Top Mattress Topper Brands – The Information You Need!

This article seeks to review the most famous mattress topper brands out there. With the information herein, you will be able to pick out the best topper just for you.

Review of the best bed toppers by brand

Here we go;

Isotonic mattress toppers review

Isotonic toppers are designed to solve all your sleeping problems. They are made by combining the powers of viscoelastic foam and blue gel.

The viscoelastic foam also is known by many as memory foam, is beloved because of its soft, compressible attribute. It can however be too soft and thus not give enough support.

Blue gel is infused within it to give extra support. The toppers not only support your frame in your sleep, but they also eliminate pressure points reducing the chances of getting body aches.

Martha Stewart’s mattress toppers

The name Martha Stewart has become a household name in today’s modern popular culture. From kitchen items, DIY projects, and beddings, her brand will give you very many helpful tips and ideas to spruce up your life.

Among the brand’s best-selling items are the Martha Stewart toppers form her bedding collection. Designed to improve your bed, this is a must-have product for your home.

Made exclusively for sale at Macey’s, this product is designed to fulfill two objectives; keep your mattress clean and add a layer of softness on your mattress. All Martha Stewart toppers are padded with polyester, which gives a plush feel to any new mattress.

The cover is made from waterproof material. Hence you never need to be worried about ruining your sleeping pad with water, wine, or food. A tight band is fitted around the edge to help you secure the pad onto the mattress.

Lucid Plush down topper padded with alternative fiber

Lucid have quite outdone themselves with this particular mattress topper. They have created a three-inch-thick masterpiece. The topper is padded with a generous amount of alternative fiber.

The fiber is made of polyester which is good news for anyone who does not fancy memory foam or is allergic to goose and duck feathers.

Speaking of allergies, the cover for the bed topper is made from thick hypoallergenic cotton. Things like dust, hair, dandruff, and even dust mites cannot penetrate the dense hypoallergenic material.

With this product, you can say good riddance to sneezes and sniffles. The topper is overstuffed with polyester fiber, giving it a plush cloud-like feel.

To keep the padding in place, the cover is sown in a baffle box construction kind of way. Box shapes are sown on top and beneath the cover, to ensure that the padding is not only even but also does not keep moving around.

To cap it all up, the topper is fitted with four thick elastic straps around its corner. There are attached to secure it onto the mattress.

On the flip side, though this product seems to have numerous advantages, you may find that cleaning may be a tumultuous task.

The cover is sewn tight and is not removable. Thus, if the topper ever gets dirty, you have to clean the whole thing.

It can be machine washed, but since it is too big for the drier you will have to dry it outside and this will take an eternity.

Spa sensation bed topper

This is an affordable Visco/memory foam topper with a price range of between 99 and 458 bucks. It is designed and manufactured by Zinus and sold exclusively at Walmart and Amazon.

The name given to this product implies that by sleeping on it you will get the feeling of being in a spa.

For the most part, this is true. Viscoelastic foam is soft and plush. Sleeping on it is like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. The foam indents to your weight relieving stress on your body. This product is made in line with CertiPUR-US standards.

As such, you are assured that the topper is a quality product and you will not suffer from horrible chemical odors from it. Today, many mattresses making companies have fallen into the trap of sacrificing quality for profits, and Zinus is not an exception.

The Spa sensation is overall a good product. However, there are concerns as to its durability. The topper thins out pretty quickly over a short period.

It may thus not be in your best interest to purchase it if looking for a product that will serve you for a long time.

Visco mattress review

Visco mattresses are famed for their quality. Made from viscoelastic foam, they are suitable for all persons of varying weights and body types. Visco/memory foam is manufactured from Polyurethane (PUR).

This substance is loved because of its “memory effect” property. Once laid on, it conforms to your unique body form and leaves an imprint that lasts for a few seconds.

This means that mattresses made from this substance are very elastic and conform well to your body’s shape. As such they are very useful to persons suffering from back pain or general body ache. Also, the foam has a unique luxurious texture and feels great against your skin.

Visco mattresses are suitable for everyone irrespective of age, sleeping postures, and most definitely for persons who suffer from orthopedic conditions. However, if you are a hot sleeper who sweats a bunch in bed this might not be the product for you.

Memory foam tends to retain heat. You are thus bound to get sweaty and clammy. Visco mattresses are loaded with advantages.

Among them is the fact that they are adaptable to your sleeping needs, very comfortable to sleep on and good for sleeping on during cold seasons. They can however be expensive so prepare your wallet.

Biosense mattress topper overview

Biosense prides itself on only using 100% natural latex to makes its famous mattress toppers. Latex is a wonderful material to sleep on. It is not only smooth and soft but also bouncy.

It lasts a long time before losing its elastic bouncy nature. You are certain that this is a product that will last a long time. The material is breathable, and therefore never gets too hot.

It is also firm enough to cushion your body and due to its dense nature, it is highly resistant to dust, allergens, and bacteria.