How To Soundproof A Window

These days, unwanted noise has turned out to be a part of our lives, and it appears that many people find it difficult to put up with this situation.

Luckily, you’ll find lots of DIY ways of soundproofing a window. This way, you can minimize the sound in your home.

To start with, you should identify the precise area where the noise is entering the house. In many cases, they use windows to enter the home.

Make sure the windows are in the best state and use one of these techniques of soundproofing the windows effectively.

Best ways of soundproofing your window

Before you work with an expert, try one of these efficient methods of soundproofing a window in the house and minimize the sound.

  1. Using acoustic panels

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These items are thicker and bulkier than blankets used for soundproofing. Singer Safety Fiberglass panel is an example you can use.

This pane is created with quilted fiberglass that’s a great noise barrier. This material doesn’t let the passing through of any sound waves.

These are great at minimizing echo noises and other types of sound on either side of the panel. The grommets situated on all sides of the panels help make installation easy.

These grommets make the process easy as you have to hang them on hooks or nails. The near the panels are to your window; the more effective they’re in absorbing sound.

If you find the panels unattractive, you can add curtains on them. These are the most costly method but function effectively.

  1. Adding an extra layer over your window

If you do not want to replace the window, you can add acrylic/glass layer over it. Including an additional glass layer over your window can provide you with the same results as a multi-pane window.

In addition, you’ll have natural light entering because the extra panel is translucent. For this method to work, you should build a metal frame that resembles the existing window.

This foam will be able to hold the acrylic glass panel. It is good to purchase the panel from a trusted local store. By doing so, you will get it with precise measurements as of the window.

When getting this done, you should make the system airtight, or else all your effort will go down the drain.

If you’re experienced in constructing things, then it’s possible. It’s always good to work with an expert if you aren’t that confident.

If done accurately, this method can help you decrease 30 – 40 percent of the sound. Together with other methods, you will be able to get rid of most of the noise.

  1. Using soundproofing curtains or blankets

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If you would like an easy and effective method, a soundproofing blanket is an easy and reliable method to use. In addition, it will help get rid of echo originating from inside your home.

You can make use of moving blankets, also called soundproofing blankets by hanging these above your window. You’ll require a curtain rod for that.

These blankets are often created with dense material layers, which make these superb materials for helping in minimizing noise.

If you have enough money to spare around, then get a curtain with grommets. It will be simple to use a rod or hooks to hang and take out the curtain.

In addition, it will make your room’s look attractive. The thick material will also block most of the sunshine from getting into your room.

It will help in your afternoon siestas if you’re a shift employee. In addition, while in closed-door watching movies, the curtains can offer you the theater feeling with less disturbing sounds.

  1. Changing the arrangement of furniture

If you aren’t in the mood of spending any money, then you can reduce the issue by rearranging your furniture.

Sound often travels through air, every time it hits an obstruction, some part of it will bounce off.

By arranging the furniture such as your bed well, you have more things between the window and your sleeping/sitting posture. It blocks some amount of sound from getting into the room.

You can block it completely by placing the closet or bookshelf in front of your window. This way, you’ll be blocking the path for light and air as well. It will help if you have a jagged and soft surface in the path of sound.

  1. Getting multiple-pane windows

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If you have enough money to spend, then you need to get multi-pane windows. These panes are created specifically for minimizing sound. They are able to get rid of up to 50 percent of sound.

Choose between double or triple-pane window to suit your needs. More of these items will mean more reduction of sound. It comes with an air space between two glass panes.

This air space will work as an insulator deadening the bombarding noise on the exterior pane. Additionally, the windows are beneficial in saving a lot of energy.

The reason being, the double/triple glass will let your room’s temperature stay constant.

The outer heat won’t get into the room. So the air conditioner will operate more efficiently.

In the same way, in cold months, the heater will use fewer energy resources as the heat will not leak out of your home.

It’s a huge task to replace your entire window. So you need to call an expert to replace the window.

When working on it, ensure you do not leave any spaces around your window. Even a tiny opening may result in ineffective soundproofing.

Using a multi-pane window to replacing the old window is the best decision you can make to the room soundproof. This approach comes with some benefits and is efficient.

  1. Installing thick fabric blinds and sheds

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You can soundproof windows using window shades and blinds. The best ones are those created with fabric as the thicker they’re, the more noise they will block.

Installation is fast and easy, and no special skills are needed. You can merge this technique with another type as the shades, and the blinds don’t block all the sound.

The best thing is the shades and blinds do minimize not only sound but also manage the amount of light entering the room.

The best and most effective ones are cordless single cell shade as they are thicker compared to standard shades.

These kinds of shades will deaden and absorb sound waves, which pass through your window as it’s created with pure polyester.

In addition, they provide you with tranquility and privacy when unwinding in the house.

Curtains and sheds minimize both echo and all types of noise penetrating through your window.

You can get the shades in different hues so you can select those that will complement the room. They will help in improving your home’s visual appeal.

  1. Soundproof window kit

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This kit, together with an additional glass layer, is a superb choice to help in soundproofing a window and minimize the sound originating from outdoors.

Unluckily, it isn’t a fast and cheap solution for soundproofing a window at all.

But you can try attaching an additional laminated or acoustic grade glass, or piece of acrylic over your windows’ inner surface.

Remember that you’ll need to install a metal frame on your window to join the new layer in the right way.

This choice can offer sufficient sunshine, and you can fast take out the frame to clean up your window. Conversely, it’s a costly solution that needs the effort and time to install.

  1. Using window plug

This the easiest solution to the window noise issue. A window plug is simple to build, is created with cheap materials, and is very effective.

A window plug works by using layers of wood, soundproof matting, and acoustic foam to fill the gap in front of the window.

The wood backer board and the mat block any sound that enters the foam. Handles are added to the wood’s back surface to make installation and removing easy.

Plugs have the benefit that they are permanent. You can add them when you want and remove them when not. And this is great as they do come with some major drawbacks.

First, they are especially appealing, either from across the road or inside your home. In addition, they help in blocking all entering light.

If the sound issue is continuous, you will not have the chance of taking out the plugs. This means that you won’t enjoy natural sunshine during the daytime.

If you reside in a region that has a lot of light pollution, the light-blocking properties of these plugs can be an advantage.

To create window plugs to should first measure the depth, width, and height of the window gap. Make the plug a bit taller and wider than the window gap to guarantee a firm seal.

The measurement of the window depth is essential as it can establish the thickness of the plug.

Keep in mind that when calculating this thickness, you should leave one inch of space between the window glass and the plug’s foam.

To create the barrier, you should cut the wood board, soundproof mat, and the acoustic foam to size a bit wider and taller than the window gap. After that, glue the foam to the mat and the mat to the wood.

Once the glue dries, just press the plug tightly into the window gap, which leaves a small opening between the glass and the foam. You will see a great reduction in the intrusion of sound.

  1. Sealing all the openings around your windows

Windows may have some gaps around them, particularly space where they’re attached to your walls.

Though these openings might appear small, they permit lots of sounds to enter the room.

You’ll find ways of sealing the openings that include acoustic caulk and weather stripping. In weather stripping, you’ll require weather stripping tape.

This tape is created with materials like silicone, foam, rubber, and others. You can select your preferred material based on the windows.

The best weather stripping tape, which serves as the best opening sealer is a closed-cell foam tape. It’s waterproof, airtight and inexpensive.

It is easy to install the weather stripping tape. All you should do is clean up the area you would like to stick the tape.

After that, cut the tape based on the window’s size. Simply apply the strip on the widow’s four sides. Repeat the whole procedure for all your home’s windows.

An advantage is that this strip will help prevent water leakage through your window and provides you with protection against bugs as well. Additionally, you can seal the tiny openings on the windows with acoustic caulk.

The installation procedure is fast and simple. Ensure that you clean up the surface you’re applying first. Dust and dirt hinder acoustic caulk’s elasticity and curing time.

When you have a clean surface, the caulk can stick better when it’s unclean. The caulk is more durable compared to standard caulk and offers a 3-year guarantee. It’s made to be flexible, helping to keep it shrinking-free.

Benefits of soundproofing windows

Before you begin working on the window to block sound, you need to think about the not-so-obvious advantages of doing it.

Health advantages

  • Research shows that if you reside close to a road, you are at risk for heart attack and hypertension. Constant noise exposure will lead to stress. So if you want to leave healthy, you need to make your room as quiet as you can.

Good nap

  • It would help if you didn’t take a nap in a noisy room. The nervous system still reacts to your sleep’s sounds. So it gets you from a deep nap to a lighter phase. If you’re a shift employee then while you soundproof the window, you can work to block the light for the afternoon nap as well.

Extra security

  • The weakest areas in a room are windows. Soundproofing a window will also mean ensuring that burglars can’t access the house. Water damage will also be a thing of the past.

Energy saving

  • Many methods mentioned in this article can also offer your room an energy-saving atmosphere. Windows result in a major amount of energy leak. The heater or air conditioner in your room requires more power to function if windows are letting heat to penetrate.


Finally, remember that any gap that lets air enter the house, which includes mail slots, doors, windows, and vents, may also allow sound to pass through.

So, ensure these gaps are entirely gotten rid of to enjoy a free from noise interior.

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