, ornamental valance. To fit the width of the window, one piece of the valance can be adjusted in the middle.

To give the room a fuller appearance, the other two hang on either side of the window.

The Victorian-inspired interior design is perfectly complemented by this kind of valance. It gives the window treatment depth, enhancing its visual appeal.

Valances- Are they worth it?

Valances are more than just drapes that hang on top of your window treatment. The curtain rods and practical headrails on blinds are concealed by these decorative elements.

They do, however, give your windows a personality. Valances come in a wide range of styles that match various interior designs and produce various effects.

To give the interior of your home a beautiful appearance, choose the one that complements your windows the best.

What is best, Casing or Valance?

Each of these has specific roles and functions in the home. They work alongside each other. That makes each of them a winner!