How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Dorothy Draper is quoted to have said, that of all the rooms in the house, your only one is the bedroom!

You never want to get into your bedroom and feel like you just got into a cave! Not after a day of hard work and getting back home- the place you expect to get the deepest sense of rest.

However, that is what a tiny bedroom can do. It does not feel like the haven you want to spend your resting time.

But just hold the thought right there-your small bedroom should not be a reason for your frustration! That same small bedroom space can be converted into your haven-your cozy refuge!

To make your room most comfortable, ensure you have some natural light, create convenient storage, and aim at a color palette that is uniform.

And you do not need to dispose your king-size bed that seemingly fills up the small bedroom.

How to make your room appear bigger

There are ways of retaining that size of the bed and still have a beautiful, spacious bedroom that feels airy.

This is how:

  • Get rid of all clutter in your room

You will need to create as much space as possible, to help in the journey of making the small room look bigger and better.

As long as your room has excessive knickknacks, it will be one room you will not be looking forward to spending your time in.

You can get ideas on how to declutter your small bedroom, so that it does not become an overwhelming exercise. The idea is not to leave the room bare, but to take away stuff you do not need.

You can allow some stuff that can come in handy for interior décor to remain- such as the photos and some wall hangings or paintings. You may need them later as you make the bedroom space attractive.

Check for the books, the clothes, and the pennies, and ensure everything is in its space. Arrange them neatly, and remove any furniture you do not need there.

You may soon realize that the basic essentials in the bedroom are the bed, a table by the bedside, drapes for the window, a rag to step on and the lamp stands.

  • Match your furniture in scale

When organizing your bedroom, it does not mean that you work with tiny furniture or big sizes only. But it is important to ensure everything fits in size and scale. For example, do not put a king-size bed in your room and match it with two tiny nightstands. It will look absurd!

You can instead use one large nightstand alongside the king-size bed. Ensure the dresser also matches the nightstand.

  • Make a wise decision of your room colors

When you are working with a small space, the best way to lit it up and give it the sense of space, it to use light shades of color on the walls. Check the ceiling and do the same- use light shades so that it takes away the sense of a congested place.

Light shades also help in bringing in natural light to the room. They are a great way to brighten up your moods as well. Color preference differ from person to person.

If you prefer darker hues, you can still work with them. However, you can use dark hues on the corners of the rooms. That makes the corners not to be felt-rather it makes the corners disappear. The darker hues on the corners bring out a cozy feeling in the room.

Dark hues have the tendency to dominate and work well with small spaces. The fact that a small room in itself is not domineering, it makes all the sense why a domineering color would work well. Do not opt for the extremely dark colors, they will not help to make a room look spacious.

We agree they usually work perfectly in design work, but they would not be the perfect choice for a small bedroom. Pale colors such as blue, white and grays are perfect choices for the ceiling and the walls.

You can decorate the walls with an array of paintings, if a plain wall is not something you would prefer. Just do it moderately. You will spoil it if you overdo. Minimal décor and pastel paint shades work well to make a small room look airy and spacious.

Working with contrasting colors can help a small bedroom look amazingly spacious. That is why black and white is a trending choice. Not only is it fascinating to look at, but it is a great way to enhance your tiny bedroom to look spacious. You can use the power of color to make your bedroom create a statement.

  • Consider small prints but use plenty of solids

You do not have to do away with all prints, but you can make a selection of small prints, which go well with plenty of solids. It will make your small room to feel spacious. The best place to put this in practice is on the bed, considering it is the largest item you have in the bedroom.

Choose a solid comforter or bedspread. Match that with some printed throw pillows or the sheets. It will help add color to the room. Light to mid-tone colors would work well to visually add space to the small room.

  • Work with sconces instead of the bedside lamps

Another ideal way to make a small bedroom look more spacious is the use of sconces by the bedside. Instead of placing the bedside lamps, you can use the sconces. Install them slightly above the headboard, and a little to the side. It helps to draw the eye in an upward direction, causing the room to look more spacious.

It also helps the space around the bed to seem less cluttered. You can consider adjustable scones- they are ideal for your night reading. All you will need to do is to move the light towards where you want it, and even push it backwards when you are through with your reading. 

  • Furniture with legs

When you work with furniture that has legs, it gives your small space an open feel. You do not have to do this with every furniture in the room. You can choose one item such as the nightstand, your dresser or even the bed.

The height that the legs help to create add a sense of more space to that room. The rule of the thumb is, the more floor and walls your room can show, the more spacious it will look.

How do you enhance a small room look bigger with flooring?

The bedroom flooring of your bedroom and the choice of floor mats plays a big role in making your small room to look bigger. There are several things to put in place to get the best out of your flooring choices:

  • Choosing darker tones of room color

Your flooring will make the room look more spacious by choosing darker tones of the flooring. That helps in giving the room a more expansive look. You can work with a dark-toned carpet, or you can laminate the flooring hardwood with oak, Brazilian cherry or walnut.

  • Place your room flooring diagonally

When you place your flooring pattern diagonally, it creates an impression that the room size is bigger. This is because, as soon as you enter into the room, the bigger end of the pattern is what you immediately face.

This gives an impression to the eyes and to the brain that you have just entered into a spacious space. Whatever kind of flooring you decide to use, the diagonal layout will work for you.

  • Stick with larger tiles

If you are working with tiles for your flooring, go for the largest sizes. If your option is planks, still get the widest sizes for the floor.

If for example you are using vinyl tiles, do not go for the standard sizes, but pick either 16, 18 or 24”. Keep the grout in between the tiles as minimal as possible.

  • Avoid the floor as your storage space

When you store stuff on the floor, it clutters the place and gives lesser floor space for your view. The bigger the floor space you leave open on the floor, the bigger your space will appear.

You can consider shallow shelves on the floor to help give you storage space in the room. This will help to leave the floor open.

  • Keep consistent flooring pattern

When you choose a flooring pattern, be consistent on that through the room. Use that pattern on all the rooms. Make sure the patterned floors also maintain the consistency. This is helpful in visually enlarging the space.

If you need to replace the floored pattern in one room, work with complimentary colors for that. It will keep the rooms seeming larger than their actual size.

  • Make use of patterned floors or tiles

If you must use carpeting for your floor for some reason or another, then select one with large patterns. When you have a small bedroom to work with, you have all the formulas to make it look bigger.

Carl Sandburg is quoted for having said that one remembers the bedrooms they have slept in. There are those that one wants to remember, then there are those one does not want to remember! Make your home a place to remember.