Value Of Egyptian Cotton, Sateen And Percale Sheets

We spend a lot of time in bed. I would imagine that with a bigger bed like an emperor bed we would spend even much longer time. An average person spends approximately a third of their lifetime sleeping.

Bed sheets, play an important role in determining how well you enjoy your sleep. There is nothing as heartbreaking as having to wake up every now and then, because you are uncomfortable with the way your bed sheets feel.

Some sheets could be so uncomfortable until you end up removing them in the middle of your sleep. It is therefore important to have nice, cozy, comfortable bed sheets.

Some of the best bed sheets to sleep on

There is nothing as satisfying as the feel of quality bed sheets!

We are going to discuss three types of sheets; the Egyptian cotton, sateen and percale and determine their differences. This will be of great help when you are choosing your bed sheets.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton, as the name suggests is from Egypt. One may wonder what is so special about it and what differentiates it from other cottons.

The answer lies in the fibers. The climate in Egypt is very favorable for making the fibers longer. The fiber length is about one and a quarter to two inches which makes it easy when it comes to tucking up the bed.

The fibers also have a smaller diameter than in other cottons. Because of this, more threads are used when creating the fabric. This makes the fabric denser and therefore it becomes stronger and more luxurious.

Also, it is lighter in weight and hence it can absorb more liquid which makes it possible to produce bright colors when dyed.

Egyptian cotton sheets have a crisp feeling and a matte look. At first, they may feel a bit rough due to the high thread count and the dense nature but soften after several washes.

In short, they get better as they age, just like wine! The Egyptian cotton fabric does not produce lint like other cottons. This means it can be washed many times and the quality will remain intact.

Also, the high thread count makes the sheets stronger and they do not tear. Egyptian cotton sheets may cost you an arm and a leg but who wouldn’t want to sleep in quality sheets?

They are worth every dime. Egyptian cotton sheets are longer lasting than other types of sheets. It is interesting to find that they can last for even up to fifty years. Fifty years!

Value that comes with sateen sheets

Sateen is a fabric that is also made from cotton fibers and perfect for making your bed look amazing and cozy.

What makes it different from traditional cotton is the different weave and the way the fibers are combed to make them longer. Sateen is made from the satin weave.

This means, that they are weaved using four threads over one thread. The fibers are also combed to lengthen them.

After this, they are soaked in sodium hydroxide, after a while of soaking them in acid. This process is known as mercerization.

The main purpose of this is to make them last longer and become smoother than regular untreated cotton. They also get that unique sateen sheen, which makes them very attractive.

The mercerization process also makes sateen sheets water repellant and hence they are suitable for people with sensitive skin since they withstand mildew.

Sateen sheets have a silky feel like that of silk clothes. They are very luxurious and provide super comfort. Also, they do not wrinkle.

The sheets are comfortable to sleep in all seasons since they are denser in weight than other sheets like the percale. They are more delicate than the Egyptian cotton ones and are more affordable.

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Attributes of Percale bed sheets

Percale bed sheets are cotton sheets made from a tight weave. The name percale is the type of weaving used to manufacture these types of sheets.

Percale sheets are unique in that they are made by weaving in a one by one pattern unlike others which are woven in bunches. The one by one weaving makes the sheets soft on either side and tighter.

A percale sheet should have at least one hundred and eighty threads. The denser the thread count, the thicker the weave and hence the better the sheets. Because of its dense quality, percale sheets do not pill even after washing.

Instead they become softer and last for a longer period. These types of sheets are known for their matte finish and they have a crisp feel. They are also lightweight and thus very breathable.

What is the best sheet to have?

The choice of bed sheet purchase depends entirely on an individual. What are your needs, circumstances, budget and what matters to you when it comes to sheets?

Sateen sheets are attractive, smooth and have a silky feel. They are also more affordable than the Egyptian cotton sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets are very durable. They are luxurious and have a matte finish. The other option is the eco-friendly Buffy bed sheets. They will cost way more than the sateen and percale but will give you a lifetime of comfort.

Percale will be the best choice for a person who wants affordable bed sheets, loves a crisp feel and lives in a warmer climate or is a hot sleeper.

How to care for bed sheets

Whichever type of sheets you buy, you must take good care of them so that they can last you for a longer period.

Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the package to know how best to take care of the specific type of sheets you purchase.

Mostly it is advised to wash the sheets separately using natural laundry detergents and not mix them with other clothes. This is to avoid any damage from the other clothes while washing or drying them.

You wouldn’t want to damage your nice luxurious sheets with things like zips and hooks. It is also advised that you wash your sheets on a weekly basis, you should increase the frequency if you live in a humid climate.

The reason behind this, is to extend their lifetime. Bed sheets accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, body oils and fluids. When these particles stay for a long time on the sheet, they end up harming the fabric.

Also, such particles attract microscopic mites. Having multiple sets of bed-sheets is also advised so that you have a clean set all the time. Rotating will also aid in the sheets to last much longer.