Difference Between Sofa Bed And Sofa Sleeper

Many people normally use the two terms – sofa bed and sofa sleeper- interchangeably, but it is important to note that there are key differences between the two.

Sofa beds have a design that enables them to be lay flat, forming a bed. They are designed like futons. Sofa beds do not have a traditional mattress.

Unlike sofa beds, sofa sleepers have mattresses that are hidden in their frame. This can be easily unfolded for use as a bed. There is also a difference in the size of the two.

Sofa sleepers Vs sofa beds – which is better?

Sofa sleepers are bigger than sofa beds and they can comfortably accommodate two people or even more unlike sofa beds which can only accommodate one person.

The sofa sleeper’s mattress is also designed for sleep unlike a sofa bed which has cushions that are meant to serve both sitting and sleeping purposes.

Sofa sleepers have mattresses that have been designed specifically for sleeping after taking your hot meal. Generally, sofa sleepers are more ideal for sleeping as compared to sofa beds. Considering the reasons stated above, sofa sleepers are more comfortable as they have mattresses and more room.

The advantage of having a sofa bed is that it uses less space and serves both as a seat and a bed. The disadvantage of a sofa sleeper is that it uses up more space.

The uses of sofa beds include:

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Single sleepers – They can be used by one person for light sleeping purposes. This is because they are not big enough to accommodate more than one person. They are also useful for sitting hence the limitation on sleeping space.

Space-savers – Sofa beds are ideal for small rooms and studio apartments. If your house is not big enough to accommodate a guest room, you may want to consider getting one of these because they will come in handy when you have a guest. Besides, they save money considering you have both a seat and a bed all in one. They conserve both money and space.

Bedding options– Since they mostly come in non-standard measurements or twin-size measurements, it may be a task trying to find the proper sheet size for your sofa bed.

The uses of sofa sleepers include:

Good for couples – Since they are bigger than sofa beds, they are great for couples as they have a lot of room. They accommodate two people and still have more room left. As such, a couple could consider purchasing one either for their use or for a long-term visitor.

Flexibility – Despite looking like traditional couches, sofa sleepers have the ability to be converted into a bed. The difference between them and traditional couches is that they have a hidden mattress tucked inside.

Bear in mind that there will be need for more space when the sofa sleeper is being converted to a bed. New designs have come up where the sofa sleeper is made in loveseats, giving versatility to spaces that are tighter.

Linen choices – Sofa sleepers mostly come with mattresses of queen size. They give the buyer more options in choosing sheets because of the queen size mattress. These are more available as compared to sofa beds bedding.

Are sofa beds comfortable to sleep on?

Truth be told, sofa beds are not as comfortable as regular sofas or beds.

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However, you can make your sofa bed comfortable by taking care of the following factors:

  • Getting a high quality mattress

The sofa bed should have very good quality mattress on it. This will help the person sleeping on it feel more comfortable while sleeping. The rule is general and cuts across the board, even in regular beds.

It is obvious that anyone needs a comfortable mattress for a good night’s sleep. Also, to note is that modern shops selling sofa beds and manufacturers producing sofa beds have stopped selling together with the sofa beds.

The reason behind this is that innerspring mattresses are not very durable and after some time they become no more than thin cotton pieces, making the person sleeping on them very uncomfortable. Most modern sofa beds come with memory foam mattresses, which are more durable.

  • Consider the space of the room

Modern day sofa beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes including double and triple sizes. Therefore, if you wish to use less space you should consider getting a smaller one, or if you want more comfort you can consider getting a triple-sized one. With enough sleeping space, sofa beds can be just as comfortable as regular beds.

To avoid getting a sofa bed that does not match your space, be sure to measure your living space and the sofa bed as well to avoid disappointments and the hustle of having to return the sofa bed to the seller. Also with enough space in the room it will be easy to move around the bed when tucking the bed sheets.

  • Opening and closing of the sofa bed

Ensure that your sofa bed design allows for a lock-down bar which will take care of ease in opening and closing of the sofa bed. Also, it will keep the spat from breaking easily and becoming loose.

Make sure that it does not produce any squeaking sounds for maximum comfort as you use the sofa bed.

  • Have smooth sofa bed edges

Smooth edges are important in any bed, and that includes sofa beds. Ensure that your sofa bed has smooth edges to avoid interrupting your sleep by having your bedding caught up.

Smooth edges will also ensure that your sheets do not get ripped by rough edges. This way you can sleep without any worry, just like in a normal bed. Also remember to always remove your bedding from the sofa bed before closing it up. This will prevent alignments.

  • Test the sofa bed

This is vital before buying anything, and that covers sofa beds. Be sure to test the sofa bed while at the seller shop to avoid having to return it after the purchase.

Test whether the sofa bed is comfortable enough for you or for two. Check the quality of its mattress and the ease of opening and closing.

Check for any squeaking sounds, be sure you are purchasing an item that is completely comfortable for its use.

In conclusion, sofa beds and sofa sleepers are a great alternative to regular beds and traditional sofa sets. They come in handy when one has guests or limited space in their living space. They are also comfortable, hence a great item to consider for purchase.

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