How Big Is An Emperor Size Bed?

Today, most homeowners are curious to find out the size of an emperor bed. The emperor bed is the biggest size among standard beds.

Typically, the bed is not as popular as the queen bed in the United States. Very few firms manufacture the emperor size bed. Besides, only a few people know about the emperor bed.

So, how big is the emperor size bed?

An emperor bed size has a length of 6 feet and a width of 6 feet. So, the standard emperor bed measures 72 by 72 inches. Therefore, it is safe to say the emperor is wider than the queen bed and more massive than a full-size bed.

But the bed frame of these beds is slightly bigger so that they can accommodate the mattress.

Why should you go for an emperor size bed?

Emperor size beds are ideal for couples who continuously toss and turn at night. They are much broader hence offer an additional personal area.

Also, if you have children who play on the bed, an emperor bed would be your best alternative. Also, the emperor bed would fit a single sleeper who sleeps with pets.

Today, emperor mattresses come in various forms.

Best emperor size beds today

In this article, we outline some of the top five brands of emperor bed sizes.

Soak & Sleep Wool 2000 Pocket Sprung Emperor Mattress

The soak and sleep wool emperor mattress is the most affordable emperor mattress. It is robust and offers solid support for people with more weight and height.

Bigger people need thicker beds and this emperor bed size measures 79 by 79 inches making it a perfect choice for them.

Most of these mattress types have durable warranties a good example is the Tulo mattress. In particular, the soak and sleep wool have a five-year warranty. Most retailers sell this emperor size bed for approximately $1100.

Vispring Plymouth Supreme Pocket Spring Emperor Mattress

The Vispring Plymouth emperor mattress remains one of the most popular and high-end brands of the emperor mattress.

This mattress has been in existence for years. Also, it led to the evolution of the pocket spring mattress. This mattress also has a high rating among its users. The Vispring Plymouth is bulky and firm.

Thus, it provides excellent support to its users. As a matter of fact, it weighs almost 80 kilograms and measures 79 by 79 inches. Due to its quality and heaviness, it is relatively costly. The bed can cost up to $1700

J Marshall Emperor mattress

The J Marshall mattress is a superior mattress that offers high durability. Contrary to popular belief, this emperor mattress is not so expensive.

They are stable and robust enough to accommodate people with average weight and height. Also, the J Marshall has 3100 pocket springs. One thousand five hundred of the springs are smaller and provide extra comfort.

The remaining springs are bigger and offer the most support. The mattress has an inbuilt comfortable pillowtop layer.

Most manufacturers provide a durable warranty for the J Marshall mattress. Its average warranty lasts for a decade.

Even so, the duration of the warranty depends on your manufacturer. Therefore, when purchasing the J Marshall emperor mattress, always inquire about the period of the warranty.

Harrison Spinks Thornton British Wool Mattress

By now, you know that there are various types of emperor mattress. One of them includes the Harrison Spinks. The mattress measures 200 by 200 cm and provides different levels of firmness.

The Harrison Spinks is a pocket spring mattress that offers extensive support. With this mattress, you can always talk to your manufacturer and create your preferred level of thickness. Therefore, present your requirements to your manufacturer.

From there, they can advise you on the best thickness level that suits your requirements. You can find it for about $2700 in most stores. ​John Lewis & Partners The best pocket spring mattress.

Being the most costly mattress, the John Lewis & partners pocket spring mattress is one for the books. This mattress is a blend of various materials like horsehair and Egyptian cotton.

It provides extreme firmness. Thus, it offers maximum comfort for its users. It is the bulkiest mattress with a weight of 129 kilograms.

So, it can be a hustle to transport the bed from your manufacturer to your house or apartment.

The mattress is expensive and costs about $9600. But it has a wide range of benefits that justify its cost.

Will my emperor bed take all my storage space?

Due to its massive size, most people usually wonder whether the emperor bed leaves extra space for movement around the room.

Well, it depends on the size of your room. Besides, most emperor beds have storage drawers underneath them. In fact, emperor beds can have up to 1000 liters of storage.

It all depends on the type, material, and size of the emperor bed. Thus, if you feel that the emperor bed will consume too much bedroom space, buy one with the largest storage space.

This way, your room can still look neater and leave free space for movement.

Emperor bed accessories

Most manufacturers sell emperor beds together with the headboard and bed frame. But if you have to buy these accessories separately, ensure you know the correct measurements.

But keep in mind that it is not easy to find emperor bed accessories. Thus, it would be best to buy from your manufacturer. But as for fitted bedsheet you can in found in your store.

Why get an Emperor bed size

An emperor size bed is one of the most oversized beds. Thus, it offers extra personal space for users. As a result, couples who are active sleepers prefer the emperor bed.

There is a broad spectrum of emperor beds nowadays. Each varies in cost and thickness. Always consider your budget, available room space, and requirements before purchasing an emperor bed.

Although the emperor bed size is not very popular, it provides unique benefits. The mattress offers a restful and healthy sleep.

In turn, it boosts your physical, mental, and emotional health. Ultimately, it is well known for preventing bedsores, muscle aches, and back pains.

Even though it might be an expensive option, the emperor bed is definitely one to go for.

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