How To Protect Your Mattress From Bed Wetting

A peaceful night time sleep is of vital necessity to leading a healthy vibrant life.

Some of the things that contribute to a sound sleep are fresh bedding, dry mattress and bed topper thus the need to protect them.

Quality sleep allows one to wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed and enthused for the day, whereas poor quality sleep can lead to tiredness, restlessness and headaches or at the very least, lack of motivation for the day.

There are several factors that may contribute to a poor night’s sleep such as anxiety, stress, discomfort which may be occasioned by the much responsibility an individual may handle at the office, home or school.

Anxiety and discomfort may also be occasioned by wetting of the bed. The medical term, Nocturnal Enuresis, refers to bed wetting.

The condition also is referred to as urinary incontinence, which is the involuntary release of urine by the bladder. There are several causes of bed wetting among the young and old.

For instance, in toddlers and children it is regarded as a normal part of growing up and potty training, which they ultimately would grow out of. However, it is viewed with greater concern if it occurs repeatedly amongst adults.

Most medical practitioners view enuresis as a symptom of an underlying medical issue such as Diabetes insipidus, Overactive Bladder (OAB), blocked urethra, cancer of the bladder or prostrate urinary tract infections or the side effects of sleeping pills and antipsychotics.

Bedwetting may disrupt sleep where proper adaptive measures are not taken to mitigate the same.

In most instances, these adaptive measures are not taken because bed wetting is considered an embarrassment and an ill to be frowned at, especially amongst adults.

This indifference and inconsiderate practice work to foster stress and anxiety leading to poor sleep.

It is therefore advisable to invest in proper quality bedding in order to optimize on one’s night time sleep.

Considering the smell of urine it would be advisable to also invest in an air cleaner.

Here’s a guide on what you need to know.  

What are the best mattresses covers for bed wetting?

Waterproof mattress covers are an absolute must have, for bed wetters.

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These covers typically consist of two layers namely; an absorbent top layer commonly made of cotton and an underlying waterproof layer made of polyurethane.

The two layers of the cover work hand in hand to ensure that any urine is quickly absorbed into the mattress cover but does not leak onto the mattress.

The liquid is retained in the mattress cover till morning where the mattress cover is removed, washed and replaced.

These mattress covers are placed directly on the mattress or in between the top and bottom bed sheets.

Some people prefer to fit a normal bed sheet directly on the mattress before placing the waterproof mattress cover.

Others prefer fitting a waterproof bed sheet directly on the mattress instead for extra protection against any spillage or leaks from the mattress cover above. Waterproof mattress covers come in a wide assortment of great features.

To help you pick out a suitable and desired waterproof mattress cover, here are a few things to have in mind.

Is the mattress cover waterproof?

This refers to how much fluid the mattress cover can retain without the risk of spillage or leakage onto the mattress.

There are mattress cover brands that are 100% waterproof such as Safe Rest Premium Hypoallergenic Protector and Fresh Fit Mattress Protector.

These covers can absorb and retain both small and large amounts of fluid without any risk of dampening the mattress thus avoid to call Go Loap Up with a spoiled mattress.

There are other mattress covers that have a limit to the amount of fluid they can retain, for example Gorilla Grip Mattress Pad has a ceiling of up to 8 cups of fluid.

How absorbance is the mattress cover

A good waterproof mattress cover should be fast absorbing and allow the liquid to sip into it.

Covers that have poor absorbent materials will retain the fluid on the top surface of the cover, therefore significantly soiling the top bed sheet or blanket and additionally disrupting the individual’s sleep.

Materials such as cotton are good absorbers whereas a plastic or vinyl top layer of the mattress cover is poor absorbers.

Check the breathability of the mattress cover

Waterproof mattress covers should allow smooth airflow in and out of the cover.

Air circulation prevents any overheating and excessive perspiration during sleep.

This ultimately boosts comfort while sleeping as an individual’s body temperature remains relatively consistent throughout the night.

Brands such as Fresh Fit Mattress Protectors and Utopia Betting waterproof bamboo mattress protectors use natural bamboo material in their covers which enhances air circulation, making the cover breathable.

Consider size, fitting and Non-slip quality of the cover

A good mattress cover should be made of a material that allows it to sit properly on the bed and stay in position as the person tosses and turns in the night.

In most instances, the cover may be made in a fitted sheet style design to ensure it remains secured onto the bed.

Other covers may have a thin rubber lining at the base to hold it in position and avoid sliding while others may be anchored with elastic bands or loops at each of its corners.

The size of the cover is also important in choosing the perfect fit cover for your mattress.


Is the mattress cover noisy?

Waterproof mattress covers predominantly made up of plastic tends to be very noisy when a person turns in bed.

Choosing a cover of an alternative material or lesser plastic will help you ensure a noiseless sleep time.

Pick mattress cover design that speaks to you

Go for waterproof mattress covers that employ an ultra- thin design so that they do not appear starkly bigger than the normal mattress covers.

Thanks to technology, the additional waterproof layer is hemmed in with the rest of the fabric, giving a uniform thin appearance.

This allows most bed wetters not to feel different from their peers as the cover closely resembles any other mattress cover.

This is also instrumental for adults who wet their beds, as they don’t have to be reminded that they have a bed wetting condition every time they look at their beds or handle their beddings.

How easy is it to clean the cover

Pick a cover that is machine washable, and does not easily stain. Most waterproof mattress covers can be washed and tumble dried on low heat in the laundry machine alongside any bed sheets.

Covers made up of vinyl can easily be wiped clean and not necessarily washed after every use. There are also disposable mattress pads where there is no intent to re-use.

Does the mattress cover come with a warranty

Most waterproof covers come with a warranty of 10 to 15 years. Check the package for the best warranty deal.

Covers with a longer warranty do infer that they are of superior and reliable quality and thus a better option to go for.

Cost of the mattress cover

You should go for what is within your pocket range.

Premium mattress covers are more expensive as they maximize on the best technology to ensure comfort, luxury and long-term functionality of the cover.

However, there are affordable mattress covers of great quality and functionality in the market, though they typically do not offer high-end comfort and luxury as the premium ones, they are still reliable.

Additional features such as hypoallergenic property and ultra-soft surface cover can also be considered while selecting a waterproof mattress cover.

Best bed wetting sheets for adults

Waterproof bed sheets are a great addition to the mix!

Waterproof bed sheets do not serve to substitute water proof mattress covers but are to be used in conjunction with them to provide extra mattress protection and protection of the other non-waterproof sheets or blankets on the bed.

These sheets appear slightly thicker and heavier as compared to normal sheets. This is because of the hidden waterproof membrane in the sheets’ fabric.

Qualities of a good waterproof bed sheet are:

  • Easily reusable and washable sheets
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Suitable fit for the bed

Most waterproof bedsheets are made of the same materials as their waterproof mattress cover counterparts. Often polyurethane and vinyl are used.

What is Rubber bed sheets used for?

As the name suggests, these are bed sheets primarily made of rubber. Rubber is a relatively unabsorbent material and thus waterproof in nature.

Rubber bed sheets thus serve the purpose of protecting beddings from any unwanted spills and fluids.

The rubber layer acts as an in penetrable protective barrier between the fluid and the mattress or the rest of the bedding fabric preventing any seeping and staining.

However, rubber bed sheets also have had several disadvantages such as:

  • They were noisy to sleep on.
  • Heavy and thus difficult to handle.
  • The rubber’s unabsorbent nature, would allow the urine to sit on the surface of sheet and thus irritate the individual’s skin leading to disruption of sleep.

Due to this rubber sheets have become generally unpopular in modern times.

Better technology has been employed to fashion higher quality waterproof bed sheets that are light weight, noise free and easy to clean.

Nowadays you can find waterproof bed sheets that are rubber –free.