20 Unique Types of Dressing Tables

A dressing table is a small table with a large mirror and drawers. It is designed in a way that allows for the holding and proper organization of all your beauty items.

A dressing table is also referred to as toilet table because initially, it was used for toilet purposes.

The term toilet table was commonly used in the 17th century because the tables were usually designed with two or three drawers. Usually, a dressing table come in rectangular or kidney shape.

Location of dressing table

Dressing tables are usually placed in bedrooms near the window to allow for ample natural light, but you can optionally have your dressing table fitted into your walk-in closet if that is your preference. However, this will require that it be fitted with lights as walk-in closets tend to be dark. 

Dressing table options

Dressing table options vary greatly and it can be extremely difficult to make a choice on the type to settle for. However, the design and size of your room must be key considerations in making your choice.

For large and medium rooms, dressing tables with classic configurations are perfect. For small to very small rooms, consider using a corner dressing table.

1. Make up dressing table

This type of dressing table keeps you organized by holding all essential items to your dressing and makeup routines. It is therefore an essential furniture in any home, and one that allows for smooth flow of your morning routine.

The table comes in both large and small sizes allowing you to purchase the size that fits your space. For anyone who desires the benefits of both storage and use, the makeup table is the best option.

2. Vanity dressing table

The vanity table is similar to the makeup table. The only difference that makes it to stand out is that it is fitted with a mirror and lights or have a vintage floor lamp stand next to it. that serve the purpose of accentuating your facial flaws and imperfections, allowing you to deal with them.

Some of the mirrors fitted onto vanity tables reflect a magnified image of your face, allowing you to perfectly cover all your flaws.

The tables also come in plastic for children, and in hardwood such as oak, maple, and Cherry. Hardwood vanity tables are the most expensive as compared to the plastic tables. They are also quite elegant. 

3. Corner dressing table

This type of dressing table is one that is fitted into the corner of your room, allowing you to make maximum use of the unused space in your room.

Choose the best corner for it, particularly the corner that allows in most of sunlight for best to allow you best view of all your facial features as you do your makeup.

4. Wall-mounted dressing table

The wall-mounted dressing table is the most ideal for small rooms and spaces. It is also known as the wall-hanging dressing table. However, this type requires that you stand while dressing and doing your makeup because as its name suggests, it is usually mounted up a wall.

It is easy to assemble and mount up a wall because it also comes with easy to follow instructions. In addition, it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. Fix the dressing table at the height you desire. The height you choose must be one that allows you a proper view of your entire face and neck area.

5. Vintage dressing table

This type of dressing table can be the focal point of your room. Vintage dressing table is a classic table that existed or was produced in years past or in the olden times and which was of high quality. It is far from becoming outdated.

6. Lighted dressing table

This is a table that comes with built-in lighting. Some lighted dressing tables are fitted with bulb lights while others are fitted with LED lights, giving you a wide range to choose from.

Others also come with dimmable lights which create a great ambience for your room. This type of table is a necessity for anyone who is given to application of detailed makeup.

7. Floating dressing table

A floating dressing table is attached to the wall of your space, therefore if you do not have an empty wall space in your bedroom, you cannot attach one.

A floating dressing table creates a space that looks like a shelf and which blends with your décor. It is discrete and consists of a smooth flawless finish while allowing for enlarged space for your facial products.

8. Contemporary dressing table

Contemporary dressing table is basically a modern table characterized by bold details in the way it is designed and in the way its finishing is done. It both holds your personal items and products while displaying them. 

9. Traditional dressing table

This type of dressing table is designed in a way that allows it to blend into many rooms and spaces and are traditionally styled. They bring a touch of elegance when fitted with unique color schemes.

10. Ladder dressing table

This type of dressing table has a narrow and tall design and is ideal for rooms with higher ceiling spaces. It provides space for displaying décor. It also looks great in small spaces.

11. Small/compact dressing table

This table is ideal or best for a very small room. It is creatively designed in a compact way that allows for the maintenance of a neat storage space without eating into your space.

12. Large dressing table

This is ideal for a big or large bedroom due to its size. It allows for more working space and has a large mirror. It also comes with additional shelves and drawers for storage. Always ensure that the dimensions of the tabletop are proportional to the size of the mirror to avoid an appearance or look that seems off.

13. Hollywood style dressing table

When we think “Hollywood”, we think “glamour”, and this is the characteristic of a Hollywood dressing table. It comes with the kind of lights you would expect to see in an actress’ private dressing room. It evokes the feeling of glamour and makes you feel like an actress who is about to star in a major role.

14. Adolph dressing table

The Adolph dressing table has what is called a Honey finish. It is made of Sheesham wood and with a type of storage that is closed rather than open. It usually has 1 drawer, 4 shelves and a door with a mirror attached to it.

It also comes with a dressing stool that has the design of a box with room for storage, and has a cushioned seat. The stool blends very well with the dressing table. This table is a great choice for lovers of artistic designs.

15. Cinader dressing table

Cinader dressing table is great for a master bedroom that is en-suit as it is viewed as the most luscious of all dressing table designs. It has an amazing wooden texture in its finishing and acts as a great décor to your bedroom.

16. Howler dressing table

This dressing table is one that is made from Sheesham wood. It has 3 options to its finishing, namely honey, walnut and teak. What makes it a statement piece is its pattern of inter-woven strips. One feature of this dressing table which makes it stand out is its’ easy to pull round sleek notches.

17. Skirted dressing table

This type of dressing table is old school but very feminine. It is a timeless classic and most dressing table designers are acquainted with this fact. It is usually draped with a table cloth and the same case applies to the dressing table stool.

18. Sharon dressing table

This dressing table looks like a mini cupboard. It comes with a full-length mirror, open racks and closed cabinets. It is made of Sheesham wood and provides great convenience in terms of function.

In addition, it has a lot of space for storage. It is usually designed with grained wooden patterns which gives it an elegant appearance. It has a clean and very neat appearance.

19. Mini dressing table

The mini dressing table is a modern dressing table design which is not only cute but occupies very little space. The mirror of this dressing table is designed in a manner that allows the user to close it and use it as a side table. It is ideal for a person living in a bedsitter.

20. Made-wood solid dressing table

This type is designed for the bedroom. It combines both the modern and traditional features which make it one of the best dressing table designs in the market.

It blends easily in any room and comes with drawers for storage. The downside to this model is that you require the help of a carpenter to assemble it.

Why get a dressing table

A dressing table allows you a personal space which no one else is allowed to use. It also allows you space for storing all your perfumes, makeup and jewelry.

It allows you the privilege of keeping your bedroom looking nice, tidy and inviting. It also helps to ensure that the possibility of loosing your dressing items is eliminated.