Decorating A Living Room With Full-Length Mirror

Interior design and interior decor are receiving significant attention across the globe.

Interior decoration has had its importance for centuries, with ancient temples and palaces being an excellent example of that.

It plays a significant role in adding aesthetic value to space and to the comfort and warmth of a space. Mirrors have been used for interior design since the Victorian age.

Mirrors are flexible when used for interior decoration: there are several ways you can use them in your home.

Why Using Full Length Standing Mirror in the Bedroom

Different mirror placement in the bedroom can bring about different effects in your bedroom.

  1. A mirror hanged opposite the doorway

A full mirror hanged opposite the door will reflect the hallway, creating the illusion of space.

Your bedroom space will be elongated and extended towards the hallway.

  1. A full mirror placed opposite the window

A full standing mirror placed opposite your window can add brightness to the room.

More so, if you have a beautiful garden behind the windows, you can bring nature to your space through reflection.

The mirror can also act as a stand-in window when hanged on a plain wall.

  1. Angle the mirror towards a focal point of your choice

Choose a focal point in your bedroom and angle the mirror towards it. This will create depth. Lighting fixtures in the room can serve as focal points.

Natural light is also a good point. Light will bounce from the mirror and be distributed across the room, creating an illusion of space.

There are tons of ideas to implement by adding floor mirrors in the bedroom. The beauty is that it enhances the looks of a living space.

How Full-length Mirror is handy for your living room

Having a mirror in the living room can serve a functional and decorative purpose.

1. Create illusion of wider space for small living room

If you have a small space in your living room, you can use a full-length cheap wall mirror to create the illusion of space.

You can angle a full mirror towards a source of light, both natural and artificial. When the light strikes the mirror’s surface, it will bounce and reflect across the room, making it look more spacious.

Alternatively, you can place a full mirror on top of a glass tabletop; it will reflect light and surfaces, making your living room bigger.

2. Adds Style and elegance

A framed full-length mirror can add style to your living room. There are so many ways you can play with the mirror’s frame to blend it with the interior design of your living room.

For instance, you can paint the frame to match the color palette of your home. Alternatively, you can mosaic it or use fabric depending on your existing style. It can play the role of a decorative centerpiece in your living room wall.

3. It can serve as your trainer

If you usually do cardio and other forms of workout in your living room, a full-length mirror could come in handy. For practical training, body alignment and positioning is critical.

In the absence of a trainer, a full mirror can help you achieve the alignment required for an effective workout.

4. Increased brightness

The living room is better when it has adequate lighting. While that is the case, getting sufficient light in the living area is not always guaranteed.

It could be the positioning of the windows, the number of lighting fixtures available, among many other factors.

Adding a full-length mirror in your living room is a simple and fun way of adding brightness to your space.

The mirror will reflect natural light from outside, distributing it across the living room, instantly increasing the brightness.

The same goes for the lighting fixtures available in your home. A mirror that is angled to the source of artificial light is smart to make the room brighter.

A well-lit living room can lift your mood; make you more productive, and also relaxed.

Where to buy a full-length mirror?

To enjoy the benefits of having this mirror in your bedroom or living space, you need to get a high-quality mirror. Fab Glass and Mirror have the latest style of full mirrors coming in different sizes.

They come in many specifications, which gives you the freedom to choose one that matches your style. More so, you can request for your mirror to have a custom shape.

You can also choose from beveled, flat polished, and pencil-polished edge works. Fab Glass and Mirror products are very affordable and can be shipped to you and arrive in perfect shape.

If you are looking for ways to vamp up the interior décor of your living room and bedroom, a full-length mirror will do the job.

On top of serving a functional purpose, it can be perfect for decoration. You can customize the frame of the mirror to match your interior.