Installing Sliding Windows For Home Improvement

As a new homeowner, getting replacement windows for your home could be at the top of your home improvement bucket list. You also may have gone through a long list of replacement window types, not knowing which to choose.

We’ve consulted with different window installation experts, and many of them claim that Ecoline sliding windows are the best pick for the home improvement project. Interested why? Let’s find it out.

Sliding Windows Explained

Sliding windows are made up of sashes or panes that slide open and shut horizontally within an existing frame. They are quite similar to hung windows, with the only difference being their mode of operation. Hung windows open and close vertically while sliding windows do so horizontally.

Types of Sliding Windows

Over the years, these windows have had significant improvements in their technology, offering you a wide range to choose from depending on your aesthetic and functional needs. There are three main types of sliding windows, namely:

  • Single Sliding Windows,
  • Double Sliding Windows, and
  • Three-Pane Sliding Windows.

Single sliding windows have one fixed and one movable sash. This means that they can only slide open in one direction. They are a favorite among most homeowners because of their simplicity and ease of operation.

Double sliding windows have two movable sashes. Therefore, they can slide open in any direction, either left or right. You could easily pop out the movable sashes to make cleaning these windows easier.

Finally, the three-pane sliding windows are made up of one fixed sash in the center and two movable sashes on either side. This offers better ventilation for your home.

Pros and Cons of Sliding Windows

There are plenty of reasons why Canadian homeowners love sliding windows. These reasons include:


  • Size: They are typically larger than other window types. Also, they have more glass per frame, having more width than length. This means that you get a broad, totally unobstructed, picturesque view of your outdoors. Not only do you have a beautiful view with lots of natural light filters into your home during the daytime, but you also get better ventilation.
  • Accessibility: Unlike hung or casement windows that have to be cranked open, sliding windows simply slide open or shut along the tracks embedded in the frame. You could also click it shut to secure it in place when closed. This makes them perfect for older homeowners who require greater accessibility with their windows.
  • Affordability: These windows are highly affordable because of their simple operating mechanism.
  • Maintenance: Sliding windows are effortless to clean. This allows you to maintain them, knowing that they’ll last for many years to come.

Every good thing has its downsides. Here are the main issues you might face when getting sliding windows:

  • Debris: Over time, the track of these windows could accumulate debris. If the dirt isn’t cleaned out regularly, it could prevent the windows from sliding open or close. Worse, your windows will creak each time they open or close.
  • Mildew and Mould: During cooler seasons, moisture may collect on the tracks of the windows, causing mildew and mould formation to occur. You should opt for one with weather stripping to avoid this.

How To Choose Best Sliding Windows For Your Home

To make the most use of your sliding windows, here’s how to choose the best from many offered by various window installation experts:

  • Weather Stripping: Weatherstripping reduces air leakages through your sliding window, helping you maintain internal temperatures all season long.
  • Frame Material: Before purchasing a sliding window, you’ll need to consider the material that its frame is made from. Some materials reduce the thermal efficiency of your home while others improve it. Opt for window frames made from fibreglass, thermally improved aluminum, or vinyl.
  • Energy Efficiency: Ask about the Energy Star rating of the sliding window that you’re about to purchase. It is a rating that tells you how energy efficient your window is. It also reassures you that the window has been tested in accredited labs and has fulfilled various thermal performance criteria.
  • Glass Type: Properly decide on the type of glazing your new sliders are equipped with. Canada gets really chilly throughout the year. Therefore, a double-glazed sliding window might not be enough if you live in a region with harsh weather. Even though triple-pane glazing is usually 15% more expensive, it offers up to a 50% boost in energy efficiency and helps keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. So make sure to analyze your current thermal performance and decide whether you need to spend extra. ROI is important here.
  • Clear Picture View: You should know that double sliding windows are bigger than single sliding windows. Therefore, depending on the amount of view you’d like, you can choose whichever you might prefer.
  • Sliding Window Expert Installers: Make sure you deal with a reliable company to do the installation job for you. If installed incorrectly, even the best sliding windows will run out of service or will not perform to their maximum. Ask whether your installers follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code, check their reviews online and ask your family or friends for references.

Which Rooms Are Sliding Windows Often Installed In?

Sliding windows complement all rooms that require adequate ventilation within your homes, such as:

  • living and dining rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • kitchens;
  • bedrooms, and offices.

They are even great for hallways and stairwells. But what to keep in mind here is that chances are your rough openings might not be fitted with sliders everywhere in your house. And changing them might involve additional investments.

So make sure to consult with your local installers first before going for sliding windows. Probably other window styles might work better for your project.

The Bottom Line

Sliding windows are great replacement units to bring additional comfort, sound proofing your room, peace of mind and boost your property value, the same applies to blinds for window frames.

They are usually installed to complement modern house exterior but add value for traditionally styled residences that need some renovations as well.

Keep in mind to buy and install Energy Star rated windows only and hire a professional to do the installation. This way, you are guaranteed the best possible outcome.