Should You Use Window Valances Today?

This is a treatment you can install at the top of your window. To create layered window treatments, you can use valances on their own or in combination with other window treatments such as blinds, shades, and draperies.

The valance is available in a variety of styles, including ruffled, pleated, or minimalist looks. From the classic country look to the ultra-modern glam, the balloon, cascade, and swag have unique styles.

If this is the case, you may be thinking about whether valances are out of date. What comes to your mind as soon as you hear the term “valances”?

You’re probably right if you think of white, excessively ruffled curtains and valances. Many kinds of valances are available on the market, but these primitive types are just one of them.

Window valances were deemed fashionable in the past few decades. This does not change the fact that they were poorly made back then, just as they are now.

For example, draperies, blinds, and shades have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market. Most valances are out of date due to a lack of demand.

Today, even in the most modern homes, professional interior designers still use valances regularly, as with any other product.

Are valances going out of style?

No, valances are here to stay. They give the windows a finishing touch you don’t want to cover or leave bare completely. Bare windows don’t look good.

Instead, they give your room a cold and unappealing appearance, and a valance or other window treatment will help warm it up. Thanks to the aura valances add, your room will never go out of style.

What is the point of valances?

Give bare windows a soft look

A room’s bare windows exude an air of emptiness. The best way to soften those bare windows is with valances. Natural light can still be allowed into a room without completely covering the window.

Use as storage

You can customize valances to use for storage. In addition, you can use those made of light-density fiberboard to dress your windows. Your child’s favorite memorabilia or other decorative objects will look fantastic on these valances.

Enhances the appearance

You may change the look of your home with valances. Aesthetic appeal and style are added to a room with expertly designed valances in attractive patterns. In addition to making your space look better, they do so by making the color scheme work well.

Provide a finished appearance

A crowded look happens when you have many windows in your room. The additional layers provided by valances give them a finished appearance. The vertical lines of the drapes and the horizontal lines in the room work together to make the room feel balanced.

Let you experiment

You can make a singular fashion statement using valances as a design element. You can make a customized valance for a child’s room out of leftover fabric, flags, patterns, or even your child’s drawing.

Make your home look nice with valances and drapes. Depending on the style of your windows, they can add a touch of elegance to your window treatments. Experiment with the design of your rooms by adding valances.

Hides drapery hardware

Valances hide drapery hardware by forming a veil over it. To make the room appear more organized, blinds or architectural flaws are ideal for covering the windows.

Types of Valances

Balloon Valances:

Fluffy valances give windows a soft, feminine feel. Lightweight and available in a wide range of colors and styles, these shutters give windows a stunning look.

Victorian or traditional-styled aesthetics will benefit greatly from the use of these, as will the creation of a monochrome aesthetic. These balloon valances have the power to transform a space when you use them together with the proper kind of decor.


This form of drapery has a long piece of fabric that hangs over a rod and falls over the right and left sides of the window, similar to a scarf. When it comes to letting in as much natural light as possible, this method often employs a thin, translucent fabric that is simply hung in the window.


Multi-triangular pieces of fabric will create a zigzagging edge in this style. Materials like silk and velvet are commonly used to create a beautiful effect. Tassels and fringe are common additions to these garments. Decorate the room by hanging them over drapes or curtains.

Scalloped Valance:

These scalloped valances are a great option if you want to give your large windows a more sophisticated touch. Windows can have a textured appearance by selecting from a variety of designs and colors.

This highlights other features of your home. Because of their ability to effectively block out light and provide seclusion, they are ideal for use together with other shades and blinds in the office.

Hanging just one on a tiny window will give the appearance of a higher opening. Your kitchen windows, which are not above your sink or stove, will look great with these shades.


When you think of valance, this style may come to mind. On both sides, pleats are formed and nailed or attached to the window frame. This allows the cloth to droop down in the middle and form a tail on each side of the window. The only restriction is your imagination. This design is appropriate for a more classic setting.

Cornice Valances:

Cornice valances look like custom-made valances. You can fit those using braces and brackets. They also feature lightweight materials like fiberboard or plastic. It is a great way to hide curtain rods, and you may use them as a storage solution. In addition, you can use this kind of valance with any type of window because of its adaptability and attractiveness.

Tailored valances:

These valances don’t have ruffles or gatherings. They are ideal if you’re searching for a plain valance. Install these rectangular and flat valances anywhere in your home for a formal appearance that elevates the aesthetic. Make sure to use fabrics of the same weight if you plan to use these designs on curtain panels. You’ll be amazed at the results when you use these valances to dress up your windows.

What is a flat valance called?

A flat valance is popularly called an M-shaped valance. It features a flat front that wraps around the curtain rod’s side brackets. This gives the window a boxed, cornice-like appearance.

What can I use instead of a valance?

Roller Shades

Roller blinds are a good option, and they resemble roller shades. However, Roman shades have a more contemporary appearance. Multiple alternate layers are another option. Each layer comes with its own shade.

Roman shades are more difficult to control than roller blinds. Raising and lowering them is a breeze. They are also less expensive.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching several options to build a unique solution is possible. Crown molding can also be added to panel covers installed on the wall. Alternatively, add crown molding and drapes from the ceiling to spice things up.

Cornice Board

This helps cover the curtain rod and the top of the window like a valance cornice. However, unlike a valance made of fabric, the cornice board has a more elegant and durable appearance. Additionally, it is upholstered.

Built-in Panel Covers

Built-in valances can cover the pipes, wires, curtain rods, or whatever else you want to hide. It’s a contemporary way of concealing decor eyesores.

Roman Shades

You can also purchase and hang roman curtains higher. Similar to valances, Roman shades are more practical. A single shade and a rope mechanism are the most common configurations. Roman blinds are often best hung from a rod that is attached to the top of the window.

Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to a room can disguise the unattractive aspects of window treatment and offer architectural value. Crown molding isn’t appropriate for every interior, but when it does, it’s an excellent substitute for valances.

Hang Curtains Higher

In order to hide any blemishes, you should hang the curtains higher. In this approach, the ceiling appears higher. This option is ideal for bedroom windows, although you can use it on a kitchen window.

When shopping for a window valance, keep these considerations in mind:

  • To create the appearance of a large window or a small window mirage, you can choose between the smaller and larger styles of drapes or the longer and shorter styles.
  • There should be no more than a third of the window’s top covered by valances. If this isn’t done, other window coverings, such as blinds and shades, will be obstructed.
  • To ensure that the valance is the correct size, be sure to take accurate measurements.
  • Keep an eye out for any gaps in your fabric supply. For example, a scarf valance will look incomplete and lack the rich quality you desire if you don’t have enough material to make it.

How to decorate your window today

Indeed, valances are out of date. The best way to adorn your windows is to use other methods. Replace your current valances with something new if you want to bring a fresh look to your house.

Look at the colors and textures of your room and think about what style you’d label it as. Create an aesthetic setting that makes you happy by selecting a valance that matches those elements and creates an appearance that harmonizes with the rest of the room.