How To Style Your Dressing Table

A dressing table can be styled in a few but practical ways. Start by choosing the kind of dressing table that suits your needs.

The table must be fit for the space in which you desire to place it so that the décor or style you add onto it can blend well with the space. There is also need to ensure your table blends in well with your flooring, walls and furniture.


Use elements of décor such as attractive and flattering classical art, jewelry, and even antiques. You can also add a pattern to your table surface. These décor elements will make your bedroom stylish, inviting and strikingly beautiful to behold.

Neutral dressing table colours such as natural wood, black, white and grey go well with many different types of accessories.

How do I arrange my bedroom dressing table?

Once you have chosen your dressing table, move on to matters of arrangement. The first step in arranging your bedroom dressing table is to place on the table, in proper order or sequence of use, all your dressing items.

Use an organizer

You can use an organizer to store all your makeup. A makeup organizer comes with compartments of various sizes which allow you to store all your skincare products while keeping them neatly separated. Group like products together to ease your daily dressing routine.


Pick a comfortable and cushioned chair for your dressing table rather than the usual stool that forces you to bend over causing discomfort. This will enable you to sit comfortably until the task of dressing up is fully done. Where possible, choose a chair with rollers to allow ease of movement around the table.

Creativity with dressing mirror

Choose a mirror with the right shape and dimension to allow you a proper look at yourself from your seat. You can opt for a large mirror placed at the centre of your dressing table and can add a vintage mirror frame to it. You can also opt for several smaller mirrors arranged methodically around your dressing table.


Try using two lights that look the same on either side of your dressing table and switch both on when dressing up, especially when putting on your makeup. The lights will help you avoid using wrong shade of makeup and will also ensure your makeup is evenly done.  Add shades to your lights to diminish their glare which may be harmful to your eyes.


You can set out or place some framed photos of your loved ones on the edges of your dressing table. You will enjoy glancing at them while dressing up. Ensure they are well set to eliminate the possibility of knocking them over and breaking them as a result.

Flowers and plants

Consider adding a potted plant of your liking to create a sharp but appealing contrast to the assortment on your table. A flower vase with fresh flowers will also do wonders on the entire look of your dressing table and will fill your dressing space with a sweet fragrance. You can also place a large plant such as a fern on the side of your table if your space allows.

Display of jewelry

Purchase classic jewelry holders designed to both display and hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. These holders will not only keep them safe from being misplaced or lost in a drawer, but the highlighted display will also aid you in choosing what to pair with your outfit. It will also serve as unique decor on its own.

Arrangement of perfumes and lotions

Purchase a unique beautiful tray with raised edges for placing your lotions and perfumes. The raised edges will keep your bottles from falling off the trays in case of sudden movement. Arrange them according to their use, preferably from the biggest to the smallest for a neat appearance.

Styling electronic equipment

Ensure you have an electrical outlet for setting up a charging station. This will allow you to plug in your phone, tablet or any other gadget while dressing up.

Keep appliances such as hair dryers and curling iron close at hand to eliminate the need for much movement back and forth. Use a proper extension cable to allow the use of more devices in your dressing space. 

How do you declutter a dressing table?

The following tips will help you to declutter your dressing table therefore giving you sufficient working surface in your dressing space. 

Trash unwanted products

Go through all your dressing table items and remove everything you no longer use or need. Some of these items may be expired products or products gone bad for one reason or another. Transfer your liquid products into clearly labelled glass containers.

Store products well

If your dressing table comes with drawers, put all your rings, bracelets, earrings and the like separately into small bowls and arrange the bowls in the drawers. Find a convenient place to hang all your necklaces because putting them in a drawer will cause them to get tangled.

Segregate products

Use containers, baskets and boxes to separate products without wasting space. Use old colorful plastic bottles. Cut the tops of the bottles, trim their jagged edges and smoothen them using a warm iron. You can also use old but good-looking gift boxes for storage. Make changes on them if you don’t like their color or pattern.

Book case

Use a book case with enough space for all your makeup collection. Put items on each shelf by category.

Organized Brush display

You can place your brushes no matter their varying sizes in an empty glass vase. Ensure the glass vase is big enough to store all your makeup brushes. Add into the container crystalline pieces for décor purpose as well as for helping the brushes stand upright. Jab in the brushes into the crystalline with the brushes facing upwards.

Use a Shoe organizer

This is not organizer for shoes but for makeup. It comes with several pouches and is hung using a coat hanger on a hook attached to the wall or door. It is an excellent option for decluttering your dressing table.