What Are The Standard Picture Frames Sizes?

A frame is a rigid structure or outside border that surrounds a picture, a door or a windowpane on all sides in order to hold it in place. A frame is what gives a thing its shape and helps put it together.

Why get a classy picture frame?

Framed pictures are great to have on any wall be it next to your wall clock or in your office as they complete a room and create a welcoming atmosphere.

They are an excellent solution to anyone moving into a new space and are also ideal for anyone who desires to decorate his or her room or office to give it a more beautiful look.

Framed photos can be personalized to one’s taste and style. We have wooden frames and the classic black frames.

The standard picture frame sizes

Frame sizes, just like pictures, are measured in inches. The smallest standard picture size frame is 4”× 6”. They are the most common for photography whose size is 35mm. The 4”× 6” picture frames are good for family pictures as well as artwork.

It is also the size used by most photo albums. If the picture is 4”× 6”, you need to use a frame that is a little larger. However, it will depend on the amount of matting you want to use.

These frames are also perfect for collages. They are also ideal for wall shelves as they tend to fit perfectly well in them.

With and Without Mat Board

Frame SizeMat OpeningImage Size
5 x 7 inches No matting5 x 7 inches
8 x 10 inches 4.5 x 6.5 inches 5 x 7 inches
11 x 14 inches No matting11 x 14 inches
11 x 14 inches 7.5 x 9.5 inches 8 x 10 inches
20 x 24 inches 15.75 x 19.75 inches 16 x 20 inches
24 x 36 inches 19.5 x 29.5 inches 20 x 30 inches
30 x 40 inches 21.5 x 31.5 inches 22 x 32 inches

The types of picture frame designs

Frames come in different designs. Always choose a frame design that matches the style of your room or office décor and one which also blends in with the colors of your space.

An additional white matting border adds a touch of class and professionalism to your pictures. For matting a 4”× 6” picture, you can use the 6”× 8” frame size or the 8”×10” frame size.

The most popular standard frames for pictures are the 5”× 7”. The reason they are popular is because too many pictures tend to printed in the 5”×7” size. This size is most preferred if the picture has a person as the focus.

They can put it in different frames, but this is dependent on the thickness of the matte one desires to use. The ideal frames to use for this size with the matting in place are the 8”×10” and 11”×14” frame sizes. 

Other standard picture frame sizes

The 8”×10” pictures are larger than the 5”×7” size pictures and are therefore used for group photos or portraits.

They are perfect for single image pictures and are also recommended for hallways because of the amount of detail that is usually printed on a 8”×10” inch picture.

For those who prefer to matte this picture, it is advisable to use the 11”×14” or the 12”×14” frame size for it. The size you will use is dependent on the size of matte you want.

The next size is the “11×14” size pictures or prints. They fit well into the “16×20” frame size. This frame size is also perfect for framing small posters and calendars.

A framed calendar with a glass cover allows you to add notes using a dry erase marker, thus preserving the original calendar print throughout the entire year.

We have the 16”×20” pictures or prints which fit into 20”×30” frame sizes. They too are ideal for framing calendars and small to larger posters. They are also great for collages and mosaic art pieces.

The next size is the 20”×30” picture size which fits into the 24”×36” frame size with matting. Choose something big to frame, something of impact such as a beautiful landscape or a picture of the ocean. This frame size is perfect for home décor and any wall art such as collage.

The final picture size is the 22”×32”. This picture size fits perfectly well in a 30”×40” frame size with matting. However, since the photo is larger than a poster, matting may not be necessary.

It is perfect for larger spaces, especially the larger spaces in your home or office. Consider adding a wall art design that is eye catching to passersby and also help in sound proofing.

Frame size summary 

In summary, the 8”×10” inch frame size fits an image of  5”×7”. The 11”×14” inch frame size fits an image of  8”×10”. The 16”×20” inch frame size fits an image whose size is 11”×14”. We have the 20”×24” frame size which fits an image whose size is 16”×20”.

We also have the 24”×26” frame size which fits an image whose size is 20”×30”. Finally, we have the 30”×40” frame size which fits an image whose size is 22”×32”.

How do you determine your frame size?

In determining your frame size, you will need to start by considering the empty wall space you want to decorate or fill. Measure the wall space to determine the space you are working with.

If for example you are redesigning a confined space such as the space above your desk or above the fireplace, you will need to decide if you want to hliang on it many small pictures or a few larger ones.

A gallery wall on the other hand is very large and can have frames of the same size or mixed and matched frame sizes.

Type of picture

Consider the type of picture you intend to hang on a space or put on your pillow. A simple scene can be placed in a thicker frame. A family picture on the other hand is larger on print as it displays everyone’s smile and it will therefore need a simple thin frame.

Picture frame with matting

The matting you want will have an impact on the frame size you decide on. Always consider the matting you want to use or show when choosing a frame. For instance, a smaller picture with a thick matting will need a bigger frame.

Carry picture to the store

When going to the store to pick out a frame, it is advisable to take with you the picture or print you intend to frame, or a copy of it.

Hold the picture up next to a frame to help determine which frame style best suits your taste. This will give you a clear and better perspective of the best frame option to settle for.