How To Hide That You Peed Your Bed

Bed-wetting is quite common in most homes and especially among children though expected to stop before age of 7 years.

It’s an involuntary act which occurs while the children are asleep and shouldn’t be something to worry about among parents. It’s however not something parents should use to victimize them whatsoever.

Children who wet their beds usually feel very embarrassed and guilty and their bed-wetting habits are a cause for mockery from other children.

How to wet your bed without your parents knowing

Parents have different attitudes towards kids who wet their beds. Some parents accept their kids who bed wet and try to show them that they are not lesser humans. Other parents scold their kids who wet their beds or even punish them!

The kids suffer regular name-calling and are threatened to wear diapers. Regardless, kids who bed wet wake up embarrassed and feeling bad about themselves. Therefore, they try to hide their bed-wetting from their parents.

If you wet your bed at night, you could make sure your parents don’t find out by waking up before everyone else and cleaning your bedding and clothes that you slept in. If you have a dryer at home the better because no one would ever find out but hanging them on the clothesline would also suffice.

You could also need a plastic mattress cover or any other material that doesn’t soak to make sure your mattress stays dry, which you can also clean and dry in the morning.

Even if you are found cleaning your sheets and clothes, surely no one will criticize a child for doing a chore, however odd it seems.

What to do if you wet the bed at a hotel

In case you wet the bed at a hotel, as an adult, you probably wouldn’t want anyone finding out because of the embarrassment. However, the correct etiquette is to inform the hotel staff so that they clean the bed.

You could go to the reception in person and explain in person that you had an accident, and they most likely won’t charge you for it or just talk to the person doing room service and explain your predicament and that you need help.

You could also just spread the bed and check out, but you don’t want someone else sleeping in your urine. The hotel will definitely bill you for this and your family and friends might even find out!

What to do if you wet yourself in someone’s house

You could find that you wet the bed during a sleepover. In this situation, the best thing to do is to inform your friend’s mom. Moms are understanding so she will not bash you for it.

Since it has already happened, she will eventually find out so there is really no need to try to hide it. Also, sheets get badly stained by urine if not washed in time so it would be better to inform your friend’s mom so that she can clean them.

If you want to hide that you wet the bed, you could try the ‘spilt mountain dew’ trick where you pretend to have spilled some liquid on the bed at night.

However, you must inform your friend first because they would have to be in on it for the trick to work. For future purposes, you could use diapers during sleepovers.

Excuses for wetting the bed

Bed-wetting could be a result of various factors such as a child having a small bladder(undeveloped), diabetes or other problems in the urinary tract.

A kid obviously wouldn’t know this and may see themselves or be seen by others as abnormal. This causes them to come up with various excuses for wetting their beds.

Some common excuses kids use after wetting the bed include having drank too many liquids before sleeping, having a bad dream, being scared to go the toilet at night and in the case of teenagers, having experienced wet dreams among many others.

Some kids even pretend to be sick the following day so that their parents think they wet their beds due to sickness.

How to dry a wet bed fast

If you wake up to a wet bed and want to cover it up, you will want to get the bed dry as fast as possible. First off, you will need to clean the bedding.

Most homes today have washers and dryers, so this is relatively easy. Wash your wet clothes, the bedsheets and any other wet bedding and dry them using the dryer.

The mattress might be a bit hard to dry, but worry not, you can get it dry in about an hour or so. First, place a dry towel on the wet spot and apply as much pressure as you can (you could stand on it) so that it absorbs the moisture.

If it gets too wet, use another towel. Once you have removed the excess wetness, use a hairdryer on the highest heat on the mattress for about 15 minutes. If it is still not dry, you could use a vacuum to suck up the wetness. Then leave the mattress without sheets for proper air circulation for a while.

Bed-wetting is not a child’s fault and is something normal. Parents need to understand this and should not scold or punish their kids for wetting their beds. Neither should they threaten their kids in an attempt to stop the habit.

They should instead encourage them not to be embarrassed by it which goes a long way to boost their self-esteem. Bashing children for bed-wetting only causes them trauma.