Snooze Time, Fur Baby – On My Pillow

Crystal made it obvious that McGuire is very particular when it comes to his comfort. She can tell he is not comfortable just by his body language and it in turn gets in the way of her comfort.

McGuire has tried every mattress that Crystal has had but has never quite really settled – well, until when recently he tried My Pillow, the pet bed of choice.

Have you ever seen a pet so excited to take a siesta?

Crystal even took a video to show how for McGuire, the My Pillow mattress was love at first bark. First, here’s a little background. McGuire is the furry, four legged member of Crystal’s family. Their dog.

A 13 year old schnoodle who loves to follow Crystal everywhere she goes. Like Mary and her little lamb. When Crystal has to sit and work in her office, the schnoodle takes time to try out which of the pet beds appeal to his comfort needs.

Just in case I lost you at “schnoodle”, here’s what that is. A mix or cross breed between a schnauzer and a poodle. McGuire is long and lanky and weighs in about 17 pounds. The fur fits into his petite frame to make him look much bigger than he really is.

What makes My Pillow pet bed so comfortable?

As is their style, My Pillow has incorporated in its pet mattress, the same interlocking patented fill. This makes their pet mattress a great combination of comfort and cooling for your fur baby.

The mattress is a work of top notch workmanship. It has an inner layer that is made of 100% pure shredded poly foam secured in a cover which is non-removable.

The outer layer is a splendid mix of 60% cotton and polyester which takes the remaining 40%. This outer removable cover is zippered on and can easily be taken out for cleaning.

Its fabric makes it very easy to dry. The pet mattress comes in a plaid print on one side and a fun looking paw print on the other. So cool, isn’t it? That’s not all.

The My Pillow pet mattress offers a range of four colors to choose from. Gray, blue, green and brown. Simply convenient colors for its purpose. It is light in weight yet durable.

This makes it possible to machine wash the whole bed and dry it out should the need arise. We now look at the size range of the My Pillow pet mattress. It comes in 3 sizes namely “small”, “medium” and “large”.

Each of these have different dimensions and gusset or thickness in terms of inches. All you have to do is look through what fits in terms of the size of your dog and your dog’s favorite sleeping posture to determine what suits you.

In dimensions, the small is an 18”x24” mattress with a thickness of 2”. Medium comes in next and is 24”x36” with a gusset of 3”. The large boasts of a thickness of 4” on a length and width of 34”x45”. You will no doubt find among these, one that suits your pet perfectly.

Is it that comfortable?

YES! When Crystal opened and set it up for McGuire, he jumped on there and did not want to get up. Really, he didn’t.

She had to literally get him out so she can move it to her office where she spends most of her time.

In the last few days, McGuire has been able to find a lot of comfort in this particular pet bed and understandably so, because it has a nice soft pillow cover and a fill that just curves in yet allows him sufficient support during his precious slumber time.

Crystal has a small child who spends a lot of time with McGuire whom she considers her best friend (that means playing in his bed too). It’s therefore no wonder that Crystal is only too glad that she can wash and dry out the whole bed quite easily with her washing machine.

What a huge plus!

What does My Pillow pet bed cost?

My Pillow pet mattress is indeed value for money. The prices vary as per the various sizes mentioned above.

They however all come with a 10 year guarantee just to enforce how confident the manufacturer is in the product they are offering. The “small” goes for $54.98, the “medium” size goes for $89.98 while the “large” goes for $141.98.

You are guaranteed free shipping with any purchase of $100 and above.

As if that’s not enough, by clicking on this code AFL30, you get a further saving of 30% while getting your fur baby a cozy mattress bed option that is easy to clean, comfy to use and just plain awesome. It is definitely value for money.

In Summary,

My Pillow pet bed is a choice product for your family pet.

From its composition and framework using the patented, widely loved and cozy fill from My Pillow, to its outer cover that can be easily removed, washed and dried, this product comes in four convenient colors and is great in support, act as a cooling pillow and getting your cat or dog to just relax.

The fact that you can just throw it into the washing machine to clean and dry it out as a whole unit is such a huge bonus.

We love that it comes in at a competitive price and with great coupon discounts as if to say a big thank you for investing in your pet!

So whether it’s for those summer afternoons when you enjoy hanging out as a family, or the cold winter evenings where all you want is to sit together as a family around the fire place, My Pillow Pet bed is a great way to keep your pet feeling comfortable and valued as part of the larger family.

We’ve all heard of McGuire’s experience through Crystal but how about you get one and let us hear your pets’ story?

Try it today.