How To Cover A Window Without A Curtain

When it comes to showing off your sense of style, you have unimaginable list of options. Do you want to dress up your windows, and bring your home décor that unique feel? We got you covered!

When you need to treat your windows, the blinds are not your only option, if you want to skip the curtains.

Options to having a window curtain

We have several curtain alternatives, so let’s dive right into the options!

  1. The window blinds

This is almost always the first idea one gets as a curtain alternative. Great blinds come in different materials, including wood or Vinyl.

You will find the cordless blinds easy to use. Cleaning them up is also easy, since all you need is to wipe them down. Blinds are easier to maintain than the curtains.

  1. Window clings and decal

The window clings are a great alternative when you need to change your windows’ appearance. You can opt to purchase them, or you can also check out some DIYs on how to create your window clings at home.

You have various options to work with if you go by the window clings. You have a range of styles to work with- the frosted glass, stained glass or repeating patterns.

Clips are not only easy to apply, but they are also easy to remove. You can also change them as often as you need to, enhancing your décor choices.

In a matter of minutes, you may completely transform the look and feel of your room. It’s a cost-effective solution that goes with almost any style. However, the substance used for window clings might degrade over time and need to be replaced.

  1. Fabric sheets

Curtains with a bohemian flair are a fun way to dress up your windows. They’re available in fabric stores and on the internet. They’re fantastic because they add a personal touch to any space. It’s a fantastic technique to make your own curtains.

You can make your room warm and inviting by using fabric sheets with elaborate designs. These curtains will add a lovely touch of quirky and inventiveness to any room.

  1. Window quilts

Window quilts come with a sheet you can roll up and down.  They’re usually composed of fabric and include a pocket on the inside. Their role is to keep the sun and heat out. The sun disappears when you roll them up. They’re like roller shades, but they’re made of a thicker cloth.

  1. Window films

During the summer, window films are ideal for blocking out the sun. They work well on windows with a south or west orientation. They’re ideal for covering windows that are difficult to conceal with curtains or blinds. They can be used in place of shades if desired. They can be used to prevent sunlight from fading artwork, furniture, and carpets.

The adhesive layer that lies against the glass, the polyester film layer, and the scratch-resistant coating are the three layers that most films have. You can also choose tint, UV blockers, or thicker films for security.

How can I cover my windows cheaply?

Windows without treatments can appear stark, but adding curtains, shades, or even a valance can instantly transform them. Here are some fantastic, simple, and cost-effective methods to dress up your bare windows.

  • Hanging beads

Hanging beads are a cheap method to make a window look more attractive. You can hang them from the ceiling or the wall, or thread them together to make a DIY curtain. Colors, lengths, and sizes of beads vary.

Bead curtains look fantastic in any room. They’re bright and vibrant, yet they’re not expensive. You can buy them for a low price or for a high price. They’ll liven up your space.

  • Black Fabric

Black fabric is another inexpensive and attractive option to block out the light. For the job, any type will suffice. If you don’t have any, your local haberdashery shop should be able to sell you fabric by the meter at a reasonable price.

Here’s how to use fabric to cover your windows.

  1. Measure the size of your windows and cut the fabric to fit.
  1. Use double-sided tape to hold the fabric in place.
  1. If necessary, apply two pieces of cloth to the windows. To attach the pieces of fabric, stitch their edges together.

Are vertical blinds outdated?

Do people still purchase vertical blinds? The answer is “without a doubt.” Vertical blinds are still popular since they are functional and come in a variety of fabrics and materials.

Vertical blinds are still fashionable and popular in houses for a variety of reasons. While they were popular in the 1980s and 1990s as a fashion statement, they continue to be popular now because to their versatility.

What makes the vertical blinds popular?

  • Light control – They help put a control on the amount of lighting getting into your space. You choose how bright or how dim you need it to be.
  • Large Spaces – Vertical blinds come in handy for slider doors, as well as large windows.
  • Foundation Blinds – A great choice for a basic pair of blinds or window coverings that are then adorned with a more stylish curtain rods and curtain.
  • Affordable – Vertical blinds are still popular because they are cost-effective for homes. You will not need to break the bank to afford them!

So, in a nutshell, can you cover your windows without curtains?

Fortunately, the window covering possibilities are practically limitless. You can place household objects in front of the window or use film or glass paint to make your own covering. The DIY options are more than you can imagine!

You can hang blinds, shades, or shutters if you want a more permanent solution. Whatever you choose, after you add your unique touch, your home will look amazing!