How To Hang Curtains The Correct Way

The correct curtains add a finishing touch to a window while giving the illusion of greater space. Curtains are a beautiful addition to any room’s decor.

They also serve practical purposes by filtering or blocking natural light and providing privacy.

What is the correct way to hang curtains?

It’s important to have the right size curtain rod for your windows. Hang the curtains correctly before you cover your windows. A stable and straight rod is essential for hanging curtains properly.

Hang your curtains wide enough.

Your windows will still look smaller than they are, even if you hang the curtains as high as possible, if the panels are too close together when opened. Choose curtain rods that protrude at least ten inches beyond the outer edges of the windows on both the left and right sides.

How high should I hang my curtains?

That brings us to the following topic: curtain height. The standard curtain rod height of a couple of inches might make windows appear smaller and the space feel more confining.

Instead, install the curtain rods so that they are about two-thirds of the way between the window’s apex and the ceiling (closer to the ceiling). Plenty of natural light will be let in.

Pick the right size for curtain

Your window panels are definitely too tiny if they only slightly cover the closed windows. You need curtains that have some slack even when they’re drawn shut.

Get four replacement window panels to fix this. The correct length is also important. Choose floor-length drapes or ones that will fall above them if hung high.

Do and dont’s of hanging curtains?


  • Do use a template

Using these straightforward guides, you may hang your curtain rods at uniform heights over each window in your home. Your windows can be saved from badly installed curtain rods with just a few scraps of wood and a bit of measuring tape.

  • Do hang it high.

The high curtain rod makes the windows look even bigger. Install curtain rods closer to the ceiling than directly above the window if you want to cover a window in the upper part of the room. After all, curtain rods should be hung four to six inches above the window frame.

Fabric selection is best done with the intended room or area in mind. Curtains always have the capacity to emphasize the ambiance and purpose of a room.

While dense textiles like velvet add formality and better privacy, airier blends like linen create a more relaxed and airy atmosphere.

Fabrics with a higher density are more suited for drafty windows, while those with a lower density are ideal for the living room.

  • Make the most of the fabric.

Always use enough curtain material to cover the window completely. If you intend to close the curtains on occasion, they should be at least two and a half times wider than the window itself.

Don’ts for Hanging Curtains

  • Don’t make it too short.

Shorter curtains are typically ideal only in the kitchen. Another standard for curtains is that they should drape gracefully to the ground, unless you are going for a café design. A few inches should be fine if you don’t want your curtains to get dragged around and grimy.

  • Don’t go too narrow

If the curtain rod is too small, there will be enough room on either side of the window to hang the panels properly. When the breadth of the curtain rod exceeds the width of the window, it gives the illusion that the window is broader than it actually is.

Should curtains touch the floor when hanging?

Most of us get excited about buying new curtains to spruce up our houses. While doing so, we occasionally question whether or not the floor should be visible through the curtains. The way we decorate may change depending on the response to this question.

Yes, they ought to fall to the floor. With a few notable exceptions, the longer the curtains, the classier and more refined the room will appear. Because of this, ready-made curtains are typically quite long.

However, the truth is that curtain lengths vary depending on the design style used. For some decorating schemes, curtains must be floor length, but this is not always the case.

Measuring curtain lengths

Getting the right length necessitates measuring. Get out a measuring tape and take measurements from the floor to the top of your curtain rod. Add the required length to your curtains to make them suitable for the chosen design.

It is customary to measure the rod down to the sill or apron of a window to determine the length of the treatment.

What are the common mistakes in hanging curtains?

Some frequent blunders when hanging curtains are as follows:

  • Avoiding ironing

Curtains that have wrinkles are unsightly and only sometimes easy to iron out. Make sure your curtains look great by ironing or steaming them before hanging them.

  • Not matching the hardware

It’s not enough to pick out some curtains. You also need to make sure the curtain rod or other hardware coordinates with the rest of the room’s fittings. The curtain rod and finial should be chosen with the room’s overall aesthetic and the curtains themselves in mind.

  • Curtains hung too low

Hang the curtain rods and curtains higher up on the wall. This will provide the illusion of height and expand the visual field of the room. In cramped quarters, this is a must.

  • Insufficient fabric to have fullness

You’ll need 2–3 times the width of your curtain, depending on the pleat style you choose, to ensure that the ripples are visible when you draw the curtains. When a curtain is fully drawn, its waves should be uniform and symmetrical.

  • Measuring wrongly

Take accurate measurements of your windows and make any required alterations for a perfect fit. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money.

  • Purchasing short curtains

To complete the look, curtain rods should extend to the floor. In general, longer curtains are preferable to shorter ones, so upgrading to a larger size may be necessary. Even better, having them shortened is a breeze.


It is not uncommon for curtains to drape all the way to the ground. In fact, longer curtains are necessary for some fashions. You can use various curtain length styles to make your home look its best.