Yogabed Vs. Casper Mattress | Which One To Choose?

We love to do these mattress brand comparisons because we get a taste of two different products which may have a lot in common but a few unique specifications that make one of them a winner.

Today we put the Casper brand that has commanded quite a presence when it comes to online shopping and the Yogabed from Yogasleep.

These mattresses are both all foam mattresses but they have different qualities none the less which make them attract their vast fan base.

Yogabed Vs. Casper Mattress Comparison

Let’s get right to work. 

An Overview of Yogabed

The Yogabed presents in a 10” mattress that is literally 4 layers stacked one on top of the other to offer comfort and support.

The Yogabed has a supportive base foam as its foundation, a core made of high density foam, a layer with memory foam which is infused with cooling gel and an open cell polyfoam.

It has a cover that is perfectly fitted with a zipper which allows one to open it up, remove the cover for washing and then zip it right back on.

It sounds like quite the challenger to the “bed-in-a-box” household name doesn’t it?

An Overview of Casper

Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin, Grey
5,094 Reviews
Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin, Grey
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it...

When you are a pioneer in something, the advantage is that you have a head start in as far as becoming a household name.

The Casper brand is a household name – and rightfully so, since their launch in 2014 that brought in the idea of shopping online for a bed and receiving it in a box.

They saved many the tedious hassle of having to go out and search for the perfect bed, pack it up and transport it to their homes, unpack and set it up and woe unto you if a few nights later, it turned out not to be what you wanted.

The challenge with being a pioneer is that many others see the idea, quickly spot a gap in it and come in to become competitors.

A little competition doesn’t hurt however because taken in the right stride, it makes you a bigger and better version of yourself.

The Casper original mattress presents in a 12” all-foam mattress. This particular brand is convinced that they have “one mattress that is perfect for everyone”.

How true that holds is a matter of revelation as we unfold this piece and indeed put these two brands head to head. Well, let’s take a closer look to see what more these brands offer. 

Delivery and Packaging of Yogabed compared to Casper

The ease that comes with this bed being delivered right at your doorstep and all you have to do it take it out and set it up could be one of the main reasons why the fame of the Casper bed grew like wild fire.

After ordering, this bed is brought right to your doorstep, compressed and rolled up in a box.

It is good to note however that weighing in at about 85 pounds, it is best to have some help to carry it to the exact space you want to place it in and while there, get it out of the box, unroll and unwrap it with care.

Normally, after about two days, this bed should have taken its form and you literally are good to go.

The challenge with this type of packaging is that once the mattress is stretched out, there might be some odors coming off of it.

This is called off-gassing. The off-gassing should not persist very long and one should keep the windows open for proper aeration.

It is advisable for anyone who is sensitive or allergic to certain scents to stay away from this particular area until the smell ceases.

Just like the Casper, the Yogabed is delivered right up to your doorstep at no extra charge. It comes carefully rolled up and packed in a box.

With its weight of about 75 pounds, it is advisable to have an extra set of hands to help in lifting, taking to the exact spot you would like it to be and then the set up.

This process ideally lasts only a few moments. All you have to do is receive the package, carry it to the room or place you want to set it up in, remove it from the box, unroll it and then unwrap it with care.

The mattress stretches out and as it “breathes” it should have its correct firmness in about two days. Just as in the case of the Casper bed, there may be some off-gassing with the Yogabed as well.

These gasses usually are not emitted from any toxic chemicals. It is however advisable to keep the windows opened for air circulation and for anyone with a sensitivity to smells to stay away until the odor dies out. 

Market Price for Casper Vs Yogabed


Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen, Grey
5,111 Reviews
Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen, Grey
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it...

It has a 100 night trial period and a 10 year warranty. As a veteran in the online mattress arena, the mattress is delivered to your house at no additional cost (free shipping). There could be better options for this price range but this gain boild down to individual preference.


For a queen sized Yogabed, you will need to pay $749 or more. Whether it is for a smaller or larger mattress, the price of the Yogabed will range from $499 to $849 (inclusive of shipping).

This product comes with a 10 year warranty and a 101 night trial period to decide if it is what you really want. Very convenient. 

Yogabed compared to Casper mattress comfort

Comfort cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to sleeping needs. It is one of the keys that unlocks a good restful sleep – whether it’s at night, or that much needed powernap during the day.


The Casper brand boasts of a “one-size-fits-all” type of mattress. This mattress has a comfortable feel and we easily can rate it at 6-6.5 on a scale of 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. It offers a medium-firm feel which universally may appeal to the different types of sleepers.

For those who love to sleep on their stomachs, this mattress gives great support which is vital for spinal alignment as it prevents the back bowing.

For those that love to sleep on their back, Casper has your needs sorted too because this mattress provides great alignment and lumbar support.

This is also something that the Avacado and Awara mattress pride themselves in. You also get a soft hugging feel around your shoulders and neck. That’s all rounded comfort isn’t it?

For those that love to sleep on their side, the Casper mattress might feel a little too firm as it does not quite offer the nice sinking effect that side sleepers love to have around the hips and shoulder for pressure relief.


Depending on the weight of the sleeper, different postures might appeal or bring out a different feel in this mattress.

The heavier sleeper might feel the softness of this Casper mattress and prefer sleeping on their side as opposed to their stomach.

It is clear that this mattress has the capacity to cater for a vast majority even if not “everyone” as they target to.


Overall, the Yogabed provides medium comfort. It has the two top layers which allow for comfort especially for those who love to sleep on their side.

The Yogabed offers that perfect sinking feeling around the shoulders and hip which is needed for give sufficient pressure point relief and a healthy alignment of the spine while in this position.

Those who sleep on their backs would also greatly appreciate the Yogabed.

It offers the gentle hugging feel around the neck and shoulders as it sinks in just right while the back is sufficiently held because of the firmness of its core and base layers to give remarkable lumbar support.

For those that love to sleep on their stomach, the kind of softness in the top layers might cause a more than necessary sinking effect which in turn could result in back bowing.

The weight variances of the sleeper also come into play whereby those that are a bit heavier quickly get that soft feeling and good comfort as opposed to average of petite people in weight.

As you sleep, you can soundly do so because the Yogabed has a 10 year warranty that tells you they’ve got you covered. 

Motion Transfer for both Yogabed and Casper mattress

It is important to think about motion transfer if you are a light sleeper or share a bed with someone who has a different sleeping schedule from you.

Motion transfer is the ability to arrest movement vibrations as fast as they can happen so that they don’t get all round and interrupt someone’s sleep.

Luckily, both these mattresses do a great job at motion transfer because they are both all foam mattresses. All foam mattresses perform exceptionally well in motion transfer than their hybrid counterparts. The Casper is made only from foam.

This helps in motion transfer because if your partner turns or moves at night, the movement is isolated to the area it is happening in. This is brilliant because even light sleepers will not have this as a reason to wake up.

The Yogabed which uses high density foam in its layering also excels in this bit because its top design is such that it quickly absorbs movement vibrations thus ensuring uninterrupted sleep. On this one, you have a win-win. 

Casper Vs Yogabed mattress edge support

Edge support is a good point to consider especially for people who like to sit by the edge of their beds as they get ready, or would need to sit for extended periods of time on the bed.

If you look closely at the kind of edge support a mattress gives, you are likely to also have a peek into the longevity of that particular mattress as pertains service.

The Casper bed tends to sink in especially when you sit for a long while. When you sit at first, it is okay but the effect starts to set in with time. Sooner or later, you literally have “sunk into the mattress”.

There is a difference however when it comes to sleeping because here the weight is evenly distributed. One can sleep right up to the edge and you will be quite comfortable even for long periods of time.

For the Yogabed, the high density foam used in its base and core play a great role in providing good edge support for an all foam mattress. We realize that even if there might be a sinking effect, it is slight and almost insignificant.

For sleeping, this firm support spreads out evenly all around the bed and one can sleep right to the edge and not feel like they’ll roll out.

With quite a bit of confidence, we would recommend the Yogabed for couples because one can stretch out and still be very comfortable. 

Yogabed and Casper cooling and heat transfer

The down side of all foam mattress is in heat retention.

Their structure is such that there is no circulation of air within the mattress which means that any heat emitted by the sleeper is trapped and stays in the mattress resulting in some warm uncomfortable nights.

It is important that as manufacturers design mattresses, great consideration is put in this aspect of their build. The Casper brand has thankfully put quite a bit into consideration.

It has a top breathable woven knit cover layer which allows for air circulation and is a barrier between the sleeper and the memory foam under it.

This top layer is built with the open-cell design that allows for heat to be dispersed rather than trapped causing a cooling effect.

Another thing that works perfectly for the Casper brand in this category is that it uses a much firmer type of foam in its foundation and core layers.

This means that the sleeper will not sink in (to where the heat is trapped) but rather stays elevated and can access good ventilation or air circulation. For the Yogabed, the foam structure is not very near the top where the sleeper is and heat is bound to be released.

Right at the top is the Instant Response YogaFoam which is also designed in the open cell structure which is designed to pull heat away from the sleeper and disperse it.

Its next layer which is memory foam (notorious for heat retention) is infused with YogaGel which has great conductivity up to or more than seven times the regular memory foam ability.

Its core and base are firm and this basically accounts for a non-sinking effect that could otherwise have you stuck where the heat is trapped. As you sleep well elevated, you are assured a comfortable night with favorable temperature. 

Build and Materials used on Casper and Yogabed mattress

What goes into the build of a mattress is vital in its output and response from the consumers. This is the make or break of the product – what goes into it, its quality and structure.


This 12”mattress in thickness is made of four different layers, each with its own unique function. It has a top layer made from comfort foam which is breathable.

This makes it responsive especially with movement whereby one does not feel very restricted or stuck as you turn or change position. It is soft and responsive but only to a necessary degree. It does not sink too far.

Layer number two is made from memory form which allows for easy cozy contouring effects as you sleep which is great for pressure point relief.

For those who love to sleep on their side, this here is what makes this mattress feel like a little bit of heaven down here.

Next up is the poly foam layer which generally is a transition between the two soft layers above and the base layer below it which is ridged and made out of dense poly foam.

The advantage that Casper has as far as durability is concerned comes from this dense bottom later. This base makes for the perfect support that this mattress gives and the fact that it doesn’t sink in or literally “bottom out”.

Finally, the perfect finish for this mattress is the cover made out of polyester. It has a nice soft feel against the body and is very presentable in its gray and white design – colors that are also in themselves quite easy on the eye.


First off, we love the zip off cover. This makes it so easy to keep the mattress clean and fresh because all you have to do is unzip to remove, wash and dry it and then put it back on.

The bed itself is 10 inches in thickness and consists of different layers which provide for different functionality.

The foundation of this mattress its Super Support base foam that is 2 inches thick and offers the perfect layer to have on the High Density Base Foam which is 5 inches in thickness and our second layer from the bottom.

These two layers partner to provide a masterpiece when it comes to strength and durability of the mattress and even distribution of weight thus giving a sleeper the firm support they need.

The next two layers account for the comfort bit of this mattress with the 2 inch thick memory foam infused with YogaGel to help in regulating heat and allowing the sleeper cooler, more comfortable nights.

The top layer is a 1 inch Instance Response YogaFoam which helps ease movement as you sleep and change sleeping posture. These top layers also come together to help in comfort and relieving pressure.

This is all wrapped in the Zip and Wash cover whose zippers are conveniently placed on the sides unlike in other brands where they are at the bottom. If it could talk, it would definitely spell out “sweet dreams”. 

Which mattress is best – Yogabed or Casper Mattress?

It is without doubt that these mattresses had some great similarities like the fact that they are both 4 layer build mattresses, they both have memory foam as their second layer and are quite similar in motion transfer.

We found also some differences which like mentioned before become the deal sealer or deal breaker based on the consumers preferences.

The Yogabed has a removable Zip and Wash cover which makes it easy to clean out and hence have that fresh touch on your mattress.

The Yogabed had superior ways to regulate heat and provide cooling than the Casper did. The Casper is however quite firmer than the Yogabed and is 2 inches thicker.

The Yogabed proved to have better edge support than Casper and is better for people who love to sleep on their side as it has that cozy sinking effect to provide the pressure relief around the neck and hip.

Casper being firmer would be a better call for people who love to sleep on their stomach.

The Yogabed comes in at a much lower price and we recommend it for couples too. We have gone into detail to shed light so you can make an informed choice. 

Casper Vs Yogabed – which do you pick?

It matters that you get a mattress that suits your sleeping needs and preferences.

We often highlight different brands in order to help you the consumer, appreciate the work that goes into giving you a mattress you will constantly look forward to unwinding on.

From its make right in the factory to its set up in your home space, we take you on a journey that goes to help you make a decision that is not only informed but intentional.

Gone are the days where one would buy a mattress just because they need one. A lot has changed as time goes on.

One of these changes is that one can now shop for a mattress solely online based on reviews, information and guides such as this one.

Other changes include the fact that we now have competitive trial periods, manufacturer warranties and policies to guard and guide yon as you make this important decision.

It is important to know that a mattress will not just serve you for days, weeks or months but rather for years.

This means that it is very crucial that you get the right one to suit your every need or preference. We are here to help you and to make the search much easier on you.

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